More Trouble for Penn State in Sandusky Child Sex Scandal … Disturbing Emails Show that PSU President Graham Spanier & Others Knew About Shower Incident and Decided to use “Humane” Approach Rather than Call Authorities … Referred to Child Victims as “Guests” (VIDEO)


PSU: Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive … this case is about to blow up on ‘Happy Valley’.

The Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse trial might be over as the convicted sex offender was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts facing 442 years in prison; however, the tip of this scandalous PSU cover-up iceberg has not even yet to be touched. Alleged emails have arisen that show that Penn State University was involved in a deep cover up on the sexual abuse conducted by Sandusky. This brings back the questions as to when did PSU officials know of Sandusky’s sexual abuse and what did they know? More to the fact, what did they do about it once they knew? The Penn State/Sandusky sex abuse just went from individual sex crimes act to a conspiracy to cover up the crime.

Unlike, the over-egregious prosecutor in the George Zimmerman bond hearing who looked to make a federal case out of Zimmerman and his wife misleading the court as regards to their funds, as if no one has ever perjured themselves on the witness stand … in the case of the PSU sex scandal and the cover up of Sandusky’s heinous and reprehensible acts, these facts go directly to the heart of the case and the crimes committed against the sexually abused children. The Zimmerman prosecutor talked about the code that Zimmerman and his wife used to discuss the Paypal funds. Take a look at the cryptic code that PSU officials were using to reference sexual abuse occurring on their college campus.  Good grief, ousted Penn St President Graham Spanier allegedly acknowledges Penn State could be “vulnerable” for not reporting the incident, “The only downside for us is if the message (to Sandusky) isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon, and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it.” Oh dear God, they actually referred to the child sex victims as “GUESTS”.

The alleged e-mails among Spanier, Schultz, 62, and former Athletic Director Tim Curley, 57, never mention Sandusky by name, instead referring to him as “the subject” and “the person.” Children that Sandusky brought on campus –some of whom might have been victims — are referred to as “guests.”

From CNN:

With convicted serial child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky behind bars, new questions are surfacing about what Penn State officials knew about a 2001 incident involving the former assistant football coach’s encounter with a boy in the shower — and whether they covered up the incident.

Sandusky sexually abused other boys in the years after the 2001 incident and before his arrest.

CNN does not have the purported e-mails. However, the alleged contents were read to CNN.

The messages indicate former Penn State President Graham Spanier and two other former university officials knew they had a problem with Sandusky after a 2001 shower incident, but apparently first decided to handle it using a “humane” approach before contacting outside authorities whose job it is to investigate suspected abuse.

“This is a more humane and upfront way to handle this,’ Gary Schultz, who was a university vice president at the time, allegedly wrote.

The civil cases are going to be many against all involved who knew about the sexual abuse that was going on and did nothing. Maybe even more individuals will be added to criminal complaints. Obviously former Penn State football and recently deceased coach Joe Paterno cannot be charged criminally, but his estate can be civilly for his role in the cover up of this scandal.

As further reported at the NY Times, Joe Paterno appears to have played a greater role than previously known in Penn State’s handling of a 2001 report of sexual abuse by former coach Jerry Sandusky.

E-mail correspondence among senior Penn State officials suggests that Paterno influenced the university’s decision not to formally report the accusation against Sandusky to the child welfare authorities, the person said. The university’s failure to alert the police or child welfare authorities in 2001 has been an issue at the center of the explosive scandal — having led to criminal charges against two senior administrators and the firing of Paterno last fall.

But the e-mails uncovered by investigators working for Louis J. Freeh, the former F.B.I. director leading an independent investigation ordered by the university’s board of trustees, suggest that the question of what to do about McQueary’s report was extensively debated by university officials. Those officials, the e-mails show, included the university’s president, Graham B. Spanier; the athletic director, Tim Curley; the official in charge of the campus police, Gary Schultz; and Paterno.

If the final independent review of the scandal shows that there was a systemic breakdown from the top of the university administrative officials to the football sports department, could this mean a possible death penalty for football at PSU? There has to be some kind of penalty or purge of all things that knew or should have known and did nothing.

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    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 1st, 2012 5:20 pm

      Protecting the Penn. State football program from scandle. Each one of them need to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and spend as much time in prison as the law will allow.

      This is going to cause a lot of good people to be branded with with a stigma because of this series of crimes.

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