Steve Williams, Tiger Woods Former Caddie Says He “Lost Respect” for Golfer After Sex Scandal Surfaced


Talk about left holding the bag … Tiger Woods parts with long time  caddie Steve Williams.  Like that is going to make Tiger a better golfer.

Days after Steve Williams is given the shocking news that he will no longer be carrying the bag for Tiger Woods, but instead is left holding the bag, the former caddie speaks out against Tiger … he lost respect for Woods when details of Tiger Woods adultery and multiple sex scandals emerged that ultimately lead to his divorce.

Tiger Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams said Thursday that he lost respect for his partner of 12 years when details of the golf superstar’s repeat adultery emerged.

The New Zealander, 47, made no public judgement as he stood by the 14-time major champion when he apologized for his widespread infidelities 18 months ago.

But a day after Woods made the surprise announcement that he had parted ways with Williams, the bagman admitted that he, too, saw golf’s phenomenon in a dimmer light.

One has to wonder why Williams is shocked that Tiger would make such a decision and thumb his nose or tail at his caddie’s loyal service. Come on dude, look what Tiger did to his wife with his multiple sex scandals. if he does that to his wife, the caddie would be quite expendable.

Williams was unhappy to have been dropped by Woods and felt the decision was scant reward for his loyal service.

“I’ve stuck by him through and through,” Williams told 3 News. “Now he decides things aren’t going well for him, and I’m down the road, so the timing’s very disappointing.”

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    8 Responses to “Steve Williams, Tiger Woods Former Caddie Says He “Lost Respect” for Golfer After Sex Scandal Surfaced”

    1. moi on July 22nd, 2011 7:11 am

      Read on TBO online that Tiger actually called Williams “disloyal”. Wow. Can you believe it? (I can.) Tiger has no clue what loyalty is. His career is over. Maybe he can get into the porn industry? I mean, he’s already got plenty of insiders that can vouch for his “talents” who are firmly in that line of business and can help him worm his way in ;)

    2. Scott on July 22nd, 2011 11:53 am

      moi…you’re an ^%^*& of the grandest proportions.

      You wanna bet his golf career is OVER?

      Do you know anything about golf; anything at all or are you one of these people who only watched golf when Tiger was on?

      It’s amazing that people including you know that Tiger has no clue what loyalty is….

      I’m not at all saying that what he did to his wife was right; it wasn’t. He’s a scumbag for that…BUT his wife’s moved on…he’s moved on…why can’t little twits like you move on and let the man live his life? He committed NO crime. He’s not Big Ben where two women have said he forced himself upon them. He’s not OJ….I can go on.

      If you knew anything about golf; switching caddies is part of the business. Golfers always switch caddies PERIOD. I will take the word of Andy North and Curtis Strange on this subject; that it’s really not a big deal. The media is making it a big deal like always because Tiger & Golf equal RATINGS.

      Do you care to put your money where your big mouth is? Do you want to bet that Tiger will indeed beat Jack’s record of 18 majors? Come on be a man and take the bet if you are so sure he won’t. I’m 100% confident he beats Jack’s record and comes back to dominate the tour again.

      A 42 year old just won the British Open; Tom Watson at 58 almost won a major two years ago. There has NEVER been a talent or a guy who dominated golf the way Tiger did and will EVER.

      Golfers hit shots, caddies don’t.

    3. southernsue on July 22nd, 2011 1:49 pm

      what a disappointment tiger woods turned out to be. i really liked him and got excited every time he would win a golf game. his father and mother always comes to mind when i think of the disappointment that his family has for him. i think his dad passed before any of tiger’s infidelities came out.

      he had everything going for him and just blew it for sex. why did he even get married? so sad and a waste.

      don’t even like watching him now, so i don’t.

    4. NGBoston on July 22nd, 2011 3:28 pm

      YAH THINK?????

    5. moi on July 22nd, 2011 5:54 pm

      Hello Scott! You know, it takes one to know one.

    6. Greg the Mongoose on July 22nd, 2011 6:49 pm

      The PIMP lost his meal ticket. Instead of protecting Tiger. He helped feed him to the herd of elephants.

    7. moi on July 24th, 2011 6:39 am

      Oh, and Scott, I’m a woman.

    8. NGBoston on July 25th, 2011 9:34 am

      Scott, respectfully—-I can agree that if Tiger can ever get his act back together, he may again be prone to winning. Nothing can take away what he contributed to the Sport…but also nothing can take away the stain he has left with his behavior.

      While I realize you do not condone it…it still remains a fact that Mr. Woods moral character is truly flawed. Something tells me that his ego has allowed him to forgive himself, while his public persona may not ever truly rebound from the effect. Not that I give a crap about the game of Golf anyway- but I lose all respect from anyone like Woods—who had everything and lived a huge lie.

      When you hurt and affect so many people around you for something as simple as your own sexual needs or gratification- seriously…you have issues!

      He could have gotten a divorce and then lived his life–all the pay offs0…the sexting…the huge embarrassment and pain he brought on the innocent—this is the price one pays for greed and self infatuation.

      As for his caddie—as Grey points out—he pimped off of Woods long enough in his heydey—it is just part of the game. Woods downfalls have really nothing to do with him as he also really did not know at the time what Woods was up to. One thing (his firing) really has nothing to do with the other.

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