David Plouffe, Senior Obama White House Adviser Received $100,000 Speaking Fee in 2010 from Affiliate Company Doing Business with Government of Iran


Are you serious. no wonder Obama and his minions are so concerned about Romney’s tax returns, look what they are doing right in front of your faces!

David Plouffe, one of President Barack Obama’s senior White House advisers has some explaining to do. Plouffe received a $100K speaking fee from an affiliate company doing business with the government of Iran in 2010. Are you serious, this is what Obama has as a top political adviser? Then again, Timothy “TurboTax” Geithner as his Treasury Secretary. Democrats have the audacity to ask Mitt Romney about foolish tax returns yet they have a top political adviser taking money from companies doing business with Iran? UNREAL! The Obama Administration is just unbelievable of how much they do that they want to fall under the People’s radar. Tran parent my butt!!!

David Plouffe, a senior White House adviser who was President Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, accepted a $100,000 speaking fee in 2010 from an affiliate of a company doing business with Iran’s government.

A subsidiary of MTN Group, a South Africa-based telecommunications company, paid Plouffe for two speeches he made in Nigeria in December 2010, about a month before he joined the White House staff.

Since Plouffe’s speeches, MTN Group has come under intensified scrutiny from U.S. authorities because of its activities in Iran and Syria, which are under international sanctions intended to limit the countries’ access to sensitive technology. At the time of Plouffe’s speeches, MTN had been in a widely reported partnership for five years with a state-owned Iranian telecommunications firm.

Granted as reported at The Hill, Plouffe did not violate the law or ethics obligations for White House employees  as he was a private citizen at the time,  Republicans believe the revelation could prove politically potent. However, doing business with a company affiliated to doing business with Iran. How is that possible? Of all countries, Iran! Sorry, but this is an ethics situation with “We the People”.

“Today’s story raises serious questions about Barack Obama’s senior adviser traveling to Nigeria weeks before he joined the West Wing to give a speech with a company actively engaged with and profiting from the oppressive policies of the Iranian regime,” said RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski in a statement. “David Plouffe may be the biggest loophole in the international community’s sanctions against Iran.”

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    4 Responses to “David Plouffe, Senior Obama White House Adviser Received $100,000 Speaking Fee in 2010 from Affiliate Company Doing Business with Government of Iran”

    1. NGBoston on August 6th, 2012 3:43 pm


      Just the tip of the Iceberg regarding all the wonderful things Plouffe has done for his Boss.

    2. RK on August 6th, 2012 4:41 pm

      Nigerian speech; I suppose he just might have been talking to MTN-Nigeria.

      SO what’s the fuss about a speech to them? They’re only an affiliate! Give me a break!!!
      SM: I hardly think you would be so little concerned if it was Carl Rove.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on August 6th, 2012 6:10 pm

      A good report.

      If we don’t get Barry out of our house in November, we will not recognize our country in two years.

      He is a muslim that is trying his best to destroy us from within. Everything about him reeks of treason.

    4. RK on August 6th, 2012 9:15 pm

      #2 – I don’t think talking to a localized affiliate of a larger org is necessarily connected to actions of the larger org or some other affiliate.

      Having worked in local orgs which were part of a larger org (corporate), and where there were other affiliates (sister orgs?) as well; most of what happened was localized or corporate activity. Sister orgs each went their own way, and knowledge of what each was doing was, at best, highly summarized accomplishments.

      Just my experience on several Corp. jobs with layers similar to MTN.

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