The Crying Game … Lefty Wingnut Cries Like a Baby to CNN After Huge Union Loss in Wisconsin Recall Election Loss to Gov. Scott Walker … “Democracy Died Tonight”

Didn’t anyone tell the Left moonbats in Wisconsin that there is No Crying in Recall Elections?

Check out the VIDEO below of the liberal emotional meltdown from The Blaze. Wow, after so this is the death of Democracy, eh? You mean the fact that the Left, Democrats and labor unions lost to Gov. Scott Walker in 2010 and then did so again in 2012 by an even larger margin? Dude, as Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said last night, “This is what democracy looks like”. The people of Wisconsin have spoke not once, but twice.

This is a must see Video … cry me a river!

The Left and labor unions over-reached in a big way and got burned. There should never shave been a recall election. All the unions and the poor sport Leftist Democrats did was cost the Wisconsin tax payers money. To what purpose, because they did not agree with Walker? Sorry, but elections have consequences. An overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites believe that recall elections should be reserved to corruption and major misconduct by politicians, not when a party cops an attitude because they lost.

So why is the dude crying above, because labor unions lost in a major way.The weepy man above might want to recalculate the amount that unions poured into the recall election. According to The Hill it was $10 million.

Organized labor suffered a crushing blow with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) victory in Tuesday’s recall, a possible sign of their fading power and a worrying result for union supporters ahead of November’s election.

“They picked a fight they weren’t able to win,” said Gary Chaison, a labor expert at Clark University. “This shows them at their weakest. They’ll try to put a happy face on this but this is nothing less than a calamity for them.”

Unions combined to spend more than $10 million on the race and were the driving force behind the recall effort. But even in Wisconsin, long a bastion for organized labor and the birthplace of public employee unions, they couldn’t defeat a governor whose defining achievement was stripping public workers of their collective bargaining rights

TOTAL NON-RECALL … Republicans Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and 3 of 4 GOP Senators Win Recall Victories: Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton, Jerry Petrowski … Van Wanggaard Not Yet Called

Tonight in Wisconsin it was a TOTAL “almost” NON-RECALL …

Not only did Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch survive their recall elections and won handily, so did three of the four Republican state Senators who faced recall elections as well. Republican Wisconsin state Senators Scott Fitzgerald, Terry Moulton and Jerry Petrowski all survived an won their recall elections. They not only won, they won handily. Only the state Senate seat 21 has not been called. With 28% of precincts reporting Van Wanggaard (R) leads John Lehman (D), 60% to 40%. Seeing that Senate seat 21 represents Racine, one that went for Walker over Barrett 63% to 36.5%, it is hard to imagine that Van Wanggaard will not win as well.

UPDATE I: 100% of precincts voting and John Lehman defeats GOP incumbent Van Wanggaard, 51% to 49% …  36255 votes to 35476.

State Senate Dist. 13 Recall Election
> R-Scott Fitzgerald (I) 43,754 58%
D-Lori Compas 30,474 41%
I-Terry Virgil 691 1%
State Senate Dist. 21 Recall Election
R-Van Wanggaard (I) 16,399 60%
D-John Lehman 10,775 40%
State Senate Dist. 23 Recall Election
> R-Terry Moulton (I) 37,639 56%
D-Kristen Dexter 29,114 44%
State Senate Dist. 29 Recall Election
> R-Jerry Petrowski 39,636 61%
D-Donna Seidel 24,875 39%

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Wins Historic Recall Election … “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”

Hey Barack, Tweet on this … Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch took to the stage following her recall election victory and stated, “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE”. Rebecca Kleefisch was the first Lt. Governor ever to have to face a recall election and Kleefisch also made history and became the first Lt. Governor ever to survive and win a recall election.

Democrats, organized labor, public employee unions and the far Left really overplayed their hand in Wisconsin and got burned. Many thought that the recall election was totally uncalled for and unwarranted.


Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

“Now this is what democracy looks like,” a jubilant Kleefisch told supporters at a victory rally. “Friends, years from now they will say the campaign to save America began tonight in Wisconsin.”

With 90% of votes counted, Kleefisch (R) 54% -  Mitchell (D) 46%.

