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Fox Hannity & Colmes, Aug 9th with Dave Holloway
(not an exact complete transcript … Hat Tip: sunmoonstars)

Sean: I guess the biggest development we had yesterday Dave,…I am a father, I know this is hard for you. Apparently, you guys have had information for some time that you believe that authorities have known and that there was admission of forced sexual contact with your daughter.

Dave: Well, I would rather not get into any details. But, we do know that Joran admitted to some sexual…aggravated sexual assault or whatever the term was used. We were aware of that and he was behind bars at the time. The Deepak brothers, I am not so sure if they were in jail at the time or not. When they were getting ready to let them go, I thought to myself jeez, isn’t that enough to hold them? The laws are a lot more lax there than they are here.

Alan: In light on the information that was revealed here last night, could you press charges for sexual assault?

Dave: Well, based on his statement, he has already admitted to at least that charge. We are looking at possible kidnapping, and as the police have indicated…a possible murder charge. I still hold out hope that maybe they are wrong, maybe they have missed it somewhere. Try to hold out for a miracle.

Alan: There was concern that if he didn’t speak and was told no body, no case he could just wait it out and be released. But, with this information, that the authorities and you know there would be reason to hold him beyond the 63 days on these other charges. Wouldn’t you think?

Dave: That is what you would think, but he was in position to be let go the last time. I think the judge may have ruled because he told so many lies that there may be something there.

Alan: Dave, Beth has said that she got documents and statements from witnesses that lead her to believe the investigators may be on the wrong track. Any idea what she means?

Dave: I didn’t talk to her about the documents. Those documents have been floating around, all the defense attorneys have all the documents they need. We are not allowed to have any evidence as the victim, so to speak. The news media purchased some, I don’t know how they fell into her hands. They would have had to come from the defense side somewhere. Beth indicated that some documents had been altered, some may have been shredded or torn up. I just don’t have all the details, all are in Dutch and have to be translated.

Alan: Any idea who would be altering or destroying them?

Dave: Well, I just don’t know, it may be typo errors, there could be a plausible explanation for it. It could be an error, someone throwing it in the trash can, someone retrieving it…not real sure where she obtained these documents.

Alan: The question is cover up or incompetence? Is the person working with you getting to the bottom of it?

Dave: I spoke to him today, he is as perplexed about all of this as we are. Seems like every time someone speaks out or comes forward. Just like the gardener, he is supposed to appear in court Thursday then be immediately deported. That is the work of the defense of course. Some witnesses may be scared to come forward for fear of repercussions.

Sean: I want to go back to this issue of Joran’s admission of a crime of assault on your daughter. Also, if we go back, he had made comments that have been widely reported…about Deepak…about killing her…his earlier admissions. This goes back to one of the LE saying there are ten different stories.
What are we to make of this Dave?

Dave: We were looking for the Deepak or the Kalpoes to be rearrested.
They have to have more evidence before they arrest them. It wouldn’t do any good to bring them in, they won’t tell the truth.

Alan: When we discussed this with Jug last night, he said that Joran admitted this crime against your daughter. What are the things you know that are as bad that we don’t know?

Dave: There are some declarations out there that point the fingers to Deepak. I think there is a document out there that he admitted that he killed her. But, to get our hands on those I have not yet been able to do that. Don’t know if Beth has.

Alan: Have you just heard it, or is it just rumor…is this something the FBI has?

I think the Mansur family may have some information on that part of it. I really couldn’t say. There are a lot of things I am hesitant to say . I am a very patient person, I want the police to crack this thing. I think they have the skills and opportunity now to do that. I am just going to wait it out and see if they can. If not, that will be my time to talk.

Ok, seeing that Dave Holloway has now said it … I guess Red can chime in. I had been holding off on some stuff in respect of the family’s wishes.

To answer some of the questions from above, yes the declarations are in Dutch and were translated to me as well. There are rather long written and detailed declarations out there that point the finger at Deepak; however, from my understanding they are not admissions but rather state by other individuals that Deepak was the perpetrator of the crime. The Mansur’s have done much investigative work behind the scenes but that would only make sense as they are the owners of the most read paper on Aruba and would in turn make them a natural source to investigate.

After seeing some of this stuff I have really questioned why Deepak was walking the streets. I think some of you may have remembered me making that comment. Also, what came to mind was if this type of info is out there and Deepak is out of prison and Joran is in? One must begin to wonder that maybe, just maybe they have more evidence on Joran in this suspected crime and that is why he remains in jail.

Let’s just hope that the prosecution has been holding information back and keeping very tight lipped about it.

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