Far From A Black & White Investigation in the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba


At Birmingham’s ‘Black & White’, Chuck Geiss ponders why Aruba can’t we find Holloway1Natalee Holloway? A topic that many have been discussing for nearly a year. Is it because Aruban authorities cannot solve the case or is it because they so not want to?

“Why can’t we find Natalee Holloway?” reviews many of the questionable issues that have occurred along the way during this investigation.

  • Several Dutch criminal law experts have gone on the record calling the investigation methods “strange and unprofessional” and the investigation itself “total madness.”
  • For example, Joran Van der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were quickly identified as the last people to see Natalee Holloway alive the evening of May 30. However, Dompig waited over a week to gather evidence from the Van der Sloot home,
  • Why did Stephen Croes (a DJ and local operator of a party boat) come forward early in the investigation to corroborate the first tale
  • Forensic evidence taken from the Kalpoe’s vehicle that was later determined unusable was never recollected. Why?

Black & White even goes on to mention the discussion of the Chicago videos (Aru-bay videos). Why are they labeled the “Chicago Tapes”? It might be because of this helpful SM posters, chicago_510, who has done a tremendous job with the Aru-bay videos.


There is a series of videotapes, now labeled “the Chicago tapes” (I have no idea why they are named that) that show island authorities in rental cars searching the northern dunes and painting rocks in areas where Holloway might have disappeared—activities that would obviously corrupt a crime scene.

We have always wondered, Why Paint Rocks in the Middle of Nowhere? We SM Painted Rock 2have also always wondered why the media has not asked the same questions?


We have been told since the beginning of this investigation that Aruba is a small island and everyone knows each others business. With an island community so small someone must know something. Joran’s attorney Joe Tacopina went on record as saying,  “every teenager knows every other teenager on the island“? That is if he if not discussing who his own teenage client.

CLINT VAN ZANDT, MSNBC ANALYST & FORMER FBI PROFILER: Well, it seems to go both ways. You know, we had Joran‘s attorney, Joe, tell us about a week ago that every teenager knows every other teenager on the island.


ZANDT: So, we should just accept that, right? And now, this week, he tells us, but, of all the teenagers on the island, these two guys, Joran van der Sloot and our new suspect—for lack of a better term—now, have no knowledge of each other.

Black and White seems to thinks the same and the longer people do not talk and come forward, the more suspicious it gets.

From all accounts, Aruba is a small island and like many small communities, everyone knows everyone else’s business, a fact that was very apparent during my interviews on the island 11 months ago. After almost one year of an investigation riddled with unresolved questions, incompetent police work, and lies, it is becoming easier to believe that this crime remains unsolved because of the efforts of a few people who actually don’t want to see justice served.

Someone knows what happened to Natalee Holloway, they just aren’t talking. Yet.


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