Former Obama Adviser David Plouffe Says on ABC’s ‘This Week’ … Republicans Running On An Anti-Obamacare Platform In 2014 & 2016 is An “Impossibility”


Is it any wonder that if Barack Obama only surrounded himself with political advisers like this why Obamacare has been such a mess both in implementation and policy.

Former Barack Obama adviser David Plouffe appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Sunday and showed us once again that “Denial” is not just a river in Egypt. Plouffe actually said that it was an “impossibility” for the political notion that the GOP would run on an anti-Obamacare platform in 2014 and 2016. Wanna bet? For some reason Plouffe, Obama and his minions think that the issue Americans are upset is because they can’t log on to the “glitchy” web site, Wishful thinking. The problem is that Americans were purposely lied to for political purposes so to pass Obamacare and 5+ million Americans to day find themselves with a canceled insurance plan when they were told they could keep it if they liked it. Sorry Dems, you will pay a dear price for lying and them ramming Obamacare down the throats of Americans in a 100% partisan vote. There is a reason why Americans no longer trust Obama and Democrats will feel the effects.

But even when caught with defending the indefensible, the Obamacare just continues to spin.


Simply amazing he can make such comments and keep a straight face

“But where could we be in four or five months?” Plouffe continued. “Hopefully the website is working fine and people are enrolling for health care. Hopefully, we won’t have another Washington dysfunction—which is one of the reasons people are upset, it’s not just health care—and we pass a budget and move forward, and the economy continues to strengthen. So we could be in a much different place three, four months from now. No doubt this is challenging time, but I think you have to have some perspective here. The story could change.”

“The political notion that next year’s election, or 2016, the Republican platform is going to be getting rid of health care?” Plouffe continued. “Millions of people will be signed up. It’s an impossibility.”

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