Ted Nugent Says, ‘Trayvon Got Justice,’ as Anti-American Libs Try to Stop Free Speech … Calls Petitioners “Idiots” and “Subhuman Numbnuts” & Calls Out Barack Obama and Eric Holder

Whether you love him or hate him, Ted Nugent, the Motor City Madman rocker is allowed his “free speech” as afforded by the United States Constitution.

During an interview with Maine radio station WGAN, Nugent defended his recent comments regarding Trayvon Martin, blacks and crime and those that think that he should not play rock and roll in Connecticut were “idiots”. Those that have an issue with the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution have started a petition to prevent Nugent from performing at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT. Really folks, this is how you direct your energies? Nugent called a group of petitioners who want his August gig at the nightclub Toad’s Place in New Haven canceled “subhuman numbnuts.” I guess it is safe to say that none of the “numbnuts” will be attending his concert. These same “idiots” are the ones who are claiming that “Justice for Trayvon” and wanting to get Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ to file a Civil Rights case against George Zimmerman. Oh the irony, as at the same time the collective “idiots” are trying to take away Ted Nugent’s freedom of speech. What a shock that there is a liberal double standard.

Ted Nugent stated that “Trayvon Martin got justice”. Personally, I think this is a poor choice of words because of how individuals define justice. What Trayvon Martin got was his day in court. Initially that is what Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama, Martin’s parents and the liberal MSM wanted when they made this story a race issue and forced Florida to try the death of Trayvon after prosecutors in Sanford. FL had decided not to. But that is not what they really wanted, they wanted their pound of flesh from George Zimmerman. They were only after a guilty verdict no matter what the evidence showed. They could not accept a jury’s “not guilty” verdict in the case and now are seeking other avenues of going after Zimmerman. As if this case has not been exploited enough.

Ted Nugent expresses his views as only the ‘Motor City Madman’ can …

When asked about the “idiots” in Connecticut who think he “shouldn’t play rock and roll,” Nugent told the conservative host: “You and I stand on the line of reason” and must not be silenced.

“People who hate Ted Nugent hate freedom,” he said, and promised to continue to speak what he sees as the truth.

Nugent also had some choice things to say about liberals, racial activists and Trayvon Martin during the interview.

Defending his previous comments about blacks and crime, Nugent insisted the statistics bear him out.

Of the Trayvon Martin case, Nugent said, “Trayvon got justice.” He went on to say that Martin was a “gangsta wannabe” who had a “bloodthirst,” as evidenced by the fact that he was supposedly eager to “get into fights with people.” He said Martin showed racism in calling George Zimmerman a “cracka.”

Ted Nugent went on to say …

Nugent said Zimmerman got only a “sliver of justice.” Although Zimmerman was found not guilty, powerful people from President Barack Obama to Attorney General Eric Holder have targeted him, as have “Holder’s best friends,” the New Black Panthers. Nugent implied the president and Holder are trying to subvert the legitimate verdict in the case.

“It pains me deeply” to have to acknowledge that the president and some others in the administration are “just bad people,” Nugent said. He said he had hoped to be able to speak better of the country’s top officials.

Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz Says George Zimmerman Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Should Be Disbarred & Her Conduct Bordered on Criminal Conduct.

In an interview with Mike Huckabee, law school professor  Alan Dershowitz  said that the George Zimmerman special prosecutor Angela Corey should be disbarred were her actions. Dershowitz then went on to say that her conduct bordered on criminal conduct. Alan Dershowitz also said that the DOJ does not really investigate an individual for civil right violations unless they work for the state or the federal government. Zimmerman really cannot violate another’s civil rights on his own. Dershowitz said that the DOJ should be going after special prosecutor Angela Corey. She filed a false affidavit in front of the judge in order to get a second degree murder charge. She mislead the judge into getting an over-charge of second degree murder and failed to tell the judge that there were photos that Zimmerman’s that demonstrated that Zimmerman’s nose was broken and wounds on the back of his head. These are true violation of one’s civil rights. In the end Dershowitz said that this was a classic case of self-defense.


