Fox News Chris Wallace Says, “I Feel Like Tonight Donald Trump Became the President of the United States” (VIDEO) (Update: MSM Praises Trump Speech)



Following President Donald Trump’s first Address to Congress, Chris Wallace, the host of FOX News Sunday, had nothing but praise as he analyzed the speech. Wallace, who is no Trump cheerleader at Fox said, “it was by far the best speech that Donald Trump ever gave.” He further went on to say that “it was one of the best speeches in that setting that he ever heard any president give.”

Wallace then said, “I want to say this right, but I feel like tonight, Donald Trump became the president of the United States.” You could see the head of Dana Pirino, former GWB press secretary and Fox News host, in the background nodding with approval.  What Wallace said was no disrespect to President Trump. Wallace went on to follow up and say, “Yes, of course he got it 35 or 38 or 40 days ago when he was sworn in, but so many Democrats didn’t recognize him. I think tonight whether you agree or disagree with him, he became the president of the United States and everyone is going to have to accept that fact.”

UPDATE I: From The Washington Examiner, Media applaud Trump’s first joint session speech.

Journalists applauded President Trump’s first joint session address on Tuesday, calling it presidential and predicting that it will be popular beyond his core base of supporters.

“This will be, I think, a very well-received speech for Donald Trump,” said liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow after the speech. She said part of the reason was “because of expectations” for Trump are lower, since he is not a typical politician.

In his speech, Trump maintained his campaign message to push for American interests on international trade and foreign policy, while calling on unity between Republicans and Democrats.

Chris Matthews said that Trump’s message of “economic nationalism” was likely to resonate. “I think left, right and center, people have a sense of righteous indignation,” he said. “It’s probably the reason [Trump] was elected in [swing states] Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.”

“This is Trump at his most presidential — his most effective speech yet,” said ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl on Twitter.

Los Angeles Times White House Correspondent Mike Memoli said on Twitter that Trump’s speech was “playing out well” for Trump.

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