Beth Twitty Hopes Teens Will learn from Natalee Holloway disappearance


Beth Twitty hopes that teens will learn a valuable lesson from the disappearance of her daughter Natalee Holloway. All to often teens look at themselves in a “it could never happen to me” attitude and that they are independent enough to handle every situation. Beth Twitty hopes to spread the message that this may not always be the case.

The mother of missing Alabama teen-ager Natalee Holloway is hoping that this year’s class of high school seniors will learn something from her daughter’s disappearance in Aruba. One also wonders whether certain Aruban hotels will continue the practice of allowing high school trips to stay in the hotels?

As Beth Holloway Twitty puts it, “If kids can take Natalee’s story with them and realize that you’re not always safe,” and also that they’re responsible for themselves, they’ll be better off.

But Twitty says one problem is that teens are fearless. She says, “They’re caught between a delicate balance of being under their parents’ watchful eye and being totally independent.”

The events and circumstances that took place in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway show that one must be on guard at all times. As for herself Beth Twitty stated that even though she did plenty of homework regarding her daughter’s trip to Aruba she wishes she would “have done a little more homework.”

She tells The Associated Press that if she could change anything about sending her daughter on a senior class trip to Aruba, it would have been to “have done a little more homework.”

But in fact, she did plenty of homework. She went to planning meetings, and so did her daughter. They asked questions. They discussed underage drinking, chaperones and traveling with buddies.

One wonders whether any of these high school trips are advisable and should be recommended in the future. One also wonders whether certain Aruban hotels will continue the practice of allowing high school teens to stay in their facilitates after this incident? An accident waiting to happen vs. profits.

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