If President Barack Obama Has Already Checked Out of his Job … Can we Just Have Him Leave Early?


Does Barack Obama even care anymore?

The Daily Telegraph opines that President Barack Obama has already checked out of his job. Matt K Lewis, a senior contributor at The Daily Caller, writes that “The degree to which Barack Obama is now phoning it in – sleepwalking perfunctorily through his second term, amid golf rounds and dinner parties – is astonishing.” If it was not bad enough during Obama’s first term with his over-usage of greens and fairways as other more important issues were taking place, the One’s second term has been even worse. Rome is burning and Nero Obama is shamefully playing golf and going to fund raisers.If Obama does not care anymore and has checked out, as witnessed by his actions or lack of action … can he just do us all a favor and leave the White House early? I am sure many would not mind, including Democrats.


And based on his recent handling of situations much more serious than a possible post-presidential move to sunny California, it seems as if “No Drama Obama” is no longer even worried about keeping up appearances; he doesn’t care enough to fake it.

Consider this: In recent days, a) Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, apparently by Russian separatists in Ukraine, b) In the Gaza strip, the numbers killed continued to mount as Israelis and Palestinians exchange rocket fire, c) a huge influx of children fleeing Central American poverty and gang warfare swamped America’s southern border, creating a humanitarian crisis. And, oh yeah, d) Christians living in Mosul were given the choice to either convert to Islam or flee the area they have inhabited for nearly two thousand years.

You know what else has happened during this time? a) Obama played many rounds of golf, b) he attended numerous fund-raisers, c) he dined on barbecue in Texas and burgers in Delaware, and d) he almost appeared on the comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night television show in Hollywood.

I say “almost” because the White House finally relented. “We ultimately elected not to have the president do that interview over the course of this trip,” the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, conceded. “And that is at least in part related to the challenges of doing a comedy show in the midst of some of these other more serious matters that the president’s dealing with in the international scene.”

Previously Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted Barack Obama for his apathy on crucial current events and told him, “It’s Time to Get Your ‘Big Boy Pants On’ & Stop Kidding Around.”

Also, Sean Hanity offered up a blistering  monologue telling Barack Obama, ‘It’s Time for a Wake-Up Call’ … “It Is Time for You to Get Engaged.”

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    2 Responses to “If President Barack Obama Has Already Checked Out of his Job … Can we Just Have Him Leave Early?”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 27th, 2014 2:09 pm

      Yes, have him leave early. Send him to where he belongs so he can have 3 hots and a cot.

    2. kashekamon on July 27th, 2014 2:10 pm

      obama should be held responsible and accountable for all the crimes he has committed. Just saying put your Big Boy pants on, or it’s time for a wake up call or he needs to be engaged. Forget it, it’s a little too late for that, the damage has been done. He’s not going to do any of those things, his target and his goal is to continue to destroy our country. He will never leave the office voluntarily, his agenda isn’t complete until he puts us in a position of beyond repair. While the GOP is on the hot trail of pursuing lawsuits they need to sock it to him.

      He’s also played the minority black race card….forget that too….he’s only 6.25% black. He’s 50% white and the remainder is Arab!!!!

      I think his name is still barry soetoro and he was born in Kenya….so says his grandmother who was at the hospital when he was born, also says his half brothers.

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