Children Say the Most Amazing Things; while Adults are Arguing over post Hurricane Katrina


The post Hurricane blame game has begun. Although there is a time and a place to obviously fix the wrongs that we have witnessed, now is the time to help those in need not point fingers. There is so much blame to go around it makes no sense for adults to cast stones as who in America is to blame when from the Federal, State and Local levels all failed, including some its citizens. However, those of us must remember that even if there were plans in place, a worst case scenario occurs. However, what is more amazing in all of this while adults fight over the blame game in the name of debate listen to what the children are saying around us. Looks like we all may learn a little bit about humility and what is truly so innocent and right. Out of the mouth of a 6 year old little girl from one of our own comes the following:

Just thought I would share a story of what my daughter did today that reminded me how innocent and compassionate children are.

My six year old daughter went with me grocery tonight. When we drove up there were news vans and CHP all over the parking lot covering the Red Cross Donation Drive that was set-up.

My daughter asks “Mommy, can we go over there and give them some more money?” with the sweetest smile on her face.

I answered “Of course we can, we should give all we can to help right now because people really need our help.”

“Mommy, can you pull this tooth out?” as she tries to wiggle a tooth not ready to come out.

I answered, “I am not sure what a tooth has to do with donating but that tooth is far from being ready to come out.”

Perplexed she asks even more persistently, “How about this one? It’s loser than the other one?”

“None of your teeth are ready to come out right now. What is your obsession at this moment for losing a tooth?” I ask.

“Because the tooth fairy will come and she will leave me money. I can give it to all those poor people who have no where to go. Mommy, my hearts hurts for them. Maybe If I leave the tooth fairy a note and explain things to her she would leave me more for them. Or maybe we can donate my teeth you hide in your room and the children can put them under their pillows and the tooth fairy will come help them!” she said so innocently while biting her bottom lip.

Fighting off tears I handed her 20 dollars. “Here I said; consider it a loan from the tooth fairy. I am so proud of the young woman you are becoming,” as I hug her tightly. “Promise me something will you?” I ask her.

“Anything, mommy!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t you ever grow up and let anyone change how much you care about people. Don’t ever turn your back on anyone. When you give to those who need you will be blessed someday. Maybe not right any so you can remember it but mommy promises you that you will be blessed.” I told her as I watched my baby grow up and put her money in the bucket.

Why is it a lot of adults grow up and forget their caring and innocent childhood days? Just some food for thought from a 6 year old ready to pull out her teeth to make a difference.
Just thought I would share a story of what my daughter did today that reminded me how innocent and compassionate children are.

Hat Tip: Cali Girl and her 6 year old daughter

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