Natalee Holloway; August 9, 2005


Transcripts from Nancy Grace 8/8/05:

GRACE: Jossy Mansur, do you believe the Kalpoe brothers are going to be taken into custody? And if so, what will that mean to this investigation?

MANSUR: I`m pretty sure they will be taken back into custody because of the many things that have been said, the many accusations amongst them. This will mean then that the investigation will proceed at a faster pace because then you would have all three suspects back in jail, perhaps confronting each other again when the police do their interrogations.

GRACE: Take a listen to this, Jossy.


TWITTY: I was able to speak with a witness also that said that Joran Van Der Sloot — they were offering to give him a ride home at 11:00 PM on the 29th, but he didn`t need one because he had already called Deepak and Satish Kalpoe to pick him up. So that is something that — you know, we know that Paul Van Der Sloot did not pick him up at 11:00 PM on the 29th. We know now that that correct pick-up time was 4:00 AM on the 30th, and Paul Van Der Sloot stated that he picked them up.

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