Barack Obama, Lost in Smallness … President Makes Dog Eating Jokes the Main Course at the White House Correspondents’ dinner

Barack Obama … Lost in Smallness: Welcome to Obamanation … its a dog eat dog world, sorry, an Obama eat dog world.

What has this Presidency come to when we have a sitting President trying to tell jokes about eating dogs? Seriously! It might be one thing for comedian Jimmy Kimmel to make a Fido joke about President Obama,  saying that Obama’s favorite restaurant is the  Westminster Dog Show, but for Obama to make similar jokes is friggin bizarre. Next you will tell me Obama will be making fun of Special Olympic kids. Oh sorry, Obama has already done that.

Hat Tip Drudge … so much for the Dog owner voters

However, sadly that was the case during the … as Barack Obama made dog jokes the main course at the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner. Maybe the President would like to inform us all what is so funny about eating a dog? Dude, you did it, it is hardly funny. Actually it’s pretty disgusting.

President Barack Obama jokes about eating dogs.“What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull is delicious.”


Daily Commentary – Monday, April 30, 2012 – And the Idiot of the Week Award Goes To…..

  • Jeremiah Hill for thinking it was funny to put a note in his colleagues travel case that read “1 – Hijack Plane, 2 – Kill Obama”

Daily Commentary – Monday, April 30, 2012 Download

Green Energy, Solar Hazardous Waste??? Solyndra Maybe Bankrupt & Gone … No Jobs, No Stimulus Money … But We Got Toxic Waste

More from Obama’s “green” energy failure …

Solyndra may be bankrupt, so-called green jobs gone, the buildings for sale and $535 million of tax payer stimulus dollars evaporated into thin air, but according to CBS5 in San Fransisco … we have toxic waste. Hmm, the “Greenies” never mentioned the leftover hazardous materials dangerous to the environment bi-products of green energy.

Three months ago, CBS 5 caught Solyndra tossing millions of dollars worth of brand new glass tubes used to make solar panels. Now the bankrupt solar firm, once touted as a symbol of green technology, may be trying to abandon toxic waste.

It’s a tedious process. Slowly but surely, the shattered remains of brand new solar panel tubes head to a recycling plant in Hayward.

Meanwhile the next phase of the company’s liquidation is under way. It involves getting rid of all the heavy metals left inside the building that were used to make the panels.

Click on banner to watch CBS5 in San Fransisco VIDEO

Doug Powers at Michelle brings up a rather interesting dichotomy when it comes to so-called “green” energy.

As you read this keep in mind that the whole pitch for projects like Solyndra revolves around “clean” energy and saving the environment — which is harder to take seriously every time the term “solar waste” is used to describe the potentially dangerous aftermath.

TSA Agents to a 79 Year Old Woman … “There’s an anomaly in the crotch area.”

Is the TSA really this ignorant or does some one really just need to collectively “bitch-slap” these people? Have these people gone completely mad?

After reading Jeffrey Goldberg’s account of what happened to his 79 year old mother-in-law at the hands of the Gestapo TSA while traveling home to Rhode Island from Washington Reagan airport, all I have to say is C’MON MAN!!! Is is bad enough that they would treat a harmless under five foot, 79 year old individual this way, but to then announce in their “outside” voice for all to hear the humiliating 7 words that the Lonely Conservative states “There’s an anomaly in the crotch area.”

 She entered the machine and struck the humiliating pose one is forced to strike — hands up, as in an armed robbery — and then walked out, when she was asked by a TSA agent, in a voice loud enough for several people to hear, “Are you wearing a sanitary napkin?”

Remember, she’s 79.

My mother-in-law answered, “No. Why do you ask?”

The TSA agent responded: “Well, are you wearing anything else down there?”

Yes, “down there.”

She said no, at which point, the friend with whom she was traveling, also a not-young volunteer library advocate, came over and asked if there was a problem.

The TSA agent said, again, in full voice, “There’s an anomaly in the crotch area.”

UNREAL! I have to agree with Jeffrey Goldberg, if this is what protecting the US against terrorism, we have lost the war on terrorism. Nothing could be more ignorant that to waste time feeling up little girls like HERE, HERE and HERE and 79 or 85 year old one’s as well in lieu of going after oh say Muslim men in the name of political correctness. As Jeffrey states, “How did it come to pