Natalee Holloway still in AOL Top 10 of News Searches for 2006


Aruba, want to know why your tourism and economy is still in a state of disrepair? Natalee HollowayRemember that missing girl that you said the story would go away in 4 days? You should have listened. In 2006, Natalee Holloway was the #6 most searched news story on AOL.

Top News Stories & Topics: 1) Gas prices; 2) Steve Irwin; 3) Immigration; 4) Bird Flu; 5) Iraq; 6) Natalee Holloway; 7) Debra Lafave; 8. Rush Limbaugh; 9) Lebanon; 10) Hurricane Katrina.

The popularity of Natalee Holloway on AOL search engines and others also shows how the internet has kept Natalee Holloway’s story alive and hope for finding answers for her parents. Aruba, you want to rethink your strategy and convict the suspects now?

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    49 Responses to “Natalee Holloway still in AOL Top 10 of News Searches for 2006”

    1. Kat_Gram on December 13th, 2006 11:21 pm

      I am surprised at that. I do not do any searches, I just go here and BFN.I know once I did do a search on the names we know and I was very shocked at how many hits there were on Yahoo and Google.
      I also check the site meter here and again note the hits from around the world, different countries.
      It is NOT going away, no matter what Aruba would like.

    2. justice on December 13th, 2006 11:46 pm

      The popularity of Natalee Holloway on AOL search engines and others also shows how the internet has kept Natalee Holloway’s story alive and hope for finding answers for her parents……

      and it will continue to be until those responsible
      for her disappearance and those responsible for the coverup are rotting in jail.

    3. kpg on December 13th, 2006 11:55 pm

      While reading, I noticed many LCD posters have not been here recently

      Some posters pop into the LCD at odd hours.

      Why are they here now?

    4. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 12:00 am

      You go girlfren’ … wait until 2007,
      we’re gonna boost you up
      the list even further!

      -Justice 4 Natalee

      Boycott Aruba, and ya don’t stopppppppppppp.

    5. mayan_moons on December 14th, 2006 12:45 am

      I’m so pleased with this news! What a gift! I felt in my heart that all those who wanted Natalee found are still there, nobody has gone anywhere Aruba. All eyes are still on you….watching….waiting….dismantling you financially day by day.

      Believe It!~

    6. Tazman on December 14th, 2006 3:40 am

      Of course!! Everyone realizes the injustice done to Natalee and her family by the scumbag vandersloots and kalpoes, et al. This isn’t going away. They have ruined their lives. Like, who wants to hire joran and his 2 manservants to work for them? Who can trust them? Or, who wants any of them to take their daughters out? Or marry them and have children? Lowlife trash. Bar flies.
      Aruba, please put those criminals in jail. You will be heroes. Your travel industry will flourish if you put them and their gang away in jail.

    7. Jozee on December 14th, 2006 4:56 am

      We will NEVER forget.
      Natalee is always in our hearts.
      Our eyes are on Aruba.

    8. Richard on December 14th, 2006 5:42 am

      That statistic suggests that this is not just a media-driven story, as some would have it (“Why all this fuss about one missing girl?”) … that, instinctively, somehow people realize from the course of events that something more complex, and more evil, is going on.

    9. Richard on December 14th, 2006 6:17 am

      This article about a drug-induced death at a club in Connecticut ran in my old hometown paper today. As I was reading it, the comment of one of the Kalpoes when the three were in the police car and their talk was being recorded came to mind.

      I think it was Deepak who said (don’t remember the exact quote) if they ever find Natalee they’ll find “all that s—” as well.

      None of us here believes for one moment that Natalee willingly used any illegal drugs. I want to be absolutely clear on that. But if she were drunk, and possibly under the influence of a sedative, to begin with, the three scumbags or others (possibly other members of the Pimps) might have forced drugs upon her. Or they could have left some drug paraphernalia.

      Could that be the topic of Deepak’s remark?

      Anyway, here’s the article:

      You are here: Home Read Page

      4 Charged in Woman’s Drug Death at NL Club
      Former owner, employees also named in civil lawsuit

      New London – Mechelle Rutka stayed too late at Club Hip-Notic one night in July, mixing cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. When her pulse stopped, witnesses said, employees dragged her outside the club, arranged her things next to her and left her there.

