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    2 Responses to “Daily Commentary – Monday, May 14, 2012 – Tabloid Gossip About Michelle Obama, Oprah … Did Obama Campaign Try and Pay Off Rev. Wright, and More…”

    1. Red on May 14th, 2012 6:33 am


      Obviously the economy, jobs and debt is the main issues in the US, throw in the overturning of Obamacare; however, all distraction issues are not created equal.

      Whether Michelle and Oprah like each other, who cares. However, the pay off of Rev. Wright to STFU in 2008 … that actually might fall under the breaking of campaign finance laws.

      The past is the past; however, the liberal MSM never vetted Obama in 2008 therefore there is going to be a lot of ot this time around.

      However, part of the Obama reelection campaign will be to distract from the terrible US economy and his past 3 years in office.

    2. NGBoston on May 15th, 2012 5:48 am

      Just one comment about Oprah. I used to like and appreciate and even, respect Oprah because of her much touted “meager” beginnings, what she suffered personally, and her amazing ability to overcome and turn herself into the Media Magnate and Millionare she has become. To this day, I suppose it is fair to say- I still respect her for that.

      However- what is America’s obsession with her? Besides the obvious empire she has built- awhile ago I got very turned off from Oprah because of her constant kissing up to Hollywood’s elite and constantly making statements about the empowering of blacks.

      I am not a racist person at all, but my point is—what about the empowerment of ALL underprivileged Americans—not just black ones? Why did she have to spend millions in AFRICA with her school for gifted young black females- when there are MILLIONS of young, black females right here in the United States she could have opened schools for?

      What about your OWN people, Oprah? I realize that anything she touches turns to gold- but let’s not kid ourselves that the great, divine “O” is all about the O. Herself.

      Getting back to the topic of the post, specifically- this is news to me that Oprah doesn’t like Michelle. Not from what I have seen in public anyway. Barack Obama can also thank Oprah herself for bringing him to the forefront when he was only a US Senator running for office.

      I never even heard of the Man until one day I tuned in to her show when she was touting him and his new book out at the time. Honestly, I watched that show and immediately went on line to research him and even read his book after because I was like, “Wow, who IS this Man?”.

      Upon further research and putting the pieces together while he was running, I easily managed to figure it out and I am no Brain Surgeon. So, if the average American like me could figure it out- why couldn’t millions of other Americans do the same?

      Sorry to be off-topic again.

      Oprahs new OWN Network has been failing, must be nice to be able to loose hundreds of millions of dollars and not have it affect your life style too much, Oprah. Sheesh.

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