Beth Holloway Twitty Says 3 Teens Know What Happened


It would appear that the strain of the situation for Natalee Holloway’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty is taking its toll. Personally its not like I blame her for the frustration she and her family must be feeling. After this weekends news accounts of confessions and then retractions of those stories the Holloway family must be besides themselves. On Fox News last night in an interview with Geraldo Rivera Natalee’s mom showed the frustration as she stated they were not being told all information by Aruban authorities. Today Beth Holloway Twitty had plenty more to say. She stated that the three teens who were last seen with her daughter knew what happened to her daughter.

The mother of a missing Alabama teenager said Sunday that she believes three young men who were with her daughter the day of her disappearance know what happened to her. Beth Holloway Twitty said Aruban authorities should pressure the young men to reveal what they know about the disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway.

“All three of those boys know what happened to her,” Holloway Twitty said during a 45-minute interview with The Associated Press in her room at the Holiday Inn, the same hotel where her daughter was staying before she disappeared on May 30. “They all know what they did with her that night.”

Holloway Twitty, 44, declined to say what she thought the boys had done or whether she thought her daughter was still alive. She also said she thought that two former hotel security guards detained in connection with Holloway’s disappearance were innocent and should be released.

We wondered from the very beginning how on earth could the last 3 reported people to ever be seen with Natalee were not brought into custody and kept in jail as suspects. Scared Monkeys made the following comment, “Not suspects, huh“?. What else could they possibly be?

The three young men were detained on Thursday. Two former hotel security guards who worked at a hotel not far from the Holiday Inn have been detained since June 5. Lawyers for all five have insisted their clients are innocent, and no one has been charged in the case.

Holloway Twitty said she appreciated all that Aruban authorities have done but added, “I will not be satisfied until they give me back my daughter. I want her and I want her now.”

But Holloway Twitty also said that she reviewed all of the security videos from the Holiday Inn and that she has concluded that the young men never brought her daughter back to the hotel as they told police.

“That story was a lie,” she said. “I don’t believe they ever brought Natalee back to the hotel.”

After these strong words it appears that The Holloway’s were asked not to do any interviews with Fox and Geraldo Rivera tonight to create a kind of cool down period. This according to Geraldo tonight on his show, At Large, With Gerldo Rivera.

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    71 Responses to “Beth Holloway Twitty Says 3 Teens Know What Happened”

    1. Pays Bas on June 13th, 2005 2:42 am

      Dutch newswire this morning (CET) reports that the dutch government sent two ‘experts’ to Aruba. The JD refused to elaborate on the field of expertise. Policechief Jan van der Straten: ”Because we don’t want people to guess where this investigation is heading”. According to Van der Straaten they will do very detailled work and didn’t bring search and rescuedogs.

    2. Lola on June 13th, 2005 3:09 am


      Detailed work? What is possibly left for them to look at? The Joran was driving was already said to have Natalee in it. If there were any DNA evidence the FBI has already collected it (I’m thinking the sperm of all three – thus suggesting rape)
      I really would love to know what the heck there is left after 12 days of being able to cover their tracks. Perhaps its a computer expert who is going over the hard drives that were probably obliterated. But I would have thought that the FBI would have had access to that at the time of the arrest.

    3. Lola on June 13th, 2005 3:11 am

      The car joran was driving- sorry left ou the word “car”

    4. In Cali on June 13th, 2005 3:11 am

      In regards to the statements from the mom, I read on one of those articles when the story first appeared in the Google news search a few hours ago that the mom also said that if answers were not given soon she had no choice but to believe there was a cover-up going on. I couldn’t find the article again, but I thought I would mention it. Maybe someone else has seen it?

    5. Red on June 13th, 2005 3:11 am

      Pays Bas – Do you have a link for that comment?

      If you do, please post or email thanks

    6. Pays Bas on June 13th, 2005 3:23 am


      Link in dutch:

      Sry, no english, but what I wrote is accurate translation of the first part of the article, the second part is about the now well known circumstances regarding Natalee’s dissapearance.
      I think these two policemen are somekind of reconstructionexperts, people who are trained to make a accurate reconstruction of Natalee’s movements using evidence at hand. And the have a ‘fresh’ view of the investigation offcourse.

