Aruba: Has It Painted Itself into a Corner?


Vanderbilt -‘06 has out-done himself this time.

Vanderbilt Cover Up

(Vanderbilt -06)

Aruba through its many actions in the past year has painted itself into a corner both literally and figuratively. In some cases it would appear they even literally used paint in the process. Their actions are being felt in their tourism and revenues received. The tax dollars are down and inflation is up.

At some point someone is going to have to come forward and fess up. What exactly was going on over near the dunes? A simple answer would be nice. Maybe a responsible Aruban will call in during tonight’s AMW and shed some light onto exactly what the purpose was for so many to be painting rocks.

Was this part of the Aruban beautification society, a clean up (if you will) or a cover up? We have been waiting for an answer for quite some time. “Why paint rocks in the middle of nowhere?”

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