Sean Hannity 9/26/17: Discusses Donald Trump, the NFL Protests and Bill O’Reilly (VIDEO)


Watch and enjoy …

Bill O’Reilly returns to Fox News on the Sean Hannity Show. This really is must watch TV. The greater discussion of what is transpiring in the NFL and the LEFT’s continual endgame attack on the U.S, Constitution is a real one.

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    One Response to “Sean Hannity 9/26/17: Discusses Donald Trump, the NFL Protests and Bill O’Reilly (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on September 28th, 2017 11:38 am

      The Democrats are a serious problem of evil and destruction along with the bad mouth media. Everyday is a day plotted to disrupt the White House and give Trump mountains of grief and nonsense only because their failures of today and yesterday. Being a Democrat today is living in the toilet of politics.

      Under the leadership of the muslim madman they made a mess out of our country. Not only does Trump have to deal with today’s problems he has to clean up and repair the damage they’ve done and he is the only one that cares enough and willing enough to do it. More strength and power to him on his journey to make America great again….and he will do it!

      The NFL are a bunch of useless nobody’s going nowhere! Shut your mouths, get off our TV’s and get out of our stadiums!

      And if you decide to protest, somewhere else, make sure it’s against police brutality, the disrespect directed toward them and the cold-blooded murders you’ve committed on them. You don’t deserve their police protection at the games and on the field.

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