    7. In Cali on June 13th, 2005 3:26 am


      “Holloway said she met the three young men within 12 hours of Natalee’s disappearance and she said it surprised her that it took authorities more than a week to detain them. Holloway said if she does not see results soon in the case, she might start to believe that authorities are trying to protect the young detainees.”

      The later articles have omitted this paragraph.

    8. Red on June 13th, 2005 3:27 am

      Thank you Pays … I wanted to start our June 13th update with that.

    9. In Cali on June 13th, 2005 3:28 am

      cover-up suspicion I meant, nothing to do with Dutch experts you guy sare talking about :)

    10. Pays Bas on June 13th, 2005 3:29 am

      Found the exact quote in dutch: ”Meer kan ik niet zeggen, anders is meteen duidelijk in welke richting het onderzoek gaat”

      Exact translation: ”I cannot tell you more, because then is it obvious in which way the investigation is going”

      Which is slightly different from what I posted earlier, I took that one from the news.

    11. Scared Monkeys » » Natalee Holloway; June 13 2005 on June 13th, 2005 3:40 am

      [...] aaten they will do very detailed work and didn’t bring search and rescue dogs. Thanks, Pays Bas and for the summary. Experts help with investigation on Aruba ANP Oranjestad – Two [...]

    12. Brenda on June 13th, 2005 10:04 am

      If this cover-up succeeds; Joran and friends are released – perhaps it is time to raise money to see that they receive the justice they truly deserve. Then we as an American public can simply give Aruba the same treatment they are giving Natalee’s family –

      1. Breaking news and then backtracking on it
      2. Hide the evidence of the murder with the assistance of the police and judges
      3. Announce forever after that “we are doing the best we can”

      While I have ALWAYS been against vigilante justice, I am now becoming understanding of why this type of justice has been employed in the past.

    13. Scared Vacationer on June 13th, 2005 10:14 am

      My husband and I were planning a honeymoon th

    14. MiMi on June 13th, 2005 11:14 am

      TOP95 FM (Aruban radio station) reported on Monday that they have received information about the story that the suspect Joran van der Sloot gave to the police. The radio station got this information from the attorney that is representing the suspect Abraham Jones. Jones is being held at the same location as Joran and he has been hearing/getting information from within the institute. According to the attorney ,Jones declared that Joran is convinced that he is being framed. Joran is saying that he did not go to the lighthouse with the group at all. He testified that after he left the club, he caught a ride home with his Surinamese friends, the brothers Kalpoe. At that time Natalee Holloway was in the car. Joran allegedly testified that the Kalpoes dropped him off at his home and drove off with Natalee in car. It was only afterwards (a few days later), around the swimming pool at his house, that the Kalpoes made plans to come out with one version of the events. But now it seems that they are trying to frame Joran. The attorney also told the radio station that his client has been hearing Joran van der Sloot sobbing a lot lately.

    15. Zeke on June 13th, 2005 11:52 am

      I don’t think the new experts are computer or forensics techs as the authorities already have FBI agents (what’s the total number of agents?). Maybe as Pays Bas Says it is to get a fresh perspective on tracing the movements of Natalee or the suspects. I tend to think it is something else maybe dealing with a undisclosed crime scene.

      I have a different opinion about a cover up. I don’t think there is one. A small island with only 72,000 inhabitants and they call in the FBI and now Dutch law enforcement as well. Not a very good way to cover up anything. From what I can tell they have about the same crime rate as the 44,000 population suburb where I live and a much lower incidence of some crimes.

    16. Leslie on June 13th, 2005 12:08 pm

      MiMi: Does anyone know Aruba well enough to know where the hotel is in relation to “Seroe Patrishi 14c” and “Montanja 19″ and Carlos & Charlie at Weststraat 3A O’Stal?

