Senate Democrats Votes to Keep White House Tours Closed to “We the People”


Democrats, Lost in Smallness …

Via the Washington Times, Democrat controlled Senate votes to keep the White House tours closed. So much for the White House being the “People’s” House. It must just be for the Democrat privileged elites and lobbyists. And of course the special, beautiful people who will attend Michelle Obama’s birthday. Because why should we let the St. Paul’s 6th graders from Waverly, Iowa tour the White House. How petty is this president and Democrats to try and score political points at the expense of children and “We the People”. The smallness of Barack Obama is without bounds.

Senators voted Wednesday to make the first significant changes to the budget sequesters, shifting money to keep slaughterhouse inspectors on the job full time but refusing to rearrange money to reopen the White House for public tours.

The votes came as the Senate debated and passed a bill to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year — sending it back to the House for final expected approval later this week and averting a government shutdown.

In the end, it’s never about “We the People”.

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    2 Responses to “Senate Democrats Votes to Keep White House Tours Closed to “We the People””

    1. Swan on March 22nd, 2013 5:05 pm

      Senate Democrats do not own the White House and never will. This is a very educational trip, especially for students. Their turning the White House into a Mad House with their deliberate, we will punish you and take away any pleasure. Remove Obama’s vacations and there will be an abundance of money for the tours. Take away Michelle’s extravagant spending and still more money to be used for We The People. Cancel his birthday bash and then we have even more money and Michelle may not take an expensive vacation so she doesn’t have to be there!!!!!!!!

    2. dennisintn on March 23rd, 2013 2:49 pm

      our illustrious v.p. just spent over $400,000.00
      on a one night stay in paris. his stay in london was even more expensive. this is an article quoted by fox news yesterday. they’ve lost all sense of right and wrong.

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