How Small of Obama on the RNC, ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’ … As the GOP Governors Beat Obama Up with Barack’s “You Did Not Build It” Comment and Wowed the Crowd


Barack Obama, Lost in smallness yet again, add in some snark and a dash of sarcasm as he commented on the RNC, ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’. Just how petty could this president get?

Dear Mr. President, it may have been truthfully entertaining; however, it was more enlightening, inspiring and invigorating! Let me inform Barack Obama and the Democrats, don’t look now but the GOP has a young, deep, diverse bench.

The GOP trotted out rock star after rock star governors that took Obama’s failed economic polices apart. Governors Nikki Haley (SC), Scott Walker (WI), John Kasich (OH) to name a few took to the stage and politically beat Obama upside his head with his ridiculous and foolish comment to small business owners that “you did not build it”.  Then there was Keynote speaker New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who reminded Obama, “real leaders do not follow polls, real leaders change polls.”

As stated at Hot Air,  “a whole gamut of Republican governors did indeed take to the stage to refute your erroneous “top-down” baloney this evening, in the knowledge that a huge, meddlesome bureaucracy that thinks it knows best and taxes success is the real definition of “top-down.” The GOP governors told the success stories of their own states recoveries that were polar opposites of Obama’s failed bottom up, middle out, government dependent nanny state agenda.

Ohio Gov. Kasich like I have never heard hims before, “We need a new partner in Washington. This relationship is just not working”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got some of the biggest applause of the night … Wisconsin now a swing state

Nikki Haley’s RNC Speech 8/28/12, “President Obama. with all due respect, don’t tell me my parents did not build their business.”

We said in South Carolina that if you have to show a picture ID to buy Sudafed, if you have to show a picture ID to set foot on an airplane. Then you should have to show picture ID to protect one of the most valuable, sacred rights in America, the right to vote.”

Governor Chris Christie Speech at Republican National Convention RNC

Transcript can be read HERE.

We need politicians to care more about doing something and less about being something.

Believe me, if we can do this in a blue state with a conservative Republican Governor, Washington is out of excuses.

Leadership delivers.

Leadership counts.

Leadership matters.

We have this leader for America.

We have a nominee who will tell us the truth and who will lead with conviction.  And now he has a running mate who will do the same.

We have Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan, and we must make them our next President and Vice President.

Mitt Romney will tell us the hard truths we need to hear to put us back on the path to growth and create good paying private sector jobs again in America.

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    7 Responses to “How Small of Obama on the RNC, ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’ … As the GOP Governors Beat Obama Up with Barack’s “You Did Not Build It” Comment and Wowed the Crowd”

    1. RK on August 29th, 2012 2:30 pm

      ‘It should be a pretty entertaining show’

      This simple tongue-in-cheek comment doesn’t seem worth the fuss. Did the right-wing media overreact? Does their response suggest small-mindedness? Are they a bit thin-skinned?

      What happened to having a sense of humor?
      SM: What ever happened to a President having some class? It is rather sad that this man is so small. He does not need to be Prez, he needs to be a Late Night talk show host, that way he can make fum of special needs kids all he wants.

      It will be a breath of fresh air to actually get ab adult back in the White House.

    2. brie on August 29th, 2012 5:29 pm

      #1..RK take a walk!!!! Your annoying this entire site!!!!! And need to be removed!!!!!

    3. brie on August 29th, 2012 5:41 pm

      Hard working Americans have built their businesses with struggle and hard work and Obama has the nerve to say the opposite. You can put lipstick on a pig but it still is a pig with big lips and a dirty mouth and smelly!!!!!!

    4. brie on August 29th, 2012 5:43 pm

      Obama your fired!!!!

    5. GetObamaOut on August 29th, 2012 8:37 pm

      What is entertaining is watching the collective bat$hit LEFT losing their minds as they reaie that Obama is slowly sinking and has no chance of winning in 2012

    6. Romney Gets 5% Bounce in Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research Poll in 9 Battle Ground States | Scared Monkeys on August 29th, 2012 9:31 pm

      [...] Ann Romney and Chris Christie speeches drew 23 million viewers.It was not just Ann and Christie, the GOP governors were awesome last night and Mia Love became an over night Republican rack star. An estimated 22.3 [...]

    7. RK on August 29th, 2012 9:56 pm

      #2 – Is your brain still capable of learning something new, or are you only able to listen to things you already agree with?

      Reminds me of the flat-earth society.

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