    17. jankees on June 13th, 2005 12:36 pm

      Dear United states citizens who are quoting over here,

      I am a bit schocked about reponses like lets get money together to make sure that aruba gets what she deserves.This is a typical response of a united states citizen .Please note that you guys attacked iraq without any proof , united states is responsible of killing of thousands of students in Chili and so on . So better think very hard before showing such an agressive tone by god you do not own this world ! As for the case for the moment , no proof has been presented yet.
      It might as well be the case that one of natalee classmates did something to here. Only I wish that soon will be known what happend to natalee , and that the ones who commited a crime against her will be punished .


    18. DaveN on June 13th, 2005 1:13 pm

      jankees, what does Iraq have to do with Aruba and their incompetence in solving this case? I think there are other message boards for talk about Iraq, but this doesn’t seem to be one.

    19. Janice W on June 17th, 2005 5:47 pm

      I stumbled upon this site when searching for another vacation spot. My girlfriends and I were planning a summer vacation and now will have to choose another spot. I will never go to Aruba. We are looking at Key West, FL. It’s scary that the Aruba government cares more about protecting high class families than finding out what happened to Natalee. This site is starting a international boycott, I agree, at least until things change!!

    20. Janice W on June 17th, 2005 5:48 pm

      I stumbled upon this site when searching for another vacation spot. My girlfriends and I were planning a summer vacation and now will have to choose another spot. I will never go to Aruba. We are looking at Key West, FL. It’s scary that the Aruba government cares more about protecting high class families than finding out what happened to Natalee. This site is starting a international boycott, I agree, at least until things change!!

    21. Janice W on June 17th, 2005 5:49 pm

      sorry the site is http://WWW.TOHELLWITHARUBA.COM

    22. Allyson on June 17th, 2005 8:04 pm

      I am an American who lived in Aruba for 6 months. During the 6th month on the island we we robbed and the police didn’t care. They sent us to police station to police station and no authorities took it seriously. We even brought the shoes of the robber and they could have cared less. I understand the fustrationation of the family of Natalee.
      They have a glass bottom boat on the island for tourist – they should be using that to search the shallow waters. There are also so many caves on the back side of the island. She could be hidden in there. I know the police say they are doing their job – however, let the American FBI interrigate them. We can get the answers. Oh and lots not forget – the island has a lunch break. The island basically shuts down for lunch. I hope the police omitted that bnreak from their schedule.

      I am so fustrated. Wake up Uraba! Break time is over!

      PS-After the robbery we stated at a hotel resort. We were telling the security guy our story of the robbery and he said this ” Why do you think the hotels hire security.”

    23. clifford on June 18th, 2005 5:19 pm

      I read a statement by Michael Jackson’s attorney in the press and she said that Holloway might have been sold into prostitution and taken to Venezuela. She said its a problem in Aruba.

    24. Jim Wilson on June 19th, 2005 6:38 am

      They should have the US State Department prohibit all Americans from going to Aruba until the Local Aruban Government decides to remove their head from their rear posterior. Its known that the only Interest is Economical/Tourist. They have access to the worlds more sophisticated Criminologist and yet they continue to make a circus out of a persons welfare and safety….Its in my opinion that Joran van der Sloot is in no doubt involved and has the information needed to put closure to this case..but since his dad is a Judaical judge in training…politics are now involved…and in the end if its proven that Aruba played games and acted irresponible and put economics before a persons life/safety and well being..then I hope the World takes a stance and the island ends up a trash dump for World Waste.

    25. Sharon Dellucci on June 23rd, 2005 9:47 pm

      my regards go out to your family .I am praying everyday for you and i feel myself she is still alive may god be with you and all my families blessing keep on believing.

    26. Bruce Alton on June 24th, 2005 2:37 am

      I am betting that the son is covering for the Dad. Mom was out of town and old Dad seen his chance to get a piece of some young pie. No telling how many times this happened between Son and Dad.

      The only reason the case is moving like it is, is because of the media and people threatening to boycott the island. Otherwise this crime would go unreported just like all the cruise ships do.

      They don’t recognize anything as being a crime with the acception of boycotting their precious tourist industry.

