Bill O’Reilly Blasts the MSM Coverage of Ferguson, MO News Coverage of the Michael Brown Shooting (VIDEO) … Calls Out Looting Thugs, Charlatan Al Sharpton and Liberal Media



Bill O’Reilly returned from vacation to put forth the below ‘Talking Point Memo,’  maybe one of his best in a long, long time. O’Reilly discussed the situation in Ferguson, Missouri since the death of Michael Brown on August 9 and blasted the liberal MSM for their bias reporting and ripped the likes of Al Sharpton, calling him a charlatan.

Al Sharpton has the nerve to insult the American police community, men and women risking their lives to protect us. This charlatan has the gall to do that and NBC News is paying him. My god! Why is that acceptable?”


Something Al Sharpton will never give him because Sharpton only cares about his own self-aggrandizement and if he has to stoke racial hatred to get that, that’s what Sharpton will do. I know this man. His record defines him. Yet, he has succeeded in bringing his brand of racial grievance to the White House.

[T]o the race hustlers, Officer Wilson is already guilty. They have convicted him. There slogan is no justice, no peace. I guess that’s lynch mob justice because if those people will never accept anything other than a conviction of murder in this case. They don’t really care what happened. They want Officer Wilson punished and he should be punished if he murdered Michael Brown.

Many of the others are trouble makers who just streamed into town, but the liberal media will never report that. Nor will they report the true picture of criminal justice in the U.S.A.

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    6 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Blasts the MSM Coverage of Ferguson, MO News Coverage of the Michael Brown Shooting (VIDEO) … Calls Out Looting Thugs, Charlatan Al Sharpton and Liberal Media”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on August 21st, 2014 4:42 pm

      Bill has a very good vision of right and wrong and often expresses it well in the opening memo. He has softened his stance in recent years, but this time he let the black race baiters have it with both barrels.

    2. kashakemon on August 21st, 2014 7:20 pm

      The black race baiters and haters needed it with both barrels.

      Black witnesses are lying. They said Brown was shot in the back, no he wasn’t, they said he surrendered, no he didn’t, he was charging the officer, fists in the air.

      Browns family said it was a brutal execution and do not see their son as accountable for his actions. So where was the parenting guidance from this family. Look what you’ve raised.

      Protestors saying they need to kill a cop, want the police chief fired, guilty of looting, rioting, violence, robbing of local merchants who are black and white, setting the gas station on fire, ripping atm machinese out of the walls and stealing the money, writing graffiti on buildings saying they going to burn the city down.

      obama needs to stop the protesting in this town, it’s only making matters worse, you can protest but in a peaceful and civil way, obviously this isn’t happening. I guess he’s way too busy at Martha’s Vineyards playing golf and all to be bothered.

      Officer Darren could have permanent eye damage, maybe blindness or double vision for the rest of his life. I’ll pray for this family.

    3. kashakemon on August 22nd, 2014 1:44 am

      So now we have four well known racists, obama, jackson, sharpton and holder. holder is out for the kill with his civil rights movement. Again, this is not a racial issue, by any means, but holder will try to make it one. The federal government can help but should not interfere with state and local governments. holders interest in this this case is not a help for justice. I would not trust holder to be involved. We already know what he is out to do. He didn’t want the video of Brown released. Why not, so he could hide the truth and the evidence of what had taken place. Darren was summoned by the call to 911 for help. There is no justification for any of brown’s actions. Walking down the middle of the street, blocking traffic and showing off his stolen goods shows his arrogance and disrespect for the law.

    4. A Texas Grandfather on August 22nd, 2014 12:49 pm

      A thorough background check of Michael Brown would probably show that he has used his physical size to threaten people that would stop him from stealing and other bad behavior.

      There is a large percentage of black teens who are never properly parented because of the lack of a full family to teach them. The single mom who creates children with the idea in mind to use them for the purposes of obtaining federal and state funds and other welfare benefits is the prime reason we see such behavior. Brown was not living with his mother or father. Instead, he was living with his grandmother.

    5. kashakemon on August 22nd, 2014 6:46 pm

      Leslie Mcfadden says her son was humble. Her son wasn’t humble and unassertive. eric holder probably told her to say that. And she emphasizes the word trust. TRUST….did we trust your son to shop in a convenience store, did we trust your son not to abuse a clerk and slam her into a display after he committed theft, did we trust your son not to attack and beat a police officer, did you trust your son not to cause his own death.

      His father said they taught him to respect the law and police officers. Well then, how do you explain what happened, if you did, obviously he didn’t listen. Your son’s friend was a wanted criminal.

    6. kashakemon on August 23rd, 2014 1:01 am

      If the Brown’s were compassionate they would have inquired about the condition of officer Darren after what their son had done. And not trying to want to immediately arrest and execute him without the facts. These folks see $$$$ signs for the delinquent they raised.

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