Real Clear Politics: (Huckabee, July 14, 2013)

MIKE HUCKABEE: You have said that you thought the prosecutor ought to be disbarred, that’s a pretty serious type of violation to get a person disbarred. It is that serious to you?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Right, it is. She submitted an affidavit that was, if not perjurious, completely misleading. She violated all kinds of rules of the profession, and her conduct bordered on criminal conduct. She, by the way, has a horrible reputation in Florida. She’s known for overcharging, she’s known for being highly political. And in this case, of course she overcharged. Halfway through the trial she realized she wasn’t going to get a second degree murder verdict, so she asked for a compromised verdict, for manslaughter. And then, she went even further and said that she was going to charge him with child abuse and felony murder. That was such a stretch that it goes beyond anything professionally responsible. She was among the most irresponsible prosecutors I’ve seen in 50 years of litigating cases, and believe me, I’ve seen good prosecutors, bad prosecutors, but rarely have I seen one as bad as this prosecutor, [Angela] Cory.

Judicial Bias? Highly Contentious Exchange Between Judge Debra Nelson and Zimmerman Defense Attorney West … Judge Nelson Badgers Defendant as Defense Attorney Objects … “OVER -RULED”!

George Zimmerman Murder trial: A fair and impartial trial, eh?

Yesterday, prior to the conclusion of the defense’s case, Judge Debra Nelson rudely and inappropriate created a highly contentious exchange between herself and defense attorney West. Judge Debra Nelson, prior to the conclusion of the defense’s case asked directly George Zimmerman whether he wished to testify. Defense attorney West objected … he was over-rued by Nelson. Judge Nelson again asked the question and defense counsel objected again. Judge Nelson then decided to act like she was the Gestapo and bully the defense and George Zimmerman. UNREAL. Where are the judicial misconduct charges against Judge Nelson? This was so out of line and improper by the judge.

Sorry, but how can anyone get a fair trial when you have a judge acting like this?  Talking about creating a hostile environment.

From Mediaite:

Have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in this case?” Judge Nelson asked Zimmerman after reminding him of his rights both to remain silent and speak on his behalf.

After two objections from defense attorney Don West, Nelson said rather testily, “Overruled. The Court is entitled to inquire if Mr. Zimmerman’s determination as to whether or not he wants to testify.”

“I assume it would depend on how long the recesses are, your Honor,” Zimmerman said, in one of the only moments he has spoken at his own trial. “At the end of the day…”

“If your attorneys have finished with two witnesses before the end of the day, do you think you would know then whether or not you want to testify?” Nelson said.

“Speaking on Mr. Zimmerman’s behalf—” West tried.

“I am asking your clients questions,” Nelson said, and when West again tried to object, Nelson sounded exasperated. “Your objection is overruled.” She finished by telling Zimmerman, “I will give you more time to discuss this with your attorneys.”

For more updates, read tweets, reason others comments and provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Forum: George Zimmerman Trial.

Judge Nelson Rules that Jury in Zimmerman Murder Case May Consider Lesser Degree Manslaughter Charges

Breaking … This morning Judge Nelson ruled that the jury in the George Zimmerman murder case can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. The defense had wanted the jury to only be told in the jury instruction that they were to determine second degree murder or acquittal.  This just further proves that the prosecution did not in any way second degree murder and are now trying to get Zimmerman convicted on a lesser charge hoping that the jury provides a sympathy verdict. In the end, Seminole County Court Judge Debra Nelson said, “The court will give the instruction on manslaughter as a Category One.

Judge Debra Nelson

George Zimmerman’s attorney strongly objected to a prosecution proposal that third-degree murder be included in the jury instructions.

Defense attorney Don West on Thursday called the proposal “outrageous,” given that it is premised on the idea that Zimmerman committed child abuse since 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was underage when he was fatally shot.

