Natalee Holloway Discussion From Fox’s Big Story tonight.


The search for Natalee Holloway has nothing major to report, but it is the last update for the evening. They had two people on, the spokesman for the Aruba police and the editor of the Aruba Today.

John Larmonie of the Aruba Police Department was saying that the no new developments, saying only that the police are roaming the island.

The three people of interest are being questioned right now, and the search at the Allegro Hotel has been completed and there is no sign of Natalee.

Julie Renfro, editor in chief from the Aruba Today, says that the every cell phone on the island has been contacted over the search. She says that the search was being done by search and rescue, Aruba security foundation, the Red Cross, and volunteers. Says thousands are looking.

That is all, nothing major. The police are not backing off of the report earlier that they will have some breaking news in 24 hours, but that he was not authorized to discuss it.

Rod Wheeler, a talking head, says that someone somewhere is talking to the investigators, and that the police are following up on the leads as he gives them up.

Local Reporter from Birminghan, Andrew Nelson, says that people in Birmingham says that people are not talking to him. Reporterette is begging for details about past drug use or problems. Slimy Journalism by the Fox Host.

If you have any information on this case, they posted a US telephone number to call, 205–915–9059. At Scared Monkeys we have had a couple of emails that had information that may have been pertinent to the case, so if you sent us an email today, call this number. They may be able to use that information.


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    7 Responses to “Natalee Holloway Discussion From Fox’s Big Story tonight.”

    1. Kristi on June 11th, 2005 12:35 pm

      It was reported today that one of the 3 in custody killed her. She is dead, they just haven’t recovered the body yet. I suggest that people don’t allow their 18 year old kids to go to foreign countries alone. Go woth your kids on these excursions. Trust very few people with your kids. Even though she was 18, she was still someone’s baby. Why the school would choose Aruba, a country in which you can legally drink at 18, I have no idea. Why her mom would allow her to go, no matter what kind of GPA she had, is beyond my understanding either. I would have taken off work, and went with my kid. God bless her soul and may God have mercy on the souls of those who killed her also. Let this be a lesson to kids and parents everywhere.

    2. Allison Pugh on June 11th, 2005 2:52 pm

      Hi There-
      I know what I am about to say is going to sound crazey,but I do not do this for money,it to me is a gift that god gave me and to do it for anything other then to help would be wrong,you can believe me or not but either way I wantto tell you in the past I have had physic things come true and I had a dream that Natalee was telling me what happened in it there was a bar with thes etiki like lamps in the back along a sidewalk next I saw water with a lot of brush and trees grown around it and one part of the plants was in the water ,i saw 3 men 1 white and 2 where tan they looked 17-21 tall meduim built clean cut nice dressed the smallest of the 3 it seemed to be had done something either to the head or throat of natalee and it appeared to be assualt but not planned ,i got the impression they had been drinking and things got out of hand.I do not know if I will see anymore and i do not know if this will help or if you will even believe me but either way i thought you should know ,my prayers are with her family and I hope they find her soon

    3. Doug on June 21st, 2005 6:57 am

      Honor student or not….it never sounded too bright for Natalee to get drunk with 3 strange men, much less get into a car with them and go off into the night. That is both stupid and dangerous regardless where you live. Why didn’t the chaperones have a buddy system…or why didn’t Natalee have any friends close enough to know what her plans were ? How is it that none of the 100+ students seem know anything or had seen her? One of them should surely know her well enough to know if it was out of character enough to be sure that she was either drugged or abducted….or was she a loner and perhpas permiscuious enough to get herself into trouble ? Was that also her lifestyle back here in the states ?……every senior guy in her class would know that one. Let’s also not bust on the Aruban authorities for incompetence….US law enforcement bungles nearly all of the high profile cases.

    4. Susan on June 24th, 2005 10:53 pm

      I saw Natalee’s aunt on the news tonight. She was talking about how “savy” Natalee was. God forgive me, but I wanted to smack some sense into the woman. Clearly Natalee wasn’t all that savy if she left her friends at the bar, to go off alone, in the middle of the night, with three guys she had known for no more than 24 hours. How “savy” could the she have been?

    5. Susan on June 25th, 2005 10:21 am

      Oops, pardon my spelling. savvy

      Before I get accused of a “blame the victim” mentality I just want to clarify that it sounds like she was naive and therefore vulnerable. It’s a sad case for all involved and a reminder to be careful anywhere you are.

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