An Obama Christmas … Salvation Army Seeing Record Number Of Families In Need During Holiday Season


President Barack Obama … The Grinch Who Stole More than Christmas.

The Salvation Army are seeing record number of families asking for help this Christmas season. But what else would one expect when a record number of Americans are on food stamps and an employment participation rate at a dismal 63.6%. Obama and Democrats continue to tour the faux-unemployment rate of 7.7%. More and more Americans are dropping out of the work force, including 350,000 in November alone. All this while Obama claims there is a job recovery without any recovery. Obama and Democrats can spin the economic numbers and situation all they want, Americans know the truth and their circumstances are bleak. At some point Americans will wake up and realize that GWB is not to blame and Obama is. When that occurs there will be hell to pay by Democrats.

Officials with the Salvation Army say they’re seeing a record number of families asking for help this holiday season.

Nearly 18,000 families have registered for Christmas assistance in the last month. That number has grown by 2,500 since last year, breaking the 2009 record.

The Salvation Army official web site.

With all this suffering going on in the US and we have liberals that are more concerned with their liberal ideology than helping those who are in need. This clearly is a mental defect of liberals and shows just how little they care about those who are in desperate need. Their hate so consumes them that they would rather harm the people who are aided by The Salvation Army because of their liberal political ideology. This was never more evident than the screwballs at UC Berkeley who are calling for students on campus to ban the Salvation Army citing their alleged homophobic practices. But these liberal college kids would be the first to be looking for a government hand out at tax payers expense.

Barack Obama has not just stole Christmas, he has stole our children and grand children’s future with the unsustainable debt.

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