Judge Debra Nelson says she will rule on the proposal later. The judge, however, agreed with the prosecution that jurors could consider manslaughter as a lesser charge.

Sadly, it appears that this court is going to find a way to convict George Zimmerman by any means.

For more updates, read tweets, reason others comments and provide your own, go to Scared Monkeys Forum: George Zimmerman Trial.

Judge Debra S. Nelson Rules Two Prosecution Audio Experts Witnesses Will NOT Be Allowed to Testify in George Zimmerman Murder Trial

Prosecution audio expert witnesses denied …

Judge Debra S. Nelson has ruled that two prosecution audio experts will not be allowed to testify in the George Zimmerman second degree murder trial. Zimmerman is charged with the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. This is a major blow to the prosecution’s case against Zimmerman. Prosecutors had looked for expert witnesses to identify the screams in the 911 tape, the night that Trayvon Martin was shot by Zimmerman, was that of Martin. As reported at the Miami Herald, the testimony of Tom Owen and Alan Reich, both of whom analyzed a 911 call by a neighbor that captured the sounds of the brawl, was key for the state because it could have painted Zimmerman as the aggressor. However, the defense had sought to prevent the prosecution experts from testifying, arguing that the science used to make such audio identifications was not reliable. In the end, the 911 tape will be allowed to be played at trial as well as the prosecution will be allowed to present any witnesses familiar with Martin’s voice to testify, but the audio experts are out. Previously, an FBI speech scientist, Dr. Hirotake Nakasone, a senior audio engineer, testified that current technology cannot categorically determine whether a voice heard on a 911 tape screaming for help moments before Trayvon Martin was killed was that of Martin or George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering him.


The ruling by Judge Debra S. Nelson was released Saturday morning after hearings stretching over four days in her courtroom in Seminole County, Fla. The judge was asked to decide about background screams recorded on a 911 police tape and whether the voice could be identified.

The defense had sought to exclude the prosecution experts, arguing that the science used to make such audio identifications was not reliable. The expert testimony, identifying the voice and screams as Martin’s, would prejudice the jury against Zimmerman, defense attorneys argued.

The prosecution insisted the science was valid and that it was up to the jury to decide whose voice was heard screaming

In her ruling, Nelson held that the 911 tape could be played in court, but that prosecutors will not be allowed to use the audio experts to identify the screams in the background as the voice of Martin.

However, the prosecution will be allowed to present any witnesses familiar with Martin’s voice to testify, the judge stated.

NorCal Tea Party Patriots First Tea Party Organization to Sue the IRS

Return of the Jedi …

California-based Tea Party group, the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, become the first to sue the IRS accusing the IRS of violating its constitutional rights due to the “intensive and intrusive scrutiny” it received while seeking tax-exempt status. Let the pigeons loose. Hopefully, this will be just the beginning of the law suits against the IRS that have admitted to targeting conservative and Tea Party groups.  As reported at the Politico, the group alleges it applied for tax-exempt status in March 2010 but didn’t receive approval until Aug. 2 of last year. The lawsuit accuses the IRS of violating the First and Fifth amendments and seeks monetary damages.


A California-based Tea Party group sued the U.S. Internal Revenue Service on Monday in what marked the first lawsuit to stem from an investigation finding the agency singled-out conservative organizations.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, the NorCal Tea Party Patriots accused the IRS of violating its constitutional rights due to the “intensive and intrusive scrutiny” it received while seeking tax-exempt status.

The lawsuit sought class action status on behalf of all conservative and libertarian groups – such as those associated with the Tea Party movement – that were targeted by the IRS for extra scrutiny from March 2010 through the middle of this month. Tea Party groups call for reduced federal spending and taxation.

Citizens for Self-Governance:

We are sure you were as disgusted as we were upon hearing the news of the top down abuse of power the IRS has aimed at Conservative groups. Today, we are on the precipice of something monumental to correct the balance of power. We are taking the fight directly to the IRS.