      The cocaine in Rutka’s 25-year-old body left her in a coma from lack of oxygen to the brain, according to the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Two days later, she was removed from life support.

      Four people are facing criminal charges stemming from the Salem resident’s death, including Kenny McNeil, 34, who owned the club at the time, and his wife, Jessica, 28, Rutka’s best friend.

      Kenny McNeil is also named as a defendant in a wrongful death suit Rutka’s family filed this month against the club, the owner of the building and several employees – including Joaquin Gouin, a former manager and current owner of the club, a Golden Street establishment now known once again by its former name, the El ‘N’ Gee Club.

      John Green, 41, of 385 Willetts Ave., New London, another former manager of the club, turned himself in to police Tuesday and was charged with sale of cocaine, falsely reporting an incident, tampering with evidence, interfering with an officer, making a false statement in the second degree and cruelty to persons.

      Miguel Hernandez, 20, of 29 Belden St., New London, a former bouncer at the club, has been charged with falsely reporting an incident, tampering with evidence, making a false statement to police and cruelty to persons. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.

      The McNeils, both of 840 Vauxhall St. Ext., Waterford, have been charged with making a false statement in the second degree and have each posted a $50,000 bond.

      According to court documents, Rutka started the fateful July night at September’s in Waterford, where she met the McNeils at 10 p.m., after she got out of work at Foxwoods Resort Casino. The McNeils told police the three of them headed to Club Hip-Notic at around midnight and later left the bar together at closing time, parting ways to go to their cars.

      But both Green and Hernandez said Rutka was one of a group of people – including the McNeils – who partied together after the bar closed. Hernandez said the McNeils left the bar alone at about 3:30 a.m., but that Rutka “never left the bar.”

      Originally, Hernandez and Green lied to police, according to an affidavit, telling them they found Rutka’s body at about 7 a.m. while Hernandez was taking out the trash and that they immediately called 911 and attempted CPR.

      But after police confronted them with new information, both men admitted they’d made up the story to avoid getting in trouble.

      “One day before this interview Hernandez had contacted Green who told him to ‘stick to the original story’ at which time he informed Green that if the ‘girl was not going to be all right’ he was going to tell the police the truth,” according to the affidavit that led to the warrant for Green’s arrest.

      The real story, Green later told police, is that after the bar closed, he, Kenny McNeil and several other people began snorting cocaine in Club Hip-Notic’s basement, giving Rutka cocaine and snorting it with her. After everyone else left the bar, Rutka, Hernandez and Green stayed.


      According to the affidavit, Green was in the basement of the club drinking with Rutka at about 4:30 a.m. when Green told police that Rutka suddenly seemed to have a seizure. Green began to drag Rutka’s limp body up the stairs, eventually running upstairs to Miguel Hernandez, the club’s bouncer, to ask for help.

      The two dragged her body upstairs together, laid her on a couch next to the bar and saw that her lips had turned blue. While Green told police they immediately dialed 911, Hernandez said Green – afraid of getting himself and the club in trouble – persuaded Hernandez not to call right away, first trying to revive her himself and finally working with Hernandez to move the body outside, along with Rutka’s purse, shoes and earrings.

      When police investigated the “untimely death,” they said they found drag marks on Rutka’s body, as well as drug paraphernalia at the club associated with the sale and packaging of narcotics and straws for sniffing cocaine.

      It was approximately 7 a.m. when emergency workers arrived and found Rutka’s body on Golden Street.

      While police did not go so far as to say that Rutka’s death was caused by the four men charged, the wrongful death suit filed this month in New London Superior Court claims that employees at Club Hip-Notic not only were directly responsible for Rutka’s death, but actually slipped drugs into her drinks.

      “The club and its employees … have been and continue to provide, through sale or otherwise, illegal drugs to patrons,” the suit alleges.


      Court documents paint the club as a hotbed of illegal activity where Rutka was served alcohol even though she was clearly intoxicated, had her drinks spiked with drugs and was provided with cocaine and heroin.

      The suit, filed by Rutka’s aunt and administrator of her estate, names Kenneth McNeil, both as permittee and individually, as well as Gouin, Green and building owner Scott Magruder as defendants in the suit and claims that employees waited too long to call 911 in order to save Rutka’s life.

