An Upside Down Obama World … GITMO Prisoners Most Pampered Ever, Reordered Gym Equipment Made by Muslims & Prison Officials Stopped Raising American Flags Anywhere a Terrorist Could see Them uld see it.



It is bad enough that we learned that Muslim terrorist detainees were provided a $750,000 soccer field, because that is money well spent.  Now we learn from The New York Post, that during a time when our government is supposed to be cutting back on costs, there is more wasteful spending at GITMO.  Because the overly pampered prisoners were provided an abundance of  Islamically correct food, GITMO has to order treadmills and other gym equipment because to help the jihadists lose weight. One problem, the prisoners refused to use the equipment because it was made in America by infidels. They actually reordered gym equipment made by Muslims. WTF!!! It gets worse, if possible. The Islamic terrorist detainees even persuaded prison officials to stop raising the American flag anywhere they could see it. UNREAL!!! Does some one need to remind the Obama administration that these people are being held in GITMO because they want to kill us?


But just a few years ago, detainees got so plump from overeating hummus and other dishes from the camp’s Islamically correct menu that commanders specially ordered treadmills to help them lose weight.

Then they ordered them again — because they weren’t made by Muslims.

“Even the hunger strikers were gaining weight because of all the food, so we go out and buy all this exercise equipment and throw it in the rec yard,” a Gitmo official said of a 2007 requisition. “Within the first week, there were guys saying, ‘Hey, this stuff is made in the US — made by infidels — and we’re not going to use it.’

“So what did we do?” added the official, who requested anonymity. “We took all of that s–t out, gave it to the soldiers to use, and bought them equipment that was made in a Muslim part of the world.”

The Pentagon declined to comment.

We need to look no further than GITMO to see just how ridiculous of a PC and wasteful a country we have become. As Weasel Zippers reminds us, “meanwhile our soldiers in Afghanistan are having their hot meals cut back“.

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    2 Responses to “An Upside Down Obama World … GITMO Prisoners Most Pampered Ever, Reordered Gym Equipment Made by Muslims & Prison Officials Stopped Raising American Flags Anywhere a Terrorist Could see Them uld see it.”

    1. Tamikosmom on July 1st, 2013 3:13 pm

      Ongoing Islamic appeasement?

      School Recites Pledge in Arabic, One Nation Under Allah?
      Jan 30, 2013

      Theodore Roosevelt – 1907
      “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith
      become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an
      exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate
      against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin. But this is
      predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and
      separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an
      American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

    2. Rightknight on July 1st, 2013 3:46 pm

      The Obama group is pampering those killers. Our military,
      left to their own devices, would not coddle these fanatics.
      Also, our military would not permit the enemy to be supplied
      with arms by our ‘president’. The Muslim Brotherhood is
      certainly our enemy.

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