Like many of you, we know folks who have been subjected to harassment and abuse by the IRS as they tried to obtain their non-profit status. I have first-hand knowledge because the first tea party group that I was involved with was unfairly targeted.

We are not sitting back and waiting for Congress to fix things. Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) decided to take matters into our own hands. We found the best lawyers in the country for aggressive litigation versus the federal government and, with our assistance, the NorCal Tea Party filed a class action suit against the IRS Monday in Ohio Federal Court.

Many other small grassroots organizations dedicated to liberty have been damaged or intimidated to the point of giving up, so CSG will provide the guidance and support needed to vindicate their rights in a direct legal battle with the IRS.

If you or someone you know has been harassed by the IRS and are interested in participating in the class action suit, let us know. You can send an inquiry by going to the website SueTheIRS.com. There’s no cost to you…because we are here to help you fight. (more)

OJ Simpson Heads to Court Monday Seeking “Hail Mary Motion,” a Writ of Habeas Corpus, Stating Bad Representation Should Reverse his Conviction and New Trial Ordered

He’s baaack, like a bad penny.

O.J. Simpson will return to court in Las Vegas, Nevada in and attempt to seek a “Hail Mary” motion, better known as a writ of Habeas Corpus. The motion claims that OJ  had such bad representation during his first trial that his conviction should be reversed and a new trial ordered. In 2008 Simpson was convicted on armed robbery and kidnapping charges and sent to prison after “The Juice” participated in a bizarre hotel room robbery, claiming he was trying to get back personal memorabilia that he claimed was stolen from him. Simpson was found guilty as the “glove fit” this time and is presently serving 9 to 33 years for the crimes.

Simpson has filed 19 claims of ineffective counsel and attorney conflict of interest in the 2008 case. Simpson contends his trial attorney never told him about a plea bargain that had been offered by prosecutors. He also said in a sworn statement that the same attorney knew about the memorabilia sting before it happened, and “he advised me that I was within my legal rights.”

Simpson is expected to testify sometime during the week-long hearing.

Too bad this verdict did not happen in a Los Angles, CA court room

Most defendants lose these motions, but in this case nobody is taking bets on the outcome. When it comes to O.J Simpson, who knows?

Nothing is the same when O.J. is involved,” said Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson, who observed Simpson’s Los Angeles trial. “An O.J. case is never like any other case.”

Simpson was famously acquitted on murder charges related to the death of his ex-wife and her friend in a 1995 trial that captivated the nation. When he was sentenced in 2008, Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass, referencing the murder trial, said that her penalty was not intended as “retribution or any payback for anything else.”

Doesn’t OJ Simpson know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Including criminals found guilty. For some one who got away with murder, Simpson should count his lucky stars that he is still breathing and has a possibility of getting parole.

James Holmes, the Colorado Movie Massacre Suspect Learns Today if He Faces Death Penalty

To go after the death penalty or not go after the death penalty, that is the question …

James Holmes, the gunman suspected of killing 12 people in the Colorado movie massacre will learn later today whether he will face the death penalty and execution for his crimes. Holmes’ defense attorneys had offered to plead guilty for meticulously planning and brutally executing a plan to attack a Colorado movie theater at midnight during a showing of the latest Batman movie. This pea deal would allow Holmes to live out his days in prison with no chance of parole instead of having him put to death. My person opinion is go for the death penalty … good riddance to bad rubbish.. It would be a terrible message to send out that one could go in a movie theatre, kill 12 people and wound several others and then live your life out in prison on the tax payers dime.

A decision on death or not? Heck, if it were up to me the only thought process would be to either bring back “Sparky” or see if I could not get a one time public stoning exemption for his crimes.

VIDEO – decision expected today.

After a week of legal twists and turns, James Holmes will find out Monday if he could face execution if convicted in the Colorado theater attack that killed 12 people.