    27. AUDREY BROWN on July 12th, 2005 10:09 am


    28. roma on July 18th, 2005 5:45 pm

      i ve been looking to reach for natalee s mother, and i cant find any email or phone number, if you know where i can reach her, please let me know, it s urgent

    29. Drenner Tinsley on July 22nd, 2005 12:13 pm

      Here’s an idea—Send a three man interogation team from Gitmo and hand those young men over to them, this thing will end quickly. My heart goes out to the girls parents, especially the mom. As for the person who criticized the US and our quest for the world maybe he or she would prefer different tourists, how about the Cubans? Keep your head up Mrs. Twitty, and keep the pressure on the ones who need it!

    30. jan jacob on July 23rd, 2005 8:30 pm

      I would like to have Beth Holloway Twitty’s email address or her address in Aruba to send a note of support. Thank You, Jan

    31. Sandy on July 25th, 2005 11:07 pm

      Good luck to Natalee’s family. If the news has been reported accurately at all it’s pretty obvious that the three men have answers, the two brothers and Joran. Should have let the F.B.I. help since Arubian law enforcement has little experience in this type of situation. I think, unfortunately ego gets involved when it should be only the quest for the truth.

    32. DANESSA on July 28th, 2005 9:14 am

      I think dave or david and his wife should find out when psyhic sylvia browne will be on the montel williams show go tot it and ask him what really happen to natalee or have sylvia go on to the larry king live show and have both parents ask her questions Danessa

    33. Judy on July 28th, 2005 10:01 am

      TO the family of Natalee, I am praying for you daily..whatever GOD’s will shall be done. I am appalled that Aruba has the type of government/judicial system such as they do. A Third World Country maybe but not a civilized place such as Aruba. We have alot of media saying things that perhaps are not true and I appreciate even though I can only imagine how difficult your appearing on TV..FOX NEWS and LARRY KING to tell us the truth and the updates. I am so thankful people are now coming forth with information that at least gives FBI and others a direction. All the lies have been such a hindrance as well as the releasing of the Kalpoe many procedures have been done that are so unlike American procedures..we just don’t understand. Your faith will never leave you and I pray that soon you will have the answers, any answer to help you cope with this situation.


    34. victoria on July 28th, 2005 11:10 pm

      i feel so sorry 4 the famaily and i hope they get her alive ill pray 4 the famaily and hope u do too

    35. Missy R on July 28th, 2005 11:44 pm

      I would like to have an email address for Beth Holloway. My prayers are with her and the family every day. God Bless.

    36. pearl Horne on July 29th, 2005 9:55 pm

      I would like Beths e-mail address so I could offer my support

    37. pearl Horne on July 29th, 2005 9:56 pm

      I would like Beths e-mail address so I could offer my support

    38. MaryAnn Pederzolli on July 30th, 2005 12:39 am

      I wake up each morning and look for news on Natalee. i hate that she is gone knowing there are people that know what happened to her. I hate that the family that loves her so is being so tortured. I have two sons. I know how I would feel if one of them were missing for even five minutes. I want to say how sorry I am that this happened. I want to say that I am praying for an end to this ….I want to say something comforting to Beth….who have come to admire so very much. My heartfelt prayers are with all of you…

    39. CherronScogginCarr on July 30th, 2005 10:42 am

      Please give me an email address for Beth> I worked with her in Mississippi and I would like to get in touch with her to give her my support.

    40. Don & Kris on July 30th, 2005 9:06 pm

      As parents we give the Holloway family our full support and understanding. It has been a long, hard road, but keep it up and you’ll get the answers that you need. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

      Also, congratulations to Fox News for keeping the pressure up and keeping us informed. If not for their perserverence, this case would have already been swept under the rug.

    41. Dante Mele on July 31st, 2005 11:03 am

      BOYCOTT ARUBA – until this case is solved. What a bunch of clowns they have running their law enforcement agencies. I also want to thank Fox for keeping the pressue one that Mickey Mouse government. I would also love to have Beth Holloway’s e-mail as I’d like to send her some words of encouragement. What a brave and courageous woman she is. She’s been able to go through so much pain and suffering at a time in her life when she should be celebating her beautiful daughter’s college years. Keep your chin up, Beth as millions of people in America are forever behind you.

    42. mike d on July 31st, 2005 2:29 pm

      I am never going to Aruba. They lack the ability to solve crimes. From the news reports they didn’t even try hard. Brainless people over there.

