Another Obama Record … Under Barack Obama, 30 Worst Months of Employment in the Past 25 Years


OBAMANOMICS: WOW, yet another record for President Barack Obama to be proud of …

From The Weekly Standard comes Barack Obama’s dismal record on employment and job recover … Obama has 30 of the worst employment months in the past 25 years. Ever wonder why Obama wants to distract from his terrible record over the past 4 years? Look no further than the fact that the 30, or 32, including ties, worst months for employment in the past 25 years have all come after the most recent recession ended, in June 2009 in the time during the Obama “recovery.”

The federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes monthly tallies for the employment-population ratio.  That stat shows something rather straightforward:  Among those who are living in America and are free to pursue employment, what percentage are employed?  (The bureau excludes those who are under 16 years old, are active-duty military, or are — in the bureau’s own words — “inmates of institutions (for example, penal and mental facilities, homes for the aged),” from its tallies.)

Over the past quarter of a century (a total of 300 months), dating back to May 1987 and the Reagan administration, here are the 30 worst months (that is, the bottom 10 percent) for the employment-population ratio, along with the president who happened to be in office at that particular time (scroll down to the see the list):

A record number of Americans are no longer in the workforce under Obama, another record to be proud of.

Really America … do you honestly think that Obama deserves reelection? He cannot blame this one on Bush, these disastrous employment months came during the Obama job recovery period.

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    10 Responses to “Another Obama Record … Under Barack Obama, 30 Worst Months of Employment in the Past 25 Years”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 24th, 2012 1:35 pm

      We know that FDR was one of his heros. This is his depression like economic downturn that makes him equeal to FDR.

      Unfortunately for Barry, there will not be a WWII to make things better. The United States did not get completely out of the great drepression until 1951.

      Barry does not know history in enough detail to make the proper decisions for economic recovery, nor do any of his progressive/socialist administrative people.

    2. Steve on May 24th, 2012 10:20 pm

      I will not say I told you so….but you get what you voted for, because you did not look at who O really is

    3. NGBoston on May 25th, 2012 4:44 am

      Last Monday, after 25 years of employment, a close personal friend of My Father’s got laid off at Age 56.

      I am not that old, but cannot imagine what it feels like to be out of work at that age. While after the bust, I did get laid off once, I was only in my early 30′s, and I did get new employment almost immediately. All I can say about Obama’s overall record of employment under his Administration is

      IT SUCKS. I know of many recent COLLEGE GRADS who cannot find gainful employment. Hmmmmn….4 years of College for what-A job as a Barista at Starbucks or working at the Mall in retail?

      How depressing. When a recent college Grad cannot find a decent job in my State of MASS, between the Hi-Tech, Financial and Medical Mecca that Mass is known for


    4. brie on May 25th, 2012 7:34 am

      The BN, a BIG NOTHING, from the beginning. The country is in shambles along with his marriage. He doesn’t belong sitting in the Oval Office. More like a grass hut in Kenya and take your illegal immigrant relatives with you.

    5. WEBIII on May 25th, 2012 9:28 am

      That title says it all. And in that 25 years there was a little incident I recall on 9/11 but somehow the guy they claim was so incompetent (GW) was able to pull us together and get us through those bad times. There is no way this potus could do anything like that, no way.

    6. NGBoston on May 25th, 2012 10:28 am

      Brie- I don’t like Obama any more than you do- but

      “a grass hut in Kenya” ? Wow. Honestly, it’s people like you that throw around racial slurs like that which get Sharpton and Co. going.

      Sure, Obama may have been born in Kenya, but I am certain it wasn’t in a grass hut.

      Slow your roll, there Brie.

    7. Its Me on May 25th, 2012 10:57 am

      It surprises me how the american people stand by and let someone like this stay in office. I believe he well ruin this country if he is relected. There are just to many things not right about this guy. Look how easy it would be for some nut like Hitler to take over this country. It can reach a point where its too late to stop him.

    8. NGBoston on May 25th, 2012 11:11 am

      Apologize to include this link which is O/T

      but this is one of the best written pieces on the John Edwards case (opinion blog) I have seen.

      I agree completely!

    9. brie on May 25th, 2012 6:39 pm

      More and more evidence surfacing that Obama was not born in the US but Kenya.

    10. NGBoston on June 5th, 2012 5:12 pm

      Brie—Sorry- you got to give up the Birth thing.

      Because even if he WAS born in Kenya—it is a a little late now to do anything about it—Don’t you think?

      If Obama does not get re-elected, and it can be verified—then what?

      Seriously, all the Birthers are pulling the hairs out of their heads and it won’t do any good.

      NOTHING will ever happen to Barack Hussien Obama if it can be proven he was not US Born Citizen.

      NOTHING. Because it is so far buried in the black hole right now if legitimate—it will be hidden until the Man goes in his grave.

      What is done is done. He is President, and if not US Born, America was lied to and it will never be uncovered.


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