      In a press release Wednesday, attorney Ralph J. Monaco of Conway & Londregan P.C. in New London, who is representing Rutka’s estate, called it a “tragic loss of a young life due to the absolute negligence and recklessness of the people involved” and went on to say: “The people who are responsible for this tragic and untimely death will be held responsible in a court of law.”

      Rutka’s family is seeking compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees totaling more than $15,000 in the suit.

      Reached by phone, Gouin said he told police everything he knew about that night, but added that he wasn’t there when Rutka overdosed. He said it was his understanding that Rutka took the drugs herself and that the drugs were not forced upon her.

      “I think it’s unfortunate what happened to the girl,” he said.

      Green, who is now working in a physical therapist’s office, appeared in court Tuesday and his bond was reduced to $25,000. His case was continued to Jan. 3 when he is expected to enter a plea.

      The McNeils could not be reached for comment.

    10. Richard on December 14th, 2006 8:00 am

      Just one more thought about the article above … if, as I suspect, the “Pimps” had planned beforehand that a foreign tourist girl was to be drugged, kidnapped and ‘shared’ among the group, then one of them, or somebody else, might have decided that giving her an overdose of drugs would be an easy way of covering up the crime.

      And since undoubtedly many visitors to Aruba do use the drugs that seem to be available everywhere, they might have thought that the police would believe this story.

      Let me say once again: I do not believe for one second that Natalee did, knowingly and willingly, use illegal drugs.

      One problem with this idea: if it were true, there wouldn’t have been the need to hide or dispose of the body.

    11. MIss-Underestimated on December 14th, 2006 8:15 am

      This proves to me that there are more people aware than just the posters on the boards, if you search for Natalee, to me it means there are new people made aware of Natalee’s case than just the core posters.

      Nay Sayers, who plead nobody cares about this case, better go run with your tail between your legs, because you’ve been proven wrong AGAIN.


    12. Sharon Chicago on December 14th, 2006 9:53 am

      SO GLAD to hear this, I like many other monkeys have not posted on AOL at all…this just goes to show the un-ending
      list of supporters that are here in America waiting and wanting justice for Natalee.

    13. JusticeforNatalee on December 14th, 2006 10:13 am


    14. ayfit on December 14th, 2006 10:46 am

      Lately I have seen alot of one body language expert on FOX and some other programs.I can’t remember her name.She seems to be on top of her game.I was wondering if maybe she could be reached and review the tapes,interviews etc. of Joron,Janssen,Odeber,the Kalpoes,Paulas,Anita and others.This could prove to be interesting.I feel sure ,if approached,this expert would jump at this opertunity. Maybe not,but worth a try.

    15. Brenda T. on December 14th, 2006 11:29 am


      Good idea. Probably has been done by someone (FBI or private investigator?), we just don’t know the results.

      One thing is certain, neither you or I need to be an expert in body laguage to read into what old man Sloot was sending out in the interview when he was sweating bullets at his home. Remember? It was early on and his “beautiful” wife was just rattling on and on while he dropped tablespoons full of water from his overly-tall forhead onto the counter. She even leaned over and wiped his nasty face for him a couple of times.

      I believe he was about to have a nervous breakdown. Wonder why so worried…Paul…want to answer that one???!!


    16. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 12:05 pm

      Absolutely, Brenda.

      One of my favorite
      JORAN Liar Liar P.O.F. moments
      was when he was on Greta on FOX…

      he had to break in the middle of
      a question for a drink of water…

      and his ears turned the most
      VIVID shade of
      of purple I have
      ever seen.

      …and I don’t even have
      a HIGH DEF TV yet!

      When Joran lies, his ears light up…

      Reminded me all the world
      of a lava lamp
      my dad once owned.

      About as entertaining too.

    17. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 12:10 pm
    18. mayan_moons on December 14th, 2006 12:33 pm

      lol Carpe!

      that pic is soooo funny!

