Good Grief, Intollerant LEFT at it Again … Say Obama Outhouse Float at 4th of July Parade Was ‘Racist’



Angry Democrats cry racism to a float in a 4th of July parade in Norfolk, NE depicting Barack Obama standing next to an outhouse labeled, “Presidential Library”. Um, how exactly is this racist? But that does not stop the Democrat lunatic fringe is at it again calling anything that may mock President Barack Obama as racist.  Norfolk City Councilman Dick Pfeil told the World-Herald that the city “doesn’t condone” the float, but it just shows how out of touch this politician is,  one of the parade’s organizers, Rick Konopasek said the outhouse was the most popular float in the parade, and that it earned an “honorable mention” from three judges. Actually, according to the Journal Star, the float got the greatest amount of cheers.

But this is how the LEFT tries to squelch free speech … cry racism. Sorry, this is getting really tired and old. Oh what a shock, people are offended at Obama being mocked. Where were they during the GWB presidency? The outhouse could easily say America, instead of Obama presidential library, as this president has done everything possible to put us in the crapper.


Pic – Journal Star – clixk on pic for VIDEO

Pic can be seen HERE.

A Fourth of July parade float in Nebraska that showed a dummy standing outside an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” is drawing cries of racism from local residents and the Nebraska Democratic Party.

The float, in the annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Neb., was affixed to trailer being towed behind a blue pickup truck. The dummy was clad in overalls, standing by a walker next to the outhouse.

The pickup truck and the float did not identify a sponsor, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

In a statement, the Nebraska Democratic Party called the float one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen,” according to the World-Herald.

The Nebraska Democratic Party called the float one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.” Really, just curious, how is a float of a president standing next to an outhouse labeled “Presidential Library” racists? Seriously, someone enlighten me. Personally, I am sick of every criticism of the “worst president since WWII” being called racist.

Sorry, but I find this humorous and it is nothing more than political humor. No different than the LEFT ridiculing former Republic President George W. Bush with his presidential library when they stated, why would he need a library, he can’t read. That was kinda funny. Bush even embraced his vocal gaffes by claiming that “English was his second language”.  But of course the same people crying foul over anything mocking Obama were laughing gleefully at any form of ridicule of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and any conservative for that fact. What is actually racist is when any conservative who happens to be black is called an Uncle Tom. Racism is when you say about South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy.” Or when a Democrat Congressman blasts Tim Scott for not voting according to the color of his skin … THAT IS RACIST!

“A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” Rev. William Barber II said of South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, according to South Carolina’s The State. “[T]he extreme right wing down here (in South Carolina) finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.”


From the Political CarnivalIf George W. Bush’s name was replaced with Barack Obama, would that be deemed racist?

Hmm, what did the Democrats have to say about the following hate toward GWB? I believe this was a tad bit worse than an outhouse and Obama. But just another example of liberal intolerance and double standard.

Because the criticism of the G.W. Bush presidential library HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE is called political humor and not racism. Go figure. But when anything criticizes Obama, it’s racism.

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    8 Responses to “Good Grief, Intollerant LEFT at it Again … Say Obama Outhouse Float at 4th of July Parade Was ‘Racist’”

    1. Buster on July 7th, 2014 12:55 pm

      That is what happens when you loose the respect of “We the People”

    2. kashekamon on July 7th, 2014 2:16 pm

      That float is absolutely hilarious!!!! Oh, how funny. Couldn’t of expressed it any better.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 7th, 2014 4:58 pm

      It is time to make fun of all the left wingers when they use the word “racist” to attempt the suppression of speech or any other activity.

      Just tell them that we understand their vocabulary is limited. Everything and nothing is “racist”.

    4. kashekamon on July 8th, 2014 12:17 am

      Political comedy!!!! Got it? There is not one single thing in that picture that is racist.

      But if you want to bring up the issue….obama is a racist and that has been proven more than once. So shut up….playing your race is dead and gone.

      Teaching your 9 year old daughter that it was racist was very wrong of you to do Ms. black woman. So where is your racist issue, obama is more white than he is black. You just injected racism into your child’s mind when it wasn’t even there. Not a racist float at all. You offended Freedom of Speech….how much did they pay you for the interview????

      Sometimes you have to find a sense of humor even in the worst of all situations and obama has certainly put us in the worst of All situations. Maybe you shouldn’t attend any more parades.

    5. PaMom on July 8th, 2014 7:05 am

      The new meaning of the word Racist is someone/anyone that enters a race against, says or demonstrates an opinion that does not agree with the politically elite Democrat in the United States. Yadayadayada!

    6. super dave on July 8th, 2014 9:09 am

      the word racist or racism is nothing more than a tool for the democrat klan to use to justify bad behaviour by themselves and their voters.
      I have yet to see the NFL ban the word cracker or white boy, honky , and peckerwood. I’m sure obama and his wife have and still use the n word when needed. just as a token of their affection for each other.

    7. rightknight on July 8th, 2014 5:11 pm

      Our mixed race ‘president’ is so full of lies and
      things unmentionable that placing an outhouse
      so close to his ‘statuesque image’ seems very kind
      and appropriate indeed. Most of Obama’s policies
      and executive orders are more suited for the
      ‘honey bucket’ than for our American Society.

    8. super dave on July 9th, 2014 8:30 am

      i don’t think obama is mixed race. i am hesitant to think that his “mother” was his real mother and due to all the secrecy surrounding his schooling and residency, i tend to believe that he is a plant and the supposed mother was aiding him to illegally stay in our country. rumors are that Frank Marshall is his real father.

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