Behind-the-scenes maneuvering erupted into a public quarrel between prosecutors and the defense over Holmes’ public offer to plead guilty, but the two sides could still come to an agreement that would spare Holmes’s life in exchange for spending the rest of his life in prison.

Casey Anthony to Appear in Bankruptcy Court in Tampa, FL Today

The Teflon Tot-mom to appear in Court …

Casey Anthony will  come out of her hole Monday after a federal judge ordered her to appear in court. Anthony, the tot mom known for getting away with murder, will attend a bankruptcy hearing with her creditors Monday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in Tampa, Florida. That’s because Monday’s hearing in Tampa is in the federal courthouse, and cameras of any kind are not yet allowed in federal court. Casey Anthony is claiming she only has about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. So what are the odds that the second that Casey is allowed to file bankruptcy that she signs a book or movie deal? Oh, that could never happen. Then again, we never thought that she would ever been found “not guilty as sin” in the death of little Caylee Anthony. This woman has skated every inch of the way, what is to prevent her this time?

Casey Anthony will be coming out of seclusion for a meeting with the creditors in her bankruptcy case in Tampa.

The bankruptcy meeting is taking place Monday.

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida in late January, claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. Court papers list Anthony as unemployed, with no recent income.

UPDATE I: Casey Anthony meets with creditors in Tampa to discuss her bankruptcy case.

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida in late January, claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. Court papers list Anthony as unemployed, with no recent income.

Her listed debts include $500,000 for attorney fees and costs for her criminal defense lawyer during the trial, Jose Baez; $145,660 for the Orange County Sheriff’s office for investigative fees and costs; $68,540 for the Internal Revenue Service for taxes, interest and penalties; and $61,505 for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for court costs.

The filling also stated that she was a defendant in several lawsuits, including one brought by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez for defamation in Orange County Circuit Court.

Oscar Pistorius Denies Murder in Killing of Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp … “I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated”

This morning in a court room in Pretoria, South Africa, Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee Olympic track star, flatly stated that  he did not kill his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. In an affidavit read by his defense attorney Barry Rou, it stated, “I fail to understand how I could be charged with murder, let alone premeditated.” “I had no intention to kill my girlfriend.” Pistorius denied that he intended to take her life when he opened fire at a closed bathroom door at his home last week. One has to ask the following question, did he ever ask, who was there? Who shoots indiscriminately at a closed, locked door when you knew your girlfriend was in the home?  Judge Nair adjourned the case until Wednesday without ruling on whether the athlete would be granted bail.

VIDEO from ABC News

Facing a charge of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend, Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee track star and one of the world’s best-known athletes, flatly denied on Tuesday that he intended to take her life when he opened fire at a closed bathroom door at his home last week.

His assertion contradicted an earlier accusation from the prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, that Mr. Pistorius committed premeditated murder when he rose from his bed, pulled on artificial legs, walked more than 20 feet from a bedroom and pumped four bullets into the door, three of which struck Reeva Steenkamp on the other side.

It was the first time that either the prosecution or Mr. Pistorius had publicly provided details of their radically divergent accounts of a killing that has shocked the nation and made news around the world.

However, the judge in the case, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair, has sided with the prosecution and has determined that  Oscar Pistorius will be charged with premeditated murder.

As his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, cowered behind a locked door in a tiny bathroom, Oscar Pistorius strapped on his prosthetic legs, grabbed his pistol, strode seven yards to the door and fired through it four times, killing her, prosecutors alleged Tuesday as they laid out their case against the double-amputee Olympic runner in Pretoria Magistrate’s Court.

According to prosecutor Gerrie Nel, Pistorius’ actions amounted to premeditated murder.

In a major blow for Pistorius, Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair sided with the prosecution, ruling that for the purposes of the bail hearing the charge against Pistorius was premeditated murder, a decision that will make it difficult for him to be granted bail.

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