Obama White House Scolds His Lapdog Media For Failing to Cover Pain Caused by Sequestration


Obama’s doom and gloom, Chicken Little, the sky is falling sequestration rants are coming home to roost …

The Daily Caller reports that the Obama regime scolded their “lapdog” media for failing to cover the pain that the White House went out of their way to ensure would happen due to sequestration. How dare the media, who has acted as a propaganda tool for Obama, not also report on the faux pain of sequestration. White House mouth piece Jay the Carney claimed that the WH did not mislead the public on sequestration. Carney became defensive when challenged by the media of what became of past statements from the Obama administration on the horrors that would occur due to sequestration? What else would we expect from this thin skinned, divisive and truth-challenged administration?

White House spokesman Jay Carney lamented during a press conference Tuesday that the media are not covering the sequester’s “impacts on real people.”

“The impacts are real,” Carney insisted during an exchange with Fox News’ Ed Henry, “and they effect real people. And I know that there hasn’t been a lot of coverage of the impacts on real people.”

Henry was pressing Carney on why the Obama administration had originally told reporters that the sequester would pull 5,000 border patrol agents off the border, only to announce Monday that the agency had reconsidered the decision for the short-term.

Obama and his minions just cannot comprehend that the media is not making up stories to fit Obama’s narrative on sequestration. From past actions from the propagandists media, there is a part of me that finds this humorous as well that the MSM has drawn a line in the sand as well.

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    4 Responses to “Obama White House Scolds His Lapdog Media For Failing to Cover Pain Caused by Sequestration”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on April 3rd, 2013 11:17 am

      It looks like the rose bloom has wilted between the lamestream media and Obama.

      The audacity of this administration is beyond compare. They deliberatly chose things to make the people aware of the so called cuts. No cuts were ever implemented. The cuts were in the amount of increase to the various agencies. Total lies by the administration and they should be brought up on charges by the House for possible impeachment.

    2. super dave on April 4th, 2013 2:59 pm

      WHAT PAIN ? some of my family members actually thought there would be no government offices operating the following Monday !!!!
      guess what ? nothing happened !!!! obama actually found, just lying around the house i guess 500 million dollars to send to the Palestinians !!!!
      how many of you in this country could have used just a small percentage of 500 million ? i would love to experience a 1.5 million dollar vacation or, a half million dollar motel room. face it folks, the democrats have sold our country to the liberals and the terrorists and will attempt to remain in power for years to come by giving 40 million illegals amnesty and you will also be paying for their obamacare.

    3. alboy5 on April 7th, 2013 4:33 pm

      Obla bla deliberately chose to kill people through sequestration. That is a crime Obla bla should be sent back to Kenya immediately.

    4. alboy5 on April 7th, 2013 4:39 pm

      Why does Kenya get foreign aid. Isn’t it obvious?
      Obla bla is a born Kenyan. Kenya has so much foreign aid from the U.S. it cant keep track of it, and is trying to figure out how to spend it.

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