    43. basil santos on August 2nd, 2005 9:49 pm

      I am a retired Federal investigator with over 30 years experience who would like to make contact with the Holloway family to offer some fresh insights their private investigator should pursue. These are the leads that should have been exhausted before going to Aruba.

    44. JAMES LETIZIA on August 3rd, 2005 3:14 pm


    45. JAMES LETIZIA on August 3rd, 2005 3:20 pm


    46. Tiffany on August 3rd, 2005 3:26 pm

      I have been following this case b/c i was recently in aruba. I have one question has anyone look to see if the vander sloot family has an family members in the nehterland or surrounding islands. b/c yes i believe the boys and father know what happened and i find it so weirod that nothing has been found. But who is to say that i friend of the family or relative didn’t give there help. It’s just a thought. Stay strong

    47. Peter Paonessa on August 3rd, 2005 9:21 pm

      To whom it may concern;
      I was hoping to get the email address of Beth Holloway Twitty.
      I’ve sent emails to the media and just about everyone about this case, but never received a reply. The problem with people is that they don’t realize that history repeats itself.
      April 1998: Amy Bradley, 23 years old, Curaco – Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

      May 2000: Claudia Kirschhoch, 29 years old, Jamaica

      May 2005: Natalee Holloway, 18 years old, Aruba

      In every one of the above cases, at least one bartender was involved, one way or

      And now the guy from Connecticut on his honeymoon…….. also Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

    48. Angelina Sabitino on August 5th, 2005 10:53 pm

      I believe that Ms. Holloway has been taken off the Island. I do psychic channelings and the numbers 35 and 40 are predominant. This could be miles, minutes Longitude or Latitude. I also invision a male, approx age 30 to 35, Mixed Latin, thin, 5feet 8 to 9 and 165 pounds. A hoop earing in his left ear, and scraggly wavy shoulder length hair, This connection is between Joran and he, in trading. Look towards other islands, not the ponds and dumps. The mouth of the Amazon is a good start. You may contact me if interested in my readings. Prayers and hope to the family. Angelina

    49. JIM LETIZIA on August 5th, 2005 11:23 pm


    50. Peter Paonessa on August 7th, 2005 1:23 pm

      I’m actually surprised that the Holloway family hasn’t called in a psychic.
      Usually when there is no evidence to be found.
      Perhaps Angelina could send an email to and mention her services.

    51. Bill Hutto on August 7th, 2005 1:48 pm

      I think that the Aruban government is not doing it’s job until every building on the island is searched from top to bottom, including the Van der Sloot residence.

    52. Bill Hutto on August 7th, 2005 2:09 pm

      If psychics really exist, it is a mystery to me why any of them have not won a lottery.

    53. Ivan Soto on August 9th, 2005 2:11 am

      Natalee Holloway’s case is a conspiratorial cover-up involving at least numerous members of the criminal justice (or rather injustice) system in Aruba. That’s what’s going on. A MONSTROUS COVERUP is what’s going on!

    54. cosmo on August 9th, 2005 3:25 pm

      I have watched this case on Fox News nightly since the beginning. I live in southern California and my father was born in Holland. I have traveled to Aruba several times.
      I am asickened, angry, PISSED OFF beyond words that this poor mother has been lied to and deprived of the truth. Natalee was brutally murdered and hidden by Joran and those scummy brothers. The truth of the matter is that the Vandersloot family is very powerful down there and the police have covered this whole horrible murder up to protect the family. We all know this…BUT WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?????

    55. Peter Paonessa on August 9th, 2005 10:46 pm

      Cover up? That’s exactly what it is. Now the gardner who was going to testify has disappeared.
      The FBI isn’t doing squat!
      I wish our Government had more balls!

    56. Jackie Carl on August 11th, 2005 2:40 pm

      I believe this has happened before. it is time to request from all past female visitors if this has happened to them. I believe this group has been doing some sort of rape to other women & maybe even the father knows. if they do not find a body maybe we can get other women to testify they were attacked in the same way

    57. sharon on August 11th, 2005 4:33 pm

      dear beth,
      my heart goes out to you. i watch everything i can about natalee. i pray for you all and i know god will continue to give you the strength you need. god will help.
      natalee is beautiful and so are you. keep up the good work. i feel strongly that the person in jail knows exactly what happened to your daughter. i pray that he will tell it.
      it will come out.

