Rasmussen: Barack Obama Only Polling Just 35% of White Voters, Down 8 Points from 43% of the White Vote in 2008 Election


More bad polling data for President Barack Obama. It would appear that White voters are abandoning the Obamamessiah and are no longer buying into “Hope & Change”. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, Barack Obama is just getting 35% of the white vote as opposed to the43% he garnered in the 2008 Presidential election. Making matters worse, Obama is back to a -22%  Presidential Approval Index, with 23% strongly approving and 45% strongly disapproving.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Mitt Romney attracting 48% of the vote, while President Obama earns 43%. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and another three percent (3%) are undecided.

The president picks up support from just 35% of white voters overall. That’s eight points below the 43% of the white vote he won in 2008. Among white Democrats, 17% currently plan to vote for Romney.

Our analysis that this is not a black and white issue as the MSM and Democrats would lead everyone to believe. The fall of 8 percentage points by Obama among white voters is because of his policies, agenda and poor leadership in turning the US economy around from the recession. Unemployment is still at 8.2% and millions of Americans have dropped out of the workforce all together. However, if we were to believe that anyone who is against Obama is a racist, that would mean that since 2008 that 8% of whites have become racists. A better analysis probably is that since black voters are a monolithic voting block that the super majority of whites are likely considered Independents and it is those folks that went for Obama in ’08 and now have changed their minds in 2012.

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