Natalee’s Grandmother Speaks Out


In an interview done by Rita Cosby of MSNBC Natalee Holloway’s grandmother, Christene Holloway, speaks out regarding her missing grand daughter and dealing with talking to her son Dave Holloway during these difficult times. (Full transcript and video)

RITA COSBY, HOST ‘LIVE & DIRECT’: Mrs. Holloway, how do you get through the ups and downs, the daily ups and downs of this case?

CHRISTENE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY‘S GRANDMOTHER: Well, it‘s just with the help of God. I have a great faith. All of my family does. And we pray every day for Natalee. And that‘s where we get our strength.

Dave Holloway has been a pillar of emotional strength during this ordeal and it has not been until recently that the magnitude of the stress has shown. In meeting and talking to Dave one first notices the cool and calm demeanor but also then sees the unmistakable determination and passion in his eyes. Which has made it all the more difficult to have recently seen during an interview a father break down and become emotional. Natalee’s grand mother goes on during her interview to talk about Natalee’s similarities to her dad and difficulties on Dave Holloway that only a mother could know and understand.

COSBY: You know, many of us feel like we know her. We‘ve seen, you know, so many pictures of her. What a beautiful girl. Tell us a little bit about her, what made her just such a special granddaughter to you.

HOLLOWAY: Well, she was always special. She had that quick grin, just like her dad. She looks a lot like her dad. And she‘s always been quiet. She‘s—she was just a fantastic granddaughter.

COSBY: Speaking of—you know, you talked about your son. I understand it‘s hard for to you talk to your son about the details of this case. Why is that?

HOLLOWAY: Yes, it is, because I know he‘s hurting. It‘s been hard on all of us.

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