    58. chuck F on August 16th, 2005 10:45 pm

      The only person who knows where Natalee’s body is? Paul, it is as plain as day. When a father tells his 17 year old son, “No Body, No Crime” That folks means. Don’t worry son, I have made sure that the body will not be recovered. It is just that simple. I would ask him one question, Are you willing to take a lie detector test? Guess what his answer will be…….I think America should boycott that island until they solve this case. I think the police covered up from the start and may have assisted Paul in the disposal of the body…..If nothing come of this case, in a few months I would hope that Joran turns up missing and Natalees Mom tells the Judge…..No Body, No crime…..Simple Justice…..

    59. on the outset on August 20th, 2005 1:12 am

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    60. Daphne Hathaway on September 10th, 2005 4:19 pm

      Surely everyone must know that Natalee’s body may be found on the van der Sloot property. Otherwise why would Jooran’s father go crazy when the place is searched and insist that the search be restricted to certain areas? This man is more guilty than his son because he is the chief enabler of this terrible crime…. not the first on Aruba against and American. Why should any American spend money in that place? Only the stupid.

    61. joanne nugent on September 14th, 2005 2:52 pm

      Dear Beth,

      I have been trying to reach you via e-mail and finally have the right address.. I had heard you mention on Greta’s program/Nancy Grace/Hannity that you gain your strength from the support you receive from everyone.. I also wanted to express my deepest sympathy and to let you know I think you are an amazing, strong woman.. You have not given up and have persevered. I have a daughter close to Natalee’s age and it really hits home.. Natalee is such a beautiful, talented, intelligent girl with so much to offer..

      I am so angered by the release of all the suspects, especially with some apparent confessions, and conflicting stories…. I had planned to visit Aruba some day, as I had heard how gorgeous it is there, but I cannot find it myself to ever, ever be able to support the Aruban economy after the handling of this case.

      My thoughts and prayers will be with you, your family and Natalee always and I know you won’t ever give up searching for Natalee and hope you do find peace of mind some day.

      Sincerely, Joanne

    62. Rhonda on September 28th, 2005 10:43 pm

      It is quite obvious that Joran is anything but innocent in this. he was cold and heartless during the interview and the disrespectful things he said to Beth was uncalled for…if my child were missing I wouldn’t care if every tourist on that island left…there’s a muderer loose and I think the dutch government should be ashamed at how they’ve handled this whole thing. Beth our thoughts are with you. May Natalee be returned to you quickly…as for the parents of Joran, you need to send him to someone that can teach him manners as well as how to show emotion…he should be ashamed of himself

    63. tod meuir on September 19th, 2008 4:11 am

      Tod Meuir
      September 19th, 2008 at 4:40 am Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      It never fails to sicken this writer that our nation…our world daily deteriorates even further due to the depths of deprivation that the liberal disease is so happy to engage in: This writer feels a fathomless sorrow and pain for the Holloway family due to all surrounding Natalee and though this writer is sure to be called every sort of name and diagnosed under some pychosis by the whack jobs in the world it is my indelible belief that Natalee is very much alive….. One does not have to possess but a mere tiny amount of intelligence to see that the apparent true lack of concern by Aruban authorities as well as Vandersloot,etc re: all of this is due to fact that not only do they know there is no Murder case but as well there will be no answers otherwise re: Natalee due to fact that there are those involved that range to highest levels of Aruban government and since White Slavery is big business for them. Aruba is but a hub for the White slave traffic…at least it was before Natalee’s mother had the guts and determination to fight for her daughter…and now due to the unwanted attention such traffic has been rerouted for time being. Why would anyone in Aruba including Vandersloot and company worry about a murder charge when they all know that somewhere within the sad hell of white slavery this beautiful girl exists: This writer has no doubt that she is alive however she is probably so very induced by drugs that she is even unaware of who she is anymore or too mentally/emotionally depleted to know or care anymore. Note* This is an extremely beautiful young American girl and within White Slavery trade girls of this caliber are quite literally worth their weight in gold and there are many of whom will pay that weight. My entire heart,soul,and prayers go out to the Holloway family and I really believe that if you keep your focus on God above and your daughter below then you will find her! People the only way to combat this sadness as a whole is to simply land blow upon blow to the economy of places like Aruba until they are dying financially from lack of tourism dollars: Never allow your daughters to travel to places like Mexico,Aruba, Venezuela,etc unless they are in full time company of youselves or other trusted/known family and friends because this crime that has happened to Natalee and her family is as well a market and it is a market that never closes. It is sad that in this once great nation the disease of liberalism has spread to where contagions such as homosexuality,pedophilia,abortion,drug use,drug dealing,etc,etc is seen as a right by so many truly useless beings and where the true right to exist in a normal world where things are God ordained and otherwise moral and correct is considered an infringement on their “rights”!