RNC Chair Priebus Predicts Democratic ‘circular firing squad’ After Scott Walker Recall Election Victory … Barack Obama “Left Democrats at the Altar in Wisconsin When They Needed him Most”


Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus said during an interview tonight with CNN what many Democrats and staunch union leaders must have been thinking following Gov. Scott Walker recall election victory. Reince Priebus predicted a Democratic ‘circular firing squad’ following the Left’s failure to recall Gov. Walker, a crushing blow to unions and Obama. Speaking of Barack Obama, Priebus said that Barack Obama “left Democrats at the altar in Wisconsin when they needed him most”

Regarding exit polling, I find it a little difficult to believe that Wisconsin would vote back in Scott Walker and then vote for Obama in November 2012. Wisconsin is a microcosm of what is taking place nationally.  I am not buying the exit polling that claims that Obama has a double digit lead in WI over Romney. The same exit polling said that this would be a close race and that as CNN reported, the vote was tied. Obviously Democrats were over-polled and the GOP voters were under-polled.

The dynamic that Obama did not come to Tom Barrett’s aid, nor any of the other Democrats in Wisconsin, including union labor will resonate the election cycle. There is no way that Obama can avoid Wisconsin during the recall election and then come back and ask for campaign donations and their vote. But Wisconsin Democrats just learned a painful lesson regarding Obama. Obama is all about Obama.

Wisconsin just became a battleground state in the 2012 Presidential election. If Democrats and unions act like poor losers in the second election of Scott Walker, it will surely play poorly with Independents and reasonable Democrats. Scott Walker has stated he wants to move Wisconsin forward. That will play well for Romney in 2012, a successful GOP governor who has made Wisconsin better. So who would they vote for in November, Obama and his failed policies or Romney, who will help get America going the same way as Scott Walker did? Sorry, Obama is in trouble in Wisconsin in 2012.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker & Lt Gov. Kleefisch Projected as Winners of WI Recall Election


With 26% of the vote counted FOX News has called the race for Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch. This represents a huge loss for unions and Barack Obama. Governor Scott Walker becomes the first US governor to win a recall election in US history. What a waste of tax payer dollars for this recall election. The voters of Wisconsin have spoken, the same as they did in 2010.

As reported at the Gateway PunditWALKER WINS BIG ANYWAYS!!! All the busing in of out of state union voters still could not tip the tide of this resounding Scott Walker victory. But of course Eric Holder and the DOJ would never have looked into that.

Hat Tip: The Frugal Cafe

MSNBC is also calling the recall election for Gov. Scott Walker.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived a furious recall campaign on Tuesday, emerging as the victor in a bitter fight over state budgets and collective bargaining rights.

NBC News declared Walker the projected winner over Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in a closely-watched campaign first prompted after Walker drove a bill stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights through Wisconsin’s legislature showed little signs of abating, according to exit polls.

In a state that Barack Obama won by 14% in 2008, the Democrats and unions fail in the 2012 recall election of Scott Walker. However, what does it say when Barack Obama does not lift a finger to help Democrat challenger Tom Barrett and the union workers that Obama constantly panders to?

Just curious Wisconsin Democrats, why would anyone help Obama when he obviously abandoned you in your time of need. Obama wanted no taint left on him, that’s how committed he was to union workers. How does Barack Obama come back to Wisconsin and pander for votes and that he feels them when he could not be concerned to help the Democrat challenger Barrett? Why would anyone give Obama the time of day in Wisconsin when the Obamamessiah left Democrat Cheese heads high and dry.

UPDATE I: Wisconsin voters reject recall.Wisconsin is now added to the list of battleground states for the 2012 election. A state that Obama won by double digits in 2008 will now have to be defended.

Wisconsin voters rejected a year-long effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker and replace him with Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. ABC News projected Walker would win the race and hang onto his job one hour after polls closed.

The recall started last year as a state fight over Walker’s efforts to curb public unions in his state. But with its fierce debate over how to resolve the country’s budget woes and tens of millions in outside political money pouring into the state, the recall morphed into what many viewed as a preview of what to expect this fall when Obama battles GOP nominee Mitt Romney for the Oval Office.

