Anna Nicole Smith Goes To Washington (U.S. Supreme Court)


In what can only be deemed as a sign of the Apocalypse, Anna Nicole Smith, takesAnna nicole smith 1 her traveling road show to Washington, DC and the US Supreme Court. The battle; who is more greedy and will win the lottery and get J. Howard Marshall II’s fortune. On one side we have former Playboy Playmate of the Year, Anna Nicole Smith. On the other side we have the 67 year old son E. Pierce Marshall.

Anna Nicole Smith went to work in a Houston strip club and wound up as the trophy wife of an aging multimillionaire, setting up an 11-year-long legal war over his estate that now has traveled all the way to the highest court in the land.Anna nicole smith

The lottery that we speak of is the estate of E. Pierce Marshall that was estimated at as much as $1.6 billion in 2000. Just a reminder to how this fairy tale romance began, Smith and Marshall married in 1994 in Houston. Anna Nicole, the bride was 26; the groom was 89. J. Howard Marshall II died just 14 months later. Who could have see that coming?

After all the bickering and arguments and court appearances over the past 11 years, it has finally made its way to the US Supreme Court. Anna Nicole Smith in the SCOTUS. Who would ever have placed that bet in Vegas in 1991 when Anna was working at Rick’s Cabaret, an upscale strip club?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday focused solely on the narrow question of whether federal courts can decide cases involving state probate proceedings. The Bush administration has filed briefs favoring federal court jurisdiction.

(Seattle PI)

This should be interesting.

Roberts and Alito , meet Anna Nicole Smith (Washington Post)

Justices have a date with former Playmate (Houston Chronicle)

“If you don’t know who I am by now … Let’s see, I was born near Houston, Texas,” begins the official biography in the “All About Me” section of Anna Nicole Smith’s official Web site.

Anna Nicole legal drama moves to Supreme Court (USA Today)

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