“Anthony vs. Curtis” VIDEO has Resurfaced After being Scrubbed after the Death of Trayvon Martin


As reported at the Gateway Pundit, the VIDEO has resurfaced on YOUTUBE of Trayvon Martin attending a fight club. The video was scrubbed off the site after the death of Trayvone Martin. This certainly does not fit the angelic narrative that the MSM tried to paint. Just curious if Barack Obama had a son would he be attending fight clubs in Miami?

The Wagist and Conservative Tree House exposed video of Trayvon Martin attending and possibly refereeing a local fight club brawl in Miami.

The video was uploaded on Trayvon Martin’s YouTube Channel. At least, the video “Anthony vs. Curtis” was there last month.

The video shows Trayvon engaged in actual and intentional violent conduct. You’ll notice Trayvon in the video, wearing a white cap with the striped shirt.

There are three sides to every story, his side, his side and the truth.

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    4 Responses to ““Anthony vs. Curtis” VIDEO has Resurfaced After being Scrubbed after the Death of Trayvon Martin”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 21st, 2012 1:30 pm

      Just more facts about Trayvon. This guy is engaging in an activity in which many teens are currently participating. This is dangerous behavior and may be illegal in some states.

      This also tells the public that Trayvon had developed skills in fighting that would make his fists possible lethal weapons.

    2. NGBoston on May 21st, 2012 4:15 pm

      Hmnnnnnn…..more things that make you go Hhhhmmmmnnnnnnnn.

      Between stuff like this being posted instantaneously on YouTube, FB and the like – in addition to the promotion on MTV (every Teen I know seems to have it on 24/7) which promote Sex in Rap music and violence, it’s no wonder our Youth of today can see through all the “white noise”.

      It’s really discouraging that more isn’t done to get across to the Top Executives at MTV, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and the like are NOT influencing our Teenagers in a positive manner.

      Seriously, while it’s a fact that this is what helps their Nielson Ratings, what pisses me off is that as the parents of these Teens—we are surrounded by it at every turn.

      Thank God Verizon Fios and most Cable Networks specifically have “Parental Controls” in the Main Menu or we’d all be screwed.

      Sorry to get off topic, just went on a wee little tangent to illustrate a valid point.

      Trayvon Martin was not really a hardcore “Thug” in my opinion. However, it is well known that THC is a depressant, not a stimulant and when one is having withdrawls from smoking it, they become edgy and depressed and it does not take much to trigger one into not being able to control their temper. Add in a dash of “trying to impress” and “represent your hood” by acting all tough, and you have a Teenager who undoubtedly was taught to learn to fight at all and any cost.

      Very sadly for Trayvon Martin, he paid with his life. George Zimmerman is not a Murderer, he, IMO was an over-zealous wanna’ be Barney Fife who was just trying to do his job. He got attacked, he defended himself and now this Man does not deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison for it.

      I will say it again, my only remaining wish and statement is that if GZ had taken the Dispatcher’s advice, returned to his car and NOT persued TM, this whole thing most likely would have been avoided. If he had allowed legitimate LE to DO THEIR JOB, perhaps GZ would not be in the horrible position he is now and this story would not be making headlines. And moreover, a grieving Mother and Father would not have had to bury their Teenage Son.


    3. Super dave on May 22nd, 2012 6:23 pm

      NG. How do you know that martin didnt follow zimmerman back to his car and attack him ? Maybe zimmerman was following the advise ofthe dispatcher and leaving the scene. Martin had every intention of killing zimmerman and told him as much. Read the news, obama and holder have given blacks the green light to do as they please against others.

    4. NGBoston on May 22nd, 2012 8:41 pm

      #3- Super Dave. You know what, you are right. I really don’t know, I can only assume based on what we are reading and hearing.

      It brings back my point, that truly, NO ONE knows what happened in those fateful moments except GZ and Trayvon.

      Again, in OUR COUNTRY, a Man is supposed to be innocent until he is proven guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.

      It is time for Goerge Zimmerman and his Attornies to have their time to tell their story, and that will happen if and when this goes to trial.

      Under the STG Laws, I do believe that GZ was in fear of his life and safety since his head was smashed in to the ground, he suffered other injuries from the assault.

      I have said all along though, that GZ’s best bet would have been to stay in that car. He didn’t, and whether or not he was the aggressor approaching TM, or vise versa, it was a terrible accident, turned in to an assault, I do not believe GZ should have been charged with Murder 2.

      This whole thing is FUBAR.

      But you are right, Dave, we don’t really know what happened in those fateful moments leading up to TM’s shooting because we can only go by what has been reported in the biased MSM.

      The AG needs to drop the case, but they won’t because of all the pressure put on by Sharpton, Jackson, and the parents of Trayvon Martin.

      What a waste of tax payers dollars.

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