    19. Meee on December 14th, 2006 12:39 pm

      I do remeber that one of the tabloids did a voice stress test on Joran. The ones that the gov’t use. During his 1st tv interview. According to there expert.. He flunked miserably

    20. vicki on December 14th, 2006 12:40 pm

      #15, Brenda, that comment about papasweats forehead is a classic and carpe#17 that is soooooooo funny with Urines big head on that bike, but remember he rides his bike like a broom stick is stuck up his butt.
      I never search Natalees name, I know where to get info. Right here on the FP.
      I will continue to pray for closure,it is my one christmas wish this year.

    21. ayfit on December 14th, 2006 12:43 pm

      If anyone knows who this body language expert is, please make note on this site.I need her name and contact info if possible.I also need to know what shows she has done.This info could prove to be helpful.

    22. Houston on December 14th, 2006 12:50 pm

      I’m always looking for the latest information on Natalee Holloway, did not realize so many others are still searching for information on her also. This is impressive news.

    23. MIss-Underestimated on December 14th, 2006 12:53 pm

      LOL Carpe

      Remember Anita just crying her eyes out, while Paulouse sweating up enuff water to fill his swim pool, I wonder, now why Anita was crying? It was a done deal at that time, they didn’t go in her house to search as she said. Was she crying because she found out something else?

    24. Frank on December 14th, 2006 12:57 pm

      Will someone ask Dana to ask Jossy about the picture of Paulus in the casino? It’s obvious Paulus and his friends executed a coverup and for a prosecutor who has had little success, bring pre-meditated charges of any kind against Paulus is extremely ominous.

      Can Jossy confirm that is Paulus in the picture, is it related to charges with the language of premeditation and why nothing about van der straaten?

      Maybe also Dana can ask jossy when he will start naming names and not be so coy all the time?

    25. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 1:42 pm

      (Paulus is extremely ominous.)

      u ain’t jes whistlin dixie, my brutha.


      He’s OMINOUS, he is odious,

      He smells like last month’s CATCH!

      His heart is full of unwashed socks…

      & the occasional frumious bandersnatch!


      Hey PAULUS, here’s a TIPPP… don’t

      stand up in canoe, numbnuts!!!!!!!


      to bring down the guilty
      on E*V*I*L Island
      - ARUBA.

      -Justice 4 Natalee.

    26. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 1:52 pm

      Hey Mis-U!!! :p

      We should start an Anita VDS LIE
      Thread like all the others.

      Now we know why
      J lies SO MUCH, huh? The whole family
      seems to be able to do it, with out
      so much as a wink.

    27. MIss-Underestimated on December 14th, 2006 2:23 pm

      The problem that I have with all of the suspects including those who were at one time, and including those who spewed on tv, is that all of the smack they talked has be shown to be lies The print, secret police recording, documents, warrants and recording say they lied.

      I have a problem with Anita wearing Natalee’s bracelet and putting up the angel, when now we see that her house was not searched. When someone lies, most of the time its not their first time lying. As Mother Alpo said they all lie. And it seems most of the time.

      Carpe a thread for lies is not a bad idea, but geez how much bandwidth would that take?

      I just hope Paulouse buys Anita a new camera for Christmas.

    28. JusticeforNatalee on December 14th, 2006 2:29 pm

      The wording in Janssen’s letter to the Dept. of Justice raised a red flag to me.
      Did Janssen use deceptive wording?

      She states that none of the boys admitted to having sexual relations with Natalee on an INVOLUNTARY basis. Well, did they admit to ANY kind of sexual relations?

      It is not up to J2K to decide if any sexual relations were involuntary or voluntary. It is up to the prosecutor to determine that issue.

      The fact that Natalee was last seen with J2K, was incapacitated and outnumbered, and was missing should have raised a HUGE red flag for the prosecutor.

      ANY admission or indication of sexual activity by even ONE of the suspects should have taken very seriously by Janssen.

      And a MASSIVE red flag should have gone up if more than one suspect indicated sexual activity.

      Being sexual with two or more guys is not something most young women do and especially not a good girl.

    29. MIss-Underestimated on December 14th, 2006 3:03 pm


      Yes, the verbage and terminology used by her, to say the least is worrisome. Let’s not forget, any information given to her had to be filtered by someone else. As we see all the layers of lies being uncovered, it makes me really wonder, who in Holland is calling the shots?

