Al Sharpton Makes Matters Worse in Ferguson, MO … Calls Shooting a “Defining Moment” and then Incites the Crowd Against the Police



Peaceful protest? Can it really be called a peaceful protest when its intent is to fire up the division between blacks and the police? Al Sharpton spoke during a rally at Greater Grace Church, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, and did what Sharton does best … fan the flames of racism and division. Sharpton said that the police chief had the audacity to release a tape trying to disparage Michael Brown’s name by releasing a tape of Brown robbing a convenience store earlier the same say he was shot and killed by police officer, Darren Wilson. Some how it is okay to paint police officer Wilson and the entire Ferguson police as racists, but to put forth a video of the so-called “Gentle Giant” strong-armed robbing a store is evil. In Al’s world, race-baiting good, facts bad.

Sad, this is hardly the way to calm Ferguson.

Rev. Al Sharpton, left, speaks with parents of Michael Brown, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, right, during a rally at Greater Grace Church, Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, for their son who was killed by police last Saturday in Ferguson, Mo. Sharpton told the rally Brown’s death was a “defining moment for this country.”


The situation in Ferguson, Missouri escalated Sunday night as police moved in on protesters hours before a state-imposed curfew was set to go into effect.

Police fired tear gas at protesters as some ran through the streets with their hands up, CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported.

Video has also surfaced of protesters throwing items at police, Schneider reported.

The chaos comes on the same day Rev. Al Sharpton lead a peaceful rally in the town.

Addressing a congregation in Ferguson on Sunday, Rev. Sharpton blasted the release by police of a video purportedly showing Michael Brown robbing a store shortly before the unarmed man was shot and killed by a police officer.

The remarks came one day after another standoff between police and protesters.

Here is the VIDEO of suspect Michael Brown strong-arm robbing a convenience store in Ferguson, MO of cigars that Sharpton was complaining about. Disparage Michael Brown’s name? It would appear that Brown is doing a good job of that himself. Who just walks into a store and out with anything they damn well please without paying? Of course this does not mean that it is a justification for police to shoot Brown, but it does give some factual perspective as to what Brown was all about.

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    10 Responses to “Al Sharpton Makes Matters Worse in Ferguson, MO … Calls Shooting a “Defining Moment” and then Incites the Crowd Against the Police”

    1. rightknight on August 18th, 2014 2:08 pm

      Sharpton really whips up a crowd. He is certainly
      useful for something, I just haven’t found the ‘use’
      for Al altho he is ‘full’ of something for certain.

    2. kashakemon on August 18th, 2014 10:56 pm

      Sharpton doesn’t show up to help matters, he knows his appearance only incites more trouble. This does not apply to all, but maybe that’s why we had slavery….You don’t belong in a free society when you kill your own everyday in your neighbors, murder others, loot, steal, commit violent crimes, disrespect the law, verbally and physically, destroy and burn buildings, destroy merchants businesses, and then find any excuse you can to act like the animals you are. You should be restrained and controlled.

      There should be a law in effect by obama that prohibits protesting until a given proven fact is presented in these situations. And enforce it!!!!

      You need parenting in your home, you need to allow your schools to discipline your children, instead of trying to file a law suit, how come other families from different countries can come and live here abide by the best interest of our country and succeed successfully.

      And then to top it all off obama said travyon martin could of been his son….all I can say to that is that I’m glad, among others, that obama didn’t have any sons!!!!

    3. kashakemon on August 18th, 2014 11:08 pm

      obama was asked if he was going to visit Ferguson, he never answered the question, actually the secret service, which costs us monumental dollars , wouldn’t allow him to do that. He will mouth off knowing he doesn’t have to face the situation. That’s your barry soetoro!111

    4. rightknight on August 18th, 2014 11:11 pm

      Obama is diverting quite a bit of the time we pay
      him to work on our International Policy to little
      things like individual criminal events that suit
      the Regime’s Agenda of fomenting discord and
      divisiveness. Along with the other ‘race baiter
      industry’ leaders such as Jackson and Sharpton,
      Barry is concentrating the world’s focus and
      attention towards racial anomalies that can
      be exploited to divert attention from all his
      scandals and failed International policies.

