More Gaffetastic Comments from VP Biden, Poland – Portugal, What’s the Difference?


Good grief, and this dude thinks he is going to get the Democrat nomination for president in 2016?

More from the idiocy of Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden, Poland, Portugal … what’s the difference? From the UK Telegraph comes another gaffe from Joe Biden. Just a note to the Libs who want to defend Biden, Poland is not a member of the Eurozone, and its economy is in considerably better shape than that of debt-ridden Portugal. Imagine how the liberal MSM would have reacted if it were a Republican who made such comments?

Hey, is that Biden making fun of Obama shooting a gun? Didn’t he get the memo about photo-shopping?

Joe Biden is in Europe this week, meeting with leaders in Berlin, Paris and London. Tomorrow he drops by Downing Street to see David Cameron, and Nick Clegg is also on the agenda. Over the weekend the US vice president attended the Munich Security Conference where he delivered a speech on the Obama administration’s foreign policy, expressing a willingness to sit down in direct negotiations with the Iranian regime over its nuclear programme, an approach that can only be described as naïve in the extreme. On Europe, he spoke about the “unfinished business in our common project of a Europe whole and free,” describing Europe as “America’s indispensable partner of first resort.”

Biden has a well-earned reputation as a gaffe-maker extraordinaire, and this speech was no exception. In a key passage on the Eurozone debt crisis, Biden referred to Portugal, as Poland, a mistake subsequently corrected in the official White House transcript:

We have seen positive steps recently to address the eurozone crisis, with the European Central Bank pledging to stand behind countries willing to launch reforms, and with Greece, Ireland, Poland* [*sic-Portugal], Spain and Italy all taking important steps to put their economies on a sounder path. Governments across the eurozone must also remain focused on growth and jobs. These may be fundamentally European problems, requiring European solutions, but their resolution has tremendous impact on the United States of America and on the global economy.

Frankly, I have lost count just how many gaffes this fool has made. But some how the Democrat. Lib and MSM approach is that if you do it enough, it is not reportable. But as Weasel Zippers states, Biden’s not content being the laughingstock of America, he wants to go global. Yup, sounds like presidential timber to me.

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    3 Responses to “More Gaffetastic Comments from VP Biden, Poland – Portugal, What’s the Difference?”

    1. paula on February 5th, 2013 10:55 am

      No fool like an old fool.

    2. rightknight on February 6th, 2013 1:22 am

      What a collection of burnt-out brain cells!

    3. mc on February 6th, 2013 8:08 am

      Here’s a really scary thought: this man is just one heartbeat away from the presidency.

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