President Barack Obama Upset with Bi-Partisan Vote to Fix Flight Delays Caused by Sequestration … Calls it “Irresponsible Way to Govern”


It is safe to say that Barack Obama’s sequestration, attempt to back the GOP in a corner and cave to his tax hike demands and blame Republicans for sequestration has been a total failure. So much so that Obama is seen as miffed that Congress acted in a bi-partisan manner.

Finally there has been bi-partisanship in Washington, DC and President Obama is upset about it.  202 Republicans and 159 Democrats voted for the plan to prevent flight delays at US airports across the country so not to cause an undo burden on the American people. However, Obama is none too please as obvious he was willing to cause more pain and suffering on ‘We the People” as opposed to a right thinking and common sense approach by an overwhelming majority of both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate. But as Bill Shuster (R-PA), the Republican chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee,  stated the Obama administration purposely  wanted to inflict pain on the public through flight delays. It is safe to say that Obama does not want to govern this country, he wants to cause constant dissention, division and agitation. That is what this president is about, to create constant bickering among the people and even gets upset when both the Democrats and republicans come together to pass a fix to flight delays caused by his sequestration.

Weekly Republican Address 4/27/13: Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA)

“There are some in the Obama administration who thought inflicting pain on the public would give the president more leverage to avoid making necessary spending cuts, and to impose more tax hikes on the American people,” Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) said during the Republican weekly address.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began furloughing employees this week, including air traffic controllers, as a part of automatic budget cuts required by the sequester. The furloughs resulted in long flight delays for passengers across the country.

The White House said the law forced the FAA to furlough the employees, but Shuster argued the administration had more flexibility.

As reports at Yahoo News, Obama stated that he would sign the bill, but it is an “irresponsible way to govern”. No sir, your actions as president have been a prime example of an irresponsible way to govern. In fact, if this president actually acted like a leader and did something that was in the countries best interest, it would be a miracle. TPM says, Dems Cave On FAA Sequestration Cuts, Flight Delays . Why don’t we call it that Democrats did not want to see the public suffer just to make political points? Too bad Barack Obama did not have the same common sense and convictions.

By agreeing to provide special treatment to air travelers, Democrats eliminated a major source of public pressure to address sequestration in its entirety, and created a precedent that sequestration’s consequences ought to be addressed by moving funds around — not by raising the revenue, which is fiercely opposed by Republicans.

The legislation leaves in place sequestration’s domestic spending cuts, which disproportionately impact the poor, and its defense cuts which have significantly reduced government purchases.

In a memo to House Republicans Friday, Majority Leader Eric Cantor basked in victory.

Barack Obama is undoubtedly the worst US president of modern times. This is truly priceless coming from the Obama administration who has pissed away more tax payer dollars on picking winner and losers of “green” energy companies. Actually, they have pretty much only picked losers. As reported at CNN, President Barack Obama and some Capitol Hill Democrats complained that Washington was now unwisely picking winners and losers after congressional inaction on deficit reduction earlier this year triggered $85 billion in government-wide spending cuts.

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    2 Responses to “President Barack Obama Upset with Bi-Partisan Vote to Fix Flight Delays Caused by Sequestration … Calls it “Irresponsible Way to Govern””

    1. Bearlyhere on April 28th, 2013 7:27 am

      That is what Mommies and Daddies all over the country do when their children throw tantrums. He better hope his parents don’t believe in spanking.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on April 29th, 2013 7:42 am

      Governing? This idiot would not qualify to even make that statement. He doesn’t have a clue about the subject.

      All he knows is what someone told him to say.

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