The victory is a boon to Walker and Republicans in this key battleground state that opted for President Obama by nearly 15 percent four years ago. It may also be interpreted as a validation of Walker’s confrontational efforts to curb public employee unions.


41% of vote counted: GOVERNOR: Walker (R): 59% – Barrett (D) 41% … LT GOV: Kleefisch (R) 59%  – Mitchell (D) 41%.

UPDATE III: What will be the ramifications of the recall vote on the November elections? RNC chair Priebuspredicts Democratic ‘circular firing squad’ and says that Obama left the Wisconsin Democrats at the alter.


76% of vote counted: GOVERNOR: Walker (R): 55% – Barrett (D) 44% … LT GOV: Kleefisch (R) 55%  – Mitchell (D) 45%.

UPDATE V: Governor – Special General Recall Election- Election Results by County

As Voting Begins in Wisconsin Governor Recall … Republican Gov. Walker Slams Obama for Shying away from Wisconsin

President Barack Obama … even his peeps think he has no coattails …

The day has finally come … let the voting begin in Wisconsin. Today the voters of Wisconsin will finally get to vote in the recall election. The results of today’s vote will echo throughout the 2012 election cycle.

According to RCP, Scott Brown is currently ahead of  Democrat challenger Tom Barrett by an average of 6.7%.

However, what is more intriguing leading up to the Wisconsin Governor recall election is the lack of presence of President Barack Obama. In 2008 Barack Obama won Wisconsin by double digits over John McCain, 56% to 43%. But suddenly Obama is AWOL when it comes to going to Wisconsin to support labor and Tom Barrett. Leading Republican Gov. Scott Walker to knock Obama for shying away from Wisconsin recall. Why is Obama so scared to go campaign for Barret? Does Obama and his peeps have so little confidence in Obama’s coattails that they are afraid that “The One” will have no impact in the vote and will have the loss attached to him? This may not be even considered “lost in smallness” for Obama, it might be just plain lost.

GOP Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Monday that President Obama’s decision to shy away from campaigning on behalf of Democratic challenger Tom Barrett before Tuesday’s election in the state shows “there is a real concern” on the left that the effort to recall the incumbent governor would fail.

“It is interesting. For all the hype, it’s kind of confusing for all the voters here. It’s a sign there is a real concern,” Walker told Fox Business Network. “What I have seen is voters who tell me they voted for my opponent or they are Democrats, but in each case they are telling me they are voting for me.”

What has been deemed as a precursor to the 2012 elections, how does a President just sit on the sidelines? Obama did not make one visit to WI to aid Barret. Hey cheese head Dems, how does it feel to be abandoned by Obama?

Oh wait Obama has finally got engaged in the all important WI recall. Here is Obama’s endorsement from The Pirate’s Cove … he pathetically tweeted it. Good grief could a President be any more lame?

 No matter how one looks at this, it is a loss for Obama. He provided no leadership, no visible sign of presence in this recall election that was supposed to be so important for unions. How could one ever want this dude in their fox hole?

The polls are open in WI … let the voting begin.

Marquette Law School Poll Has Republican Governor Scott Walker Ahead of Barrett 52% to 45% Barrett in Wisconsin recall

The most recent Marquette Law School pollhas Republican Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch ahead of their Democrat challengers in the Wisconsin recall election. Governor Walker leader Tom Barrett 52% to 45%, while Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch leads Mahlon Mitchell, 46% to 41%. According to the poll, Walker also has a job approval rating over 50%.

A new Marquette Law School poll finds Governor Scott Walker with 52 percent to Mayor Tom Barrett with 45 percent among 600 likely voters in next week’s recall election. That lead falls slightly short of statistical significance. The poll was taken May 23-26, with most interviews completed before last Friday’s first gubernatorial debate, and has a margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points. Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch had 46 percent and Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin president Mahlon Mitchell had 41 percent, with 11 percent not expressing a preference.

The PJ Tatler goes on to discuss other positive polling data for the incumbent Republican Governor in that Walker in that twice as many Wisconsin voters think the jobs situation is improving compared to the survey released two weeks ago, 38-20% and Walker also led Barrett 50% -43% when voters were asked which candidate would do better at creating jobs.

