FBI Investigating Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ-D) for Sex with Underage Dominican Republic Prostitutes


Well, isn’t this special …

The FBI is investigating New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez for sex with underage female prostitutes while on trips to the Dominican Republic. According to reports, the prostitutes were as young as 16 years old. How exactly is this guy still in office? Heck, disgraced NY Representative Anthony Weiner left office because of lewd pics on Twitter. All Menendez is doing is paying for sex with underage Dominican Republic hookers. This is a crime, is it not? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?


Documents published online for the first time Thursday indicate that the FBI opened an inquiry into New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez on August 1, 2012, focusing on repeated trips he took to the Dominican Republic with longtime campaign contributor and Miami eye doctor Salomon Melgen. TheDC reported in November that Menendez purchased the service of prostitutes in that Caribbean nation at a series of alcohol-fueled sex parties.

The documents, which The Daily Caller had obtained hours earlier from an anonymous source, also indicate that Carrie Levine, research director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), was alerted on April 9, 2012 to Menendez’s habit of paying for sex while outside the United States.

 Check out the details from Feds Investigation on Senator Menendez.

I am guessing that Bob Menendez did not take the below video to heart. Instead he wanted to further exploit the exploited. How is this man still a US Senator? This is an FBI investigation where Menendez has exploited the most vulnerable in a country where children are treated like a commodity.

Who are the children and aspects of vulnerability? 
According to newspaper reports approximately 30,000 children and adolescents are involved in the sex industry. Two thirds of those are girls. The main reason for entering prostitution is to support themselves, their children or their family. It has also been found that girls enter prostitution with the aspiration of meeting a rich foreign man that takes them abroad. 
Children become involved in prostitution through friends and family who encourage them to migrate and help them to find jobs and settle into tourist areas.  
“Many minors, both boys and girls start to work in prostitution between the ages of thirteen – fourteen. Girls are considered sexually available by the time they are twelve – thirteen, while the boys tend to move from shoe shining into offering sexual services as a way of distancing themselves from shoe shining which is considered a childish profession”. 
Boys often move into the top end of the market as ‘Sanky Pankies1’, men aged eighteen to thirty who often work for hotels or have some other employment in the tourist sector and mostly provide sexual services for tourist women.  
While one reason that children become involved in prostitution is to support the family, there are a number of other causes:


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    3 Responses to “FBI Investigating Sen. Bob Menendez (NJ-D) for Sex with Underage Dominican Republic Prostitutes”

    1. John Decker on January 26th, 2013 7:30 pm

      There is no outrage except on sites like this because nothing has been proven. The FBI is following up on accusations made against Menendez by a witness who has been described as “increasingly uncooperative.” I suggest you can either hold off on passing judgment until the FBI actually brings charges or you can continue to appear shrill and biased, as is your wont.
      SM: Unlike you, I would be just as appalled no matter what party a politician belonged to who exploited children. BTW, its the FBI that is doing the investigation, not Fox News. I will do anything I damn well please. I guess the FBI just investigates any matter. Sorry, they do not.

      We reported the story. FACT … Menendez is being investigated by the FBI for paying for sex with Dominican child prostitutes. FACT … The DR sadly has a history of exploiting children. FACT … whatever the outcome of the investigation, we will report on that as well.

      Sorry is we at SM actually care more about crimes against children than politicians.

    2. John Decker on January 26th, 2013 7:38 pm

      Also, not for nothing, but attempting to further indict Senator Menendez by using a legitimate video that details the problem of child prostitution but IN NO WAY links Menendez to it is the most reprehensible form of polemical straw man argumentation I have ever seen.
      SM: It is not a link to Menendez you fool, it in no way say it is. You really must have a mental defect to even think so. It is informational as to the problem that exists in the Dominican Republic when it comes to child prostitution. But I guess you most be for it. Go crawl back under the rock you came from. But I guess for you liberals who think banning guns are the answer, actual induration that is educational on the issue the person is being investigated for is some how damning. How ignorant could you possibly be?

    3. Sex Scandal: Dominican Prostitute Says Sen. Bob Menendez ‘likes the youngest and newest girls’ … Did Menendez Break the Very Law (Protect Act) That He Voted For? | Scared Monkeys on February 2nd, 2013 1:18 pm

      [...] had been previously reported that the FBI was investigating New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. The 59 year old Democrat US Senator has been connected with long time Menendez campaign donor Dr. [...]

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