So Much for the Obama Early Voting Advantage: Gallup Poll Finds Romney Up 52% – 46% Among Early Voters


Hmm, Gallup reports that, “In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots”. That’s not the headline … the following is, Romney leads Obama by 7% in early voting!!!

Team Obama, his minions and the in the tank Obama MSM have been spinning for weeks that Barack Obama has the advantage in early voting and that they are way out ahead of Mitt Romney. NOT SO FAST. Just like everything else they spew about Obama, its a myth. According to Gallup, Romney is leading Obama in early voting 52% to 46%. This is an amazing 22 point drop by Obama from 2008.

Romney Leads Among Early Voters, Similar to His Likely Voter Lead

Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate.

Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney’s 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup’s Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The Lonely Conservative has an very interesting factoid, the GOP is way out ahead of absentee ballots over Democrats in Pennsylvanian.

In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.

The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania.

Let’s be realistic, who really is motivated to vote for another Obama four years? Anyone can plainly see that there is no enthusiasm for Obama in 2012. There is no hysteria for Obama like there was in 2008. Frankly, why should there be. Just as many wanted to vote into office the first black president, many are making sure they vote out a president who has been an epic failure.

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    5 Responses to “So Much for the Obama Early Voting Advantage: Gallup Poll Finds Romney Up 52% – 46% Among Early Voters”

    1. Romney Leads In Early Voting – Updated | The Lonely Conservative on October 30th, 2012 8:17 pm

      [...] of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.Update: Linked by Scared Monkeys – thanks!Tweetvaso linkgoogle_ad_client = "ca-pub-1395656889568144"; /* 300×250, created [...]

    2. Bill B on October 31st, 2012 7:42 am

      I just caught this story on Yayhoo from the Columbus dispatch that said Barry was still up by 5 47 – 42 in Ohio. Look at this sample data. I am surprised he’s not up by 10 with samples like this are used.

      The telephone poll of 1,110 likely Ohio voters Oct. 23 through Sunday has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The partisan breakdown of the randomly selected poll respondents: 37 percent Democrats, 30 percent independents and 29 percent Republicans. Of the independents, 44 percent say they are closer to the Republican Party, 36 percent say Democratic.

    3. fiz on October 31st, 2012 7:50 am

      except no Romney with no Ohio
      and he isn’t winning Ohio the way he been lying….
      pretty bad when you run commercials that are blatant lies
      nice to see the heads of GM and Jeep speak up and call him the liar he is….
      what is especially funny nobody out here really likes Mittens……You all just hate Obama so much you would vote for anyone but Obama…..
      Careful what you wish for….Mitt is the ultimate empty suit…Just what does he believe in anyway

      Lets see….He wants to eliminate FEMA……
      SM: Yawn, because the federal govt is just so damn efficient. Please, how soon you forget how FEMA worked after Hurricane Katrina.

      Oh, BTW how’s that Rasmussen Ohio poll workin’ for ya?

      Election 2012: Ohio President
      Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%

      Obama’s is going down.

    4. fiz on November 1st, 2012 5:15 am

      Six days before the election in crucial Ohio, President Barack Obama is ahead by 2 points over Mitt Romney in a new Ohio Poll.

      And Obama is maintaining the 5-point lead he held in Quinnipiac University’s poll released at the beginning of last week. Romney had cut the margin from 10 points in late September, but apparently has made no additional headway in the past several days.
      SM: Sorry, but the Q poll is a BS +8D skewed sampling poll. Please, this is a greater sampling turnout model than 2008. Obama ain’t recreating 2008 this year. As a matter of fact it is the GOP that leads in enthusiasm.

      If this is what you Democrats bank on to win a state, you are going to be severely disappointed the day after the election.

    5. Obama Panic Alert … Ohio Democrats Already Down 270,000 Votes From 2008 | Scared Monkeys on November 2nd, 2012 10:56 am

      [...] Gallup states that Romney is up by 7 over Obama in early voting. We will only know on election eve who has been telling the truth when it comes voter turnout. Share This [...]

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