Gutfeld From The FIVE Comments on President Donald Trump’s Speech in Poland (VIDEO)



Watch the video below, Greg Gutfeld from The FIVE absolutely nails the analysis on his take of President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland. His take on social progressives is spot on and the notion that the LEFT refuses to listen to the words of Donald Trump that make so much sense, because they cannot get past the fact that Trump is saying them. The LEFT called Trump’s speech an alt-right manifesto. Really? The battle for freedom against whether it be Nazi Germany, communist Russia or radical Islam is alt-right? Oh yeah, and the freedom and God thing just drove the LEFT crazy. And the LEFT wonders why they can’t win elections in the Unite States? Listen to the comments of poor Juan Williams. What a fool he has become.

What a novel concept, read the transcript of the speech without knowing who said it. Instead the Left provided ridiculous and negative comments. Many of whom  probably never even listened to the speech. Or did so with their socialist, uber-lib filters.

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