Caption Contest Winners


Out over 270 entries, here are our winners of the inaugural caption contest.

And The Winner is


How do you say “Yippie-Ki-Yea” in Dutch?

Monkey w gun

1st Runner Up:


I am not a Scared Monkey, I am a pissed-off chimpanzee!

2nd Runner Up


Pink Dress Bought From Wal-Mart…..

$20.00 Used Handgun Purchased From Big Bubba’s Gun Shop…..

$100.00 Expression On Your Face…..PRICELESS


Honorable Mentions


You can keep me away from Scared Monkeys when you can pry my cold dead finger from this trigger.


Honey… you know how much I love you and I know that you are a Monkey Maniac. I’ve been patient and asked nice BUT now I’m telling you for the last time. Come to bed and play with me or that computer is gonna have some major problems!


Posted August 18, 2005 by
Natalee Holloway | no comments

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