Fox News Poll: Donald Trump Tops Hillary Clinton, 45% to 42%, 10 Point Swing in One Month!!!



In the most recent FOX News poll, in a hypothetical match up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Trumpster leads the truth-challenged Hillary Clinton 45% to 42%. The hypothetical match-up is all but a forgone conclusion, unless Hillary Clinton is indicted. Hard to believe that the Obama administration would do that. What is most remarkable about the poll is that last month, Clinton was up by 48-41 percent. That would be a 10 point swing for the common core educationally challenged.


Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, according to a new Fox News Poll that also finds majorities of voters feel both frontrunners lack strong moral values and will say anything to get elected.

Trump has a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton, if the presidential election were held today.  That’s within the poll’s margin of sampling error.  Last month, Clinton was up by 48-41 percent (April 2016).

Clinton is ahead by 14 points among women (50-36 percent).  Yet Trump leads by a larger 22 points among men (55-33 percent).

He also tops Clinton by 37 points (61-24 percent) among whites without a college degree (working-class whites).

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    2 Responses to “Fox News Poll: Donald Trump Tops Hillary Clinton, 45% to 42%, 10 Point Swing in One Month!!!”

    1. Ronald J. Ward on May 21st, 2016 2:46 pm

      What’s missing is that Trump is now the last man standing and that Hillary hasn’t won over those Bernie fans, who will ultimately vote for her. Trump is simply picking up those #NeverTrump Cruz folks who now have no place to go.
      SM: I would agree with you RJW because in the end, Hillary is a disaster.

      The unreported story of the liberal MSM, imagine that, is the fact that it is the Democrat party that is in the midst of a civil war. IMPO, if Sanders had attacked Hillary on her emails and you could not be trusted, he would have won the nomination. It is surprising that Hillary cannot win the party nomination without super delegates. She is a pathetic candidate. Hard to imagine that the Dems could not find anyone better in an open election.


    2. Conservatives are clowns and pseudo-Christians! on May 21st, 2016 6:55 pm

      ROFL, there is an oligarchy ruling the US, I am sure Trump is not running without knowing that if he wins, he has no choice but to be an obedient pet of the oligarchs , of course Trump only wants the title of president and his name in history books but that’s all, he will obey his masters . Kind of strange, now he is trashing Bill Cliton, but in the past he defend Bill!
      SM: Hey Piglet, don’t change your name to post a comment. We know who you are ;)

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