      P.S Down here in Arkansas we have the perfect use for troglodytes like Vandersloot: bait on a trot line

    64. 24 Year Old Marlies Elizabeth van der Kouwe Missing … Kidnapped in Bonaire | Scared Monkeys on September 25th, 2008 10:36 am

      [...] However, we already see one difference in the two cases as investigators in Bonaire are treating the kidnapping of Marlies Elizabeth van der Kouwe seriously as opposed to the nonchalant and inept manner that the ALE did in the Natalee Holloway case. [...]

    65. Lifetime Movie Network: Natalee Holloway story … Missing in Aruba Since May 2005 | Scared Monkeys on April 18th, 2009 9:48 pm

      [...] behind her daughter’s disappearance, Beth Holloway captured the nation’s attention by working tirelessly to solve the mystery that shattered her family’s life. Today, Holloway continues to speak publicly about the [...]

    66. Iveth Ortega on April 20th, 2009 11:03 am

      Ms. Beth I am so sorry about what happen to your daughter and my Prayer and support has been with your family. The Aruba government is very corrupted and has been like that for many years. They stay together and they don’t care about US Citizens at all. They only care about our money as a tourist but if all US Citizens stay together and stop traveling to Aruba, lets see how they going to survive without the US Citizen. I will never go to Aruba again after what happens to Natalie. Aruba goverment system and the police department are suck!!! I am so sorry about your lost. Be strong!!! Iveth

    67. Jessica Saint on April 28th, 2009 2:04 pm

      Ms. Beth, I’m sorry that you still dont have all the answers on what happened to Natalee. I have prayed for her and your family every night since she disappeared. Abuans only care about the money that other states bring in as tourists. They will have to face that with god in the end. I hope you get new leads on your daughter. Keep praying and keep getting her story out there.

    68. billie on June 13th, 2010 8:58 pm

      Dear Beth And Twitty
      For all it is worth… Let God give you peace. Let God take care of this matter,which I think he is doing now. His justice from God will be in Peru or the U.S. He killed two innocent girls from both these countries. He lost his karma when his father died. His father could not pay his way out. Be proud for the fight you fought Beth.
      Much Love From Billie in Texas

    69. Laura on June 23rd, 2010 2:34 pm

      Dear Beth- You have the faith that i sure wouldn’t. I have a child of my own and was not but 6 years or so older then your angle, being a mom, you are my role model. I would love to speak with you when you can. Of course nothing would be told to anyone. The movie gave me nightmares for weeks, i just hope this time they give him all he deserves. You’re a great woman, try not to let this get you down. I’ll be praying for you. Oh people call me Lb bless you

    70. Tiffany on January 20th, 2011 3:56 pm

      I just finished Beth’s book and I couldn’t put it down. It’s made me really look at life differently. I would to send her an email, does anyone have an address?

    71. Cooch on August 16th, 2011 8:00 am

      As a child I played in some tunnels in “The Colony” it is where the large gate is in “Grape Field” in that general area. Did they ever search those tunnels? Though I heard that those holes in the ground were long covered over or filled. Just an idea that came up since the last lost person was in “Baby Beach” as is reported!

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