Fox News Poll: Clinton Leads Donald Trump Shrinks to Only 3 Points



With the presidential election just two weeks away, the latest Fox News poll has Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump at only 3 points. Two weeks ago Trump trailed by 7%, one week ago he trailed by 6% and now The Donald only trails by 3%. Poll trending at the end of an election means every thing. One has to wonder, with all the negative coverage from the MSM toward Donald Trump and their willingness to carry the water for Hillary Clinton, how is it that she is only ahead by 3?

Fox Poll 102516

With less than two weeks to go, the race for the White House has narrowed as Hillary Clinton now has a three-point advantage over Donald Trump.

That’s within the margin of error of the national Fox News Poll of likely voters.

Clinton is ahead of Trump by 44-41 percent.  Another one-in-ten back a third-party candidate and four percent are undecided.  Last week she was up by six points (45-39 percent) and before that by seven (45-38 percent).

The poll, released Wednesday, finds Clinton leads 49-44 percent in the head-to-head matchup.  That 5-point advantage is at the edge of the error margin.  She was up 7 a week ago (49-42 percent).

Trump is helped by increased backing among independents and greater strength of support: 68 percent of those backing Trump support him “strongly,” compared to 61 percent for Clinton.

What is up with the national polls that were recently released and how could there be that much of a difference in the polling? We will know for sure come the day after the election, which ones got it right and which ones blew it. The polls were anywhere between Clinton +1 and Clinton +14. With such polls that are obviously false, one cannot even take the RCP average as a correct barometer at Clinton +5.4%. Personally, I would throw out the AP, ABC tracking and USA Today, there is no way any candidate would win by such absurd amounts. Those polls are meant to discourage voter turnout for Trump and the MSM playing games. At this point with Trump gaining on Hillary, in part because of the devastating Obamacare premium truth, Hillary is ahead by 2-3.5%.

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    2 Responses to “Fox News Poll: Clinton Leads Donald Trump Shrinks to Only 3 Points”

    1. kashekamon on October 27th, 2016 12:51 pm

      A vote for Hillary is a vote for hell and damnation!

      People need to show the value and the importance of their vote. Don’t castaway your country and give away the leadership to a criminal, a crook , a liar, a supporter of illegal immigration, an enemy against the Constitution, flood our land with undocumented refugees and give free passage to terrorists. Why do you want even more harm to come to the United States with Hillary who will enforce and follow the same policies as obama?

      Hillary will destroy the United States…..her only goals are money, power and herself. Our existence, our safety, our salvation are not on her list.

      Hillary is not your friend!!

    2. kashekamon on October 27th, 2016 1:22 pm

      How do you justify a vote for Hillary to yourself or to your children with good conscience and all honesty….how do you justify a vote for Hillary bringing with her an impeached ex-president guilty of perjury who will continue to bring his mistresses to the White House and Hillary will move her girlfriend Huma in to take up residency.

      America is better than this….we don’t deserve the scandalous outcome of the Clinton’s!!!!

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