Barack Obama Says He Would Think Hard before Letting his Son Who Would Look Like Trayvon Martin Play Football


LOST IN SMALLNESS YET AGAIN … Don’t look now, President Barack Obama and Democrats might look to ban “assault” football …

Once again Barack Obama is giving his two cents and making comments where he is not wanted. With all due respect Mr. President, SHUT UP AND CREATE JOBS AND BALANCE THE BUDGET!!! President Barack Obama stated in an interview that he would have to think hard before he would have let his son Trayvon Martin play football because of the violence of the sport. Before any libs go mental over the Trayvon Martin reference, it was Barack Obama who said (VIDEO) that “if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.”  These are big words from the Food Stamp president. I word of warning, don’t let this meddlesome lib get his hands on football, he will be changing it to look something that resembles to physicality of checkers. Once again, the big government, Nanny state president wants to rid violence from the world. Let’s get one thing straight, Barack Obama’s only experience with football is his constant spiking of the Bin Laden football.

How else can I divert the public’s attention as I ruin America?

President Obama said he would have concerns as a parent allowing a son to play football because of the threat of brain injuries.

“I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football,” said Obama in an interview with The New Republic published Sunday.

The president said, over time, he expected the sport to “gradually” change to “try to reduce some of the violence.”

“In some cases, that may make it a little bit less exciting, but it will be a whole lot better for the players, and those of us who are fans maybe won’t have to examine our consciences quite as much,” he added.

I am a huge football fan and have personally played football on every level from Pee-Wee, Pop Warner, high school and college, all except the NFL, and my conscience is fine. Do I think that there are things that can be done to help players deal with this issue and are concussions an issue, yes. Do I believe there is better technology that can be used with helmets, yes. Do I think that there should be better healthcare provided to those former pro-players who paved the way more the million dollar players of today, yes. That being said, let’s get one thing straight, football is a violent game. Those who play the sport know that. Its only those liberals and folks like you  Mr. President who could never play the sport because you are not tough enough to think that you can legislate violence. This is much like your ridiculous liberal approach on gun violence thinking that banning guns some how would take them out of the hands of the criminals.

It is not Obama’s job, nor is it his place to mouth off about his hypothetical son on whether he would or would not allow him to play football. Not unless Obama has some news to tell us and he is like former North Carolina Senator John Edwards and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and has a love child son that we are unaware of. FOOTBALL IS VIOLENT. FOOTBALL IS NOT T-BALL. If Obama had his way he would attempt to take all hitting out of the sport that would reduce it to the popularity and viewership of MSNBC.

Barack Obama is concerned about the violence of football and the small segment of individuals who would actually be affected. Really Mr. President, how about your disastrous economic policies that have had millions of Americans and their families (including children) being forced on to unemployment? What about the one’s who leave the work force all together? How about the children that are harmed by the record number of people in the United States on food stamps? What about the record federal debt Obama has placed around the necks of children, grand children and great grandchildren? This president has done more to harm children in the past 4 years that the NFL has to all players combined from its inception.

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    2 Responses to “Barack Obama Says He Would Think Hard before Letting his Son Who Would Look Like Trayvon Martin Play Football”

    1. dawg1948 on January 28th, 2013 2:02 am

      Lets see if I got this right. Obummer wants women to be able to serve in combat militarily, which means his daughters can be sent into combat if they were in the military. But he would not want his son if he had one to play football because it is too dangerous. I do believe Obummer is NUTS.

    2. SUPER DAVE on January 28th, 2013 2:50 pm


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