      Holland could have very easily come into the investigation in the very early weeks when the words cover-up were screamed by others. So who in Holland is in charge, anyone associated with the VVD party?

    30. Meee on December 14th, 2006 3:07 pm

      Here’s some breaking news on FOX. At 3.00pm eastern time. The Kalpoes filed suit yesterday against the Doctor Phil show. Since they filed in California. The Holloways were apparently able to file suit against the Kalpoes. A wrongfull death suit. They filed it today against the Kalpoes. Greta will have it on her show.

    31. JusticeforNatalee on December 14th, 2006 3:12 pm

      Breaking news on Fox:

      Natalee’s family sues Kalpoes

      Kalpoes sue Dr. Phil

    32. will on December 14th, 2006 3:20 pm

      news mews see greta tonight 12-14-06 ..kalpoes face murder
      charge on natalee ..mybe..

    33. mayan_moons on December 14th, 2006 3:49 pm

      Hey JFN!

      Interesting point there “Being sexual with 2 or more guys is not something most young women do”

      I agree with you.
      Despite girls gone wild & bangbus popularity with alot of males, group sex, especially when you’re talking 1 girl with 3 that we know of & probably more is not what most young women are looking for.

      That is a male fantasy. Not saying all men have it nor am i saying that all females don’t but the percentage who engage in it are very slim and the ones who do 9 times out of 10 are doing it for the money to live on.

    34. mayan_moons on December 14th, 2006 4:19 pm

      Whoa WOw!

    35. ayfit on December 14th, 2006 4:20 pm

      We should all thank the poes,seems as though they have messed in their nest.Makes one wonder how this came about.

    36. ayfit on December 14th, 2006 4:52 pm

      How aboutt that Beth Twitty?This girl is on a mission.Beth will stop at nothing to get the justice she deserves.That’s not all,she is getting closer and closer.We have all heard of a woman scorned,ever seen a mother scorned?You are looking at one.
      Guilty- your days are numbered.Justice always prevails in the end.Thanks again to the Kalpoes.The trap seems to be set.Okay DR.PHIL Hang their ass.

    37. sandy on December 14th, 2006 6:19 pm

      Lets keep this up front and in the news until justice for Natalee comes forth. Aruba and the perps will be going down. No-one believes thier lies anymore. God Bless the Holloway-Twittys and JQK. Jossy hit them with all you have make it public blow Arubas lies right out of the water.

    38. Dan in Tx on December 14th, 2006 6:20 pm

      Seems to me it is high time to form a Natalee Holloway webring. The interest is still obviously there…

    39. Maggie on December 14th, 2006 7:04 pm

      JoeT also said last week on IMUS words to the effect that Joran isn’t a suspect anymore, they are looking at other people. That’s why he wasn’t released as suspects by the court last week?!

    40. Carpe Noctem on December 14th, 2006 8:35 pm

      Joe Taco is a soul-less piece of refuse!

      He has besmirched his legal career

      with the defense of the Joran Van der Rapist kid

      on DEMON’S ROCK… I can not *believe*

      people take him seriously anymore. (or news

      heads return his calls )




      Even if you believe J didn’t do it,
      which of course he
      did. IMO

      Joran is one of the biggest lying pieces of sh@t
      that ever walked the planet. He’s in a tie
      with Scott Peterson.

      I wish many things on Joe…
      Joran, Paulus,
      and the Kalpoes.

      and at last check,
      …none of them good.

      Joe is an embarrassment to his

      country, his family, and himself!

      I’d spit on him,
      if it was legally
      possible to do so
      in my state.

      -LONG LIVE JOSSY MANSUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      if Jossy M. is effin SENILE, then that is what
      I want to be too!

      Because BEING YOU — to me — is about
      as appealing as a hairball
      that my cat hacked up this morning.


      I WOULD not like MISTER TACO in a JAR…

      JOEY TACO IS A P-U-T-Z , NEAR OR FAR! -Dr. Seuss

      …but other than that…


    41. Richard on December 14th, 2006 9:05 pm

      JusticeforN (28) … Whether the three scum said relations with Natalee were voluntary or involuntary, does it matter?

      She isn’t around to testify, so far as we know.

