Why Paint Rocks in the Middle of Nowhere? Confirmed Painted


RockpaintingdudeThis gentleman with another person was painting rocks in Aruba, sometime before June 13th, 2005. The site where he is working had been searched by what looks like investigators just previously. The video shows the cars leaving and these two guys painting the rocks.

Why would they do so? Rocks, in the middle of an arid open area, being painted in the middle of the day? Not your typical public works project to be sure. Remember, at this time, the press was buzzing that Natalee’s body was being found, then not found every couple of days. The international press corp was swarming all over the island and the island of Aruba was being pressured more intensely than at any point in its history.

And a site is investigated and immediately afterwards two guys  start painting the rocks?

Video 1     Video 2      Video 3

UPDATE: The following photos were taken in early February 2006 in the area of the Sand Dunes, that were just recently searched, and the California Light House. The painted rocks have been witnessed and photographed independently from the above videos.

SM Painted Rock 1

SM Painted Rock 2

SM Remnant of sectioned off area near Painted Rocks

(remnants of sectioned off area near painted rocks)

SM Police Line Tape near Painted Rocks1

(Police line tape near painted rocks)

SM Painted Rock 5

SM Painted Rock 6

Hat Tip: Bonsai Monkey


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