Obama White House Going to Pot … Snoop Dogg Says He Got High in the Bathroom of the White House


And the powers that be think its okay to legalize pot …

On Snoop Dog’s Internet show titled “Double G News Network,” guest Jimmy Kimmel asked Snoop if he had lit up a joint at the White House. Snoop Dog says, while toking on a joint, that he smoked pot in the bathroom at the White House. UNREAL.

To here Snoop Dogg tell it, the White House has gone to pot. At least once when he was there.

While on his internet talk show “Double G News Network” with Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop told about the time he got high at the White House.

Kimmel: “Have you ever smoked at the White House?”

Snoop: “In the bathroom. Not in the White House, but in the bathroom.”

We’re pretty sure that qualifies as being in the White House.

VIDEO – Warning Adult language

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    One Response to “Obama White House Going to Pot … Snoop Dogg Says He Got High in the Bathroom of the White House”

    1. BabyBear on July 24th, 2014 6:22 pm

      Not necessarily. It could be that the Obamas have installed outhouses, so technically he might not have been smoking in the White House per se.

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