Charles Krauthammer Says Trump’s Warsaw Speech was his Best and Reaganesque (VIDEO)



Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer, an individual who is hardly pro-Trump, had nothing but praise for President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland. Krauthammer stated, Trump was praising The West, not just the United States. Krauthammer went on to say that Trump’s speech was one of the most anti-Russian speech since Ronald Reagan. Krauthammer went on to sy that Trump savaged Russia for their past actions against the Poles, the 40 years of Soviet occupation and present day. Thus dispelling the notion of Democrats and the LEFT that Trump is in bed with Putin and Russia. The images and words make that almost impossible to believe.

Sorry, the LEFT is going to have a hard time spinning this speech to the common sense people of the United States and the world.

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    One Response to “Charles Krauthammer Says Trump’s Warsaw Speech was his Best and Reaganesque (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on July 7th, 2017 12:09 pm

      Given time we’re going to see amazing results….we’ve got the right man in office. Despite the Democrats and the liberal nonsense, which we can do without, an irresponsible party of people who greatly damaged our country and contribute nothing. With their persist and resist attitude and their hate rhetoric they need to be dissolved. We can’t have those in Congress that will oppose everything no matter what it is that’s proposed for the sake of bitterness. Admitted guilt of defiance. Remove them.

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