Trayvon Martin Murder Trial: George Zimmerman To Appear in Court this Morning For Bail Bond Hearing Part II, Hopes to Go Free (VIDEO)


Will George Zimmerman get bond the second time around?

George Zimmerman hopes that today’s bond court appearance goes a bit better than the last time he faced the court in a bond hearing. I think its safe to say that Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who is charged with second degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, will be completely truthful. As reported at ABC News, Orlando defense attorney Mark Lippman said that whether or not Lester grants Zimmerman bail, he is likely to “receive a tongue-lashing from the judge.”

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman charged with murder in the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin, hopes a judge will agree to let him out of jail today.

Zimmerman, 28, will appear in court this morning at bail hearing and faces the prospect of a prolonged stay in jail if his plea is rejected.

It is Zimmerman’s second appearance before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester . During the last one on April 20 he sat stone faced as his wife brazenly lied to the court about the Zimmerman’s finances.

If George Zimmerman is granted bail, it is safe to say that it will be much larger than the previous one of $150,000 that was revoked when it was determined that George Zimmerman and his wife had perjured themselves with regards to assets. Shellie Zimmerman, the wife of George Zimmerman was arrested on perjury charges in connection with misrepresenting facts in the first bond hearing.

UPDATE I: Watch the Zimmerman bail hearing live HERE.

UPDATE II: The Zimmerman defense  is presenting the facial and head injuries sustained by George Zimmerman the night of the altercation between Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

Defense has also presented to the court that the defense fund, that was ate the heart of bail being revoked from the first bond hearing, is now under the supervision and control of an independent trustee.

During today’s hearing, George Zimmerman’s father took the stand and testified that the voice on the one of the 911 calls yelling for help was that of his son’s George.

George Zimmerman’s father listened to frantic howls for help overheard in a 911 call today and told a Florida courtroom that the voice “was absolutely George’s.”

Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman, took the stand during a bail hearing for his son. Zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

The hearing has come to and end, Court Judge Kenneth Lester will give his decision on bail next week.

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      This is another one of those cases that Im getting sick and tired of hearing about. They better hang this guy or we will have another race riot.

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