      Or is the presumption in Aruba that the “other party” isn’t needed?

    42. Carpe Noctem on December 15th, 2006 12:51 am

      Wahoooo! JQK must have had

      that bad boy front-loaded in

      his cannon! ( quick )

      You know? …the cannon

      that just kicked out a huge

      @$$ blast right over the Kalpoe’s


      Life’s a witch. Tut tut. – J Renfro


    43. super dave on December 15th, 2006 1:32 pm

      #42: that is the exact picture of the grinch that stole christmas. only the head is purple, not green ! is that julia renfroe next to him ?

    44. Carpe Noctem on December 16th, 2006 2:17 pm

      LOL Super Dave


      Gotta luv that greta-mule.


      Hey J-BO ‘BEEZ’ all smiley in that pic

      like he just made a dentist

      visit. Did the A.L.E. pay for

      that too? Is he due for braces yet?

      har harrr

    45. sct on January 3rd, 2007 7:02 pm

      Americans should stop acting like they are the best in everything, the most educated and the smartest in the whole wide world. What happened to Natalee Holloway in Aruba, happens EVERDAY in USA!!! Beside, why didn’t any local girl dissappear? Because they are raised different!!! American girls come to this island and behave like they have never seen men!!! They drink alcohol like water, they sleep with every guy they can, not knowing that these guys are just after easy sex and no commitment relationships for a couple of hours or days. What you should do is start looking how to raise your children better, TALK AND LISTEN. That will help keep them away from drugs, alcohol and unsave sex. God bless you America!!!


      SM:   One thing I’ve learned in the last 19 months is that Aruban guys/girls, men/women spend a good portion of their time drinking.   The way Aruban girls dress makes how Natalee was dressed look like a nun.   Face it, you live on a tiny party island that depends upon the tourist trade.   Your young men take advantage of the tourist girls.   Drinking, drugs and corruption are a huge problem on your tiny little party island.   You should be proud.   (klaasend)

    46. bleachedblack on January 3rd, 2007 8:44 pm

      # 45
      I can tell by your comment that you are young and naive. More than that you are wrong.

      [color=blue] Beside, why didn’t any local girl dissappear? [/color]
      Some girls have disappeared, but the usual scenario is that they are drugged and raped, maybe gang-raped.The sorry atmosphere there seems to be one of fear and intimidation. You do yourself and other women of Aruba no service by denying the problem exists.The cause of such incidents does not lie with the American girls that vacation there, but rather the criminals who prey upon them. Educate yourself about the problem, read your local newspaper, …..and stop being a slave!

    47. OldFart on January 3rd, 2007 10:23 pm

      #45 sct
      Your post almost sounds like you are from Aruba but I think not…
      I imagine a lot of Tourist (no matter where they are from) whether male or female make the most of it.
      Heck I would and I’m not young.
      I also expect that the males & females of Aurba take advantage of this situation in their own way if they are inclined to do so.

      It happens the world wide.. that is not the problem
      The problem is the good people of Aruba has not demanded answers or accountability of those that govern them.

      NO ONE has been charged with anything (as far as I can tell)
      No false statements by witnesses, illegal gambling, consumption by or serving a minor, contributing to delinquency of a minor …nothing
      Either Aurba’s law do not permit enforcement of these type of laws or they choose not to.

      If you are from Aruba … quit crying & complaining about chit..get off your butt..get a spine and demand accountability from those that govern you
      JMO of course

    48. on March 24th, 2011 4:18 pm

      Natalee holloway still in aol top 10 of news searches for 2006.. Peachy :)

    49. Shayla on September 18th, 2011 4:23 pm

      Really ur going to blame it on american tourists going to aruba? Are u f***ing serious? Maybe people in aruba need to raise there kids not to take advantage of young gurls and be murderers!!! All u guyes do is drink and do drugs!!! Yes crazy stuff like that happens in america but atleast our justice system does something about it!!! We dont protect murderers we prosecute them!!! So get ur justice system inline and stop defending murderers!!! Hello he is charged with murdering someone else stupids!!! The USA is known for alot of things Aruba is only known for the Natalee holloway case and partying corruptive losers!!! Thats something to really be proud about!!!

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