What is hurting the challenger Tom Barrett the most, probably the fact that the Lefts claims that Walker’s signing last spring to limit the collective bargaining power of public employee unions, a reform his opponents said would be a “disaster” and destroy public education in the state, was a total lie. This was supposed to be the reason for the recall. However, when Democrat challenger couldn’t name one single public school that has been harmed by Walker’s reforms. Oops. Can you say, Democrats will lose.

Rasmussen: Wisconsin Governor Recall Election Poll: Scott Walker 50%, Barrett 45%

Is the tide changing in Wisconsin with regards to the recall vote of embattled Governor Scott Walker? Have the unions and Democrats overplayed their hand? According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, Gov. Walker leads Democrat challenger Barrett, 50% to 45%. In an April 2012 poll 52% supported the recall of Walker; however, there appears to be a trend in just the opposite direction.

Embattled Republican Governor Scott Walker holds a five-point lead over his newly nominated Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in Wisconsin’s special recall election.

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey shows that 50% of the state’s Likely Voters prefer Walker while 45% choose Barrett. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate and another two percent (2%) are undecided.

Also as reported at The Weekly Standard, Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, found the exact same results (Walker 50%, Barrett 45%) when it polled the Wisconsin recall race in April [...] but the good news for Walker is that he has an 8-point lead among independent voters.

Wisconsin Democrats have  nominated Barrett to face Walker in the June 5 recall vote. This race is going to be an important indicator for the 2012 elections. Do unions still have any strength in a potential battleground state and who will win, the GOP or Democrats, in a battleground state heading into the November 2012 U.S. presidential elections? Look for polls to shift following this recall vote.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Signs “Caylee’s Law” … Missing Children Legislation Inspired by the Death of Caylee Anthony & Casey Anthony’s Lying to Police Makes It a Third Degree Felony

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs Caylee’s Law. The legislation was inspired by the death of two year old Caylee Anthony and the outrage following the acquittal of Casey Anthony.  The newly signed missing children’s legislation will increases the maximum penalty. Caylee’s Law makes it a third-degree felony and increase the penalty from a year to five years in prison to give false information to a law enforcement officer in the event of missing child.

The law increases the maximum penalty from a year in jail to five years in prison for knowingly making a false statement to police about a missing child.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was acquitted last year of murdering her daughter but convicted on four counts of lying to investigators.

Caylee wasn’t reported missing until 31 days after she vanished in 2008 in Orlando.

Following the absurd decision by the jury in the death of Caylee Anthony, Florida looked to make it a felony offense for an individual not to report a child missing. Sadly, it is too bad this law was not made retroactive for Casey Anthony.  Had this law been effective when Casey Anthony did what she claims to have done during her murder trial, Casey could have gotten up to 20 years in prison rather than the slap on the hand.

Caylee’s law (HB 37) – read the law HERE.

For updates, comments and opinions go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons/True Crime Forums: Caylee Anthony.

President Barack Obama Underwater in Wisconsin, Only 44% Approval Rating, 51% Disapproval


My what a difference a couple of years makes and the failed and unpopular policies of Barack Obama. In 2008 Obama won Wisconsin by a 56% to 43% margin.  Flash-forward to 2011 and a PPP poll that shows that Obama has only a 44% approval rating, while 51% disapprove of the job he is doing as President. Democrats have won Wisconsin in the last six Presidential elections; however, that all may come to an end in 2012.  Obama and Democrats are worried that the need to carry swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in order to win reelections; however, Obama’s job approval is so poor that even once considered solid blue Democrat states like Wisconsin are now in play.

Will Obama sport a cheese head to win over WI?

Obama continues to be unpopular in Wisconsin with only 44% of voters approving of him to 51% who disapprove. It’s yet another competitive state at the Presidential level where his standing with independents is abysmal- he’s at 36/57 with them. In mid-May, shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden, Obama stood at 52/44 in the state. But he’s dropped 15 points on the margin over the subsequent five months.

As Jammie Wearing Fool reminds us, Republican Governor Scott Walker has a higher approval rating presently than Barack Obama in Wisconsin. So much for the LEFT’s and unions efforts to recall him. It is the underlying current across the country, the 2012 election will come as a surprise to many. There will be many “blue” states that are in play in 2012 that have always been considered true blue.

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