Pennsylvania Gov. Plans to Sue the NCAA in Federal Court over Sanctions Imposed against Penn State University in Wake of Sandusky Child Molestation Case


This is a head scratching law suit that the Pennsylvania governor will lose in the battle of public opinion.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is planning on suing the NCAA in federal court with a lawsuit in response to the sanctions levied against Penn State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. Corbett is supposed to hold a press conference today to announce the law suit and how the state will file the law suit. According to reports, PSU has nothing to do with these lawsuits. The announcement will most like deal with one of the unique sanctions levied by the NCAA. One of the  penalties is the $60 million fine which has become a point of contention in Pennsylvania local politics. Politicians have argued that the money should be used to fight abuse in the state of Pennsylvania, while the NCAA had initially targeted a more national approach for the money. Really folks, this is what you are suing over whether the fines should fight sexual abuse of children in PA or across the country? Poor form folks, really bad form.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett will announce a federal lawsuit against the NCAA tied to the historic sanctions levied against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Corbett will hold a press conference on Wednesday morning in State College, Pa., to announce the suit, which will be filed by the state.

Penn State, which has been working in concert with the NCAA since the scandal, is not involved in preparing the suit. It is being handled solely by the state.

Corbett’s office has been vague in regard to the specific aim of the suit, but it appears to be dedicated to the overall sanctions issued by the NCAA in July. Corbett referred to them on Tuesday as “illegal sanctions.”

A wholesale suit against the NCAA by a third party as powerful as the state of Pennsylvania could loom as an important case in testing the ultimate power of the NCAA.

Is this really something that the governor of Pennsylvania really wants to focus the media light on? It was such a heinous act, it just seems rather shallow that a state would only want the monies to go toward their state, rather than country wide. Shallow indeed.

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    One Response to “Pennsylvania Gov. Plans to Sue the NCAA in Federal Court over Sanctions Imposed against Penn State University in Wake of Sandusky Child Molestation Case”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 2nd, 2013 11:08 am

      What a laugh! Tom Corbet is using the lawsuite to deflect attention away from himself. He is part and parcel responsible for the delays in getting Sandusky prosecuted.

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