UK Telegraph gets it Right: So Why Does President Obama keeps the MSM at a Distance … Because Playing Golf with Tiger Woods Doesn’t Look Good with 12 Million Americans Unemployed & a $16 Trillion Debt


Why does it take a media outlet outside the United States to get it right when it comes to Barack Obama?

From the UK Telegraph comes the  following explanation as to why President Barack Obama kept the press away while he played golf with Tiger Woods over this past President’s Day weekend. Maybe it is because Barack Obama and his handlers  hardly want the images of a 1% president playing golf and living the life of Riley while 12 million individuals are unemployed, a $16 trillion debt, gas prices at record highs, record number of Americans on food stamps and a jobs market that continues to flounder. All this while President Emperor Obama golfs plays the fiddle. The Politico reports that W.H. press corps expressed ’Extreme frustration’ over ‘having absolutely no access’ to Obama. However, one would ask of the W.H. press corps that when you do have access, why don’t you actually ask tough questions and hold this president and his failed polices to the fire rather than the softball questions and acting as his propaganda machine?

Shhh, don’t tell anyone that I am really more of an elitist 1% than Mitt Romney ever was …

Isn’t it amazing that the only time that Barack Obama took time off from golfing was to run for reelection. Says a lot about the individual on this President’s Day, doesn’t it? Where are the MSM outlets reporting that story? It is quite amazing that Obama does nothing but divide Americans with class warfare is actually part of the very people he wants those who vote for him to hate.

Barack Obama has kept the press well away this President’s Day (Washington’s Birthday) weekend (hat tip: Drudge Report) as he golfs with Tiger Woods in Florida. As Politico’s Dylan Byers writes:

Ed Henry, the Fox News correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents Association, released a statement Sunday evening in which he said the press corps had been given no access to the president, who was joined on his outing by star golfer Tiger Woods, and that the WHCA would fight for greater transparency in the days ahead.

“Speaking on behalf of the White House Correspondents Association, I can say a broad cross section of our members from print, radio, online and TV have today expressed extreme frustration to me about having absolutely no access to the President of the United States this entire weekend,” Henry said in a statement, relayed in a White House pool report. “There is a very simple but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead: transparency.”

EXIT QUESTION: For the 99%, how many of you would be going mental if Mitt Romney had been taking yet another vacation on the tax payers dime with all of the dismal economic conditions presently going on in America? How come you do not hold Obama’s feet to the fire? You have a 1% president in office and you are too embarrassed and hypocritical to admit it.

This wasn’t the first time Woods and Obama golfed. Remember this classic ‘Golf Digest’ cover “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Eman”.

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    9 Responses to “UK Telegraph gets it Right: So Why Does President Obama keeps the MSM at a Distance … Because Playing Golf with Tiger Woods Doesn’t Look Good with 12 Million Americans Unemployed & a $16 Trillion Debt”

    1. paula on February 18th, 2013 12:23 pm

      What’s it gonna take for America to wake up.

    2. Johan on February 18th, 2013 12:44 pm

      So the President shouldn’t play golf because 12 Million are Americans Unemployed & a $16 Trillion Debt.
      What tosh……..
      Let the man have a hobby

    3. rightknight on February 18th, 2013 2:32 pm

      El Presidente is constantly working on his golf
      game to the exclusion of his president job. It
      would be so nice to see him quit what he is failing
      at and switch to professional golf. It would solve
      many of our problems for sure.

    4. Lightwave on February 18th, 2013 6:09 pm

      Well gosh, let’s see. The one percent mark in 2011 was about $375,000 in income. Obamee’s tax return showed more than twice that.

      Here’s the funny thing: To be among the world’s richest 1%, you need a household income of $34,000 per person or higher. Sounds like just about every liberal co-habitating Starbucks-chugging Whole Foods-shopping Occupy Wall Street couple I’ve seen screaming that the 99% are getting shafted.

      Do they know they are the 1%? Half of the world’s one percent are Americans.

      But they (and Obamee) will tell you America’s a terrible bully of a country.

      Guess what sweethearts, you’re part of the problem. You’re richer than 99% of EARTH. Because YOU LIVE IN AMERICA.

      Apparently, that needs to be redistributed.

    5. Stormy223 on February 19th, 2013 6:14 am

      President Obama is giving up his positive, glowing press coverage for Lent. He is sacrificing this opportunity to blame the Republicans for the continuing economic situation.

      I feel sorry for Obama, all he gets out of this deal is a golf game.

    6. NGBoston on February 19th, 2013 6:33 am

      #4…. Spot on with that post.

      Ok- how about Barack wanted the WH press corps to keep the outing with Tiger Woods on the down low bc of El Tigre’s past “soiled” reputation and all the hoopla.

      LMAO at the uber Lib bleeding heart lefties all still whining about Dubya at Camp David, his Fathers at Kennebunkport or time spent on a ranch in Texas.

      America! We get the concept that even our Commanders in Chief need down time! Question much, with who and what are they doing when the rest of us either can’t find a decent paying job, get screwed on the rising costs of health care, pay 4.00 gallon at the pump, and whose prime real estate still isn’t worth what it used to be eight years ago and I am specifically thanking Effin Barney Frank and Dodd for that one!,,,,

      Lol. Tiger Woods….nice role model for Your beautiful and lovely Daughters Mr.President. Btw, I am being genuine about the First Daughters…. Love those Girls even though I didn’t vote for their Daddy.

      New Girl. bosto

    7. Rusty Bridges on February 19th, 2013 8:10 am

      Lets not read more into this than needs be. For starters, he doesn’t give a rats azz what we think about him goofing off when he should get his job done. Next, he is doing a great job at achieving HIS goals.

      The only issue here is that he doesn’t want photographic record of how bad he sucks at golf especially next to Tiger Woods.
      SM: But Rusty, they said he shot in the 80′s. LOL!!!
      More like the 180′s.

    8. Rusty Bridges on February 19th, 2013 8:13 am

      Paula, when you said “What’s it gonna take for America to wake up.” just look at post number 2 and sadly realize that it ain’t never going to happen.

      Stupidity has reached critical mass.

    9. just bob on February 19th, 2013 8:47 pm

      Perhaps they aer on the down low.

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