    5. A Texas Grandfather on August 19th, 2014 8:22 am

      Every time one of the black thugs are killed by police or someone defending their life and property this type of behavior follows.

      This is stupid arrogant behavior for blacks to riot and destroy the area in which they live. It is even worse when the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson show up to incite the emotions of the black community.

      There should be zero tax money spent to rebuild the destruction the riots created. Let them learn the lesson of cheating themselves out of business services by this behavior. What business would want to be in a community that allows looting and destruction of private property?

    6. kashakemon on August 20th, 2014 3:26 am

      obama always diverts his time because he is so incompetent on issues of great importance. He only uses his time and power towards matters that reflect destruction of our country. Such as releasing the worlds worst terrorists and endangering many countries. Putting us all in harm’s way. And did it SECRETLY. So much for our transparent lying President. He sucks!!!!

      How do we recover from such a massive mess????

      A community organizer, who left things worse off than he found them.

      Now, placed restrictions on the National Guard to only fire rubber bullets while real bullets are being fired upon them. obama’s a wimp!!!! The savages are playing for real and we’re playing with toys.

      I’m surprised obama(barry)didn’t say something stupid again, like Brown could of been my son.

      Well, whatever officer Darren says happened about the incident I would hold as to being the truth.

    7. PaMom on August 20th, 2014 8:00 am

      Al Sharpton is in the big business of fueling prejudice and hate. This is where he earns his big money. When he is called into a community, it is to divide and destroy. He proves his position with big protects and big media coverage. He comes complete with violent protestors from New York and California. We hear all about it on the Headlines. The thing is that only a small fraction of what we hear and read is true. To all those who posted here Al Sharpton and those likeminded individuals want us to believe that the black community hates white community and doesn’t want true justice. This is an out and out lie. The black people that I know are Americans just like you and me. They think and have common sense just like you and me. It’s time for the reasonable thinking Americans to heal from the injustice that is brought upon us by being mislead by the media and big profit promoters of hate. We need to listen to the black community and come up with solutions with them to help solve the problems of their youth. They need jobs, guidance and acceptance like everyone else. Where the media is concerned we should believe none of what we hear and half of what we see. It’s time for true dialogue.

    8. PaMom on August 20th, 2014 8:00 am

      In line 3 I meant to say, protests.

    9. Dee on August 23rd, 2014 6:13 pm

      Michael Brown disparaged his own name – all videos are providing that proof, al not to sharp ton! Time to assimilate the truth and stop your race baiting!
      the knee jerk reaction of the thugs is losing steam as the truth has come out about the 6 ft 4 in, 290 lb, angry black man who is a cop hating (listen to his “rapping” if you can stand to), pot head, immoral, dirty rapping , bully and thief (we have proof), who was beating the policeman. His cohort is a liar and a punk.

      The light of the truth is revealing that the rioters are also thieves with a shameless heart, were just looking for a chance to rob, pillage,incite and burn. Irreverent al not to sharp ton, reminds me a little of the Red Cross, but instead of helping during a disaster, he brings his group of people in to make things worse for everyone. We all need to encourage al not to sharp ton to give up his race baiting career. He and the adulterous irreverent Jackson are an embarrassment to the entire human race! Whatever happened to this? Looter WILL Be Shot On Sight?

    10. PabloDurissimo on August 23rd, 2014 9:05 pm

      If it is true that racial agitator extraordinaire, sharpton is the White House’s go-to guy on racial matters, we, as a nation, are in trouble!!

      Inflammatory comments by the Attorney General (!!) of the US in reference to his negative experiences with the police, etc. were totally inappropriate and inexcusable. Many people – risking their lives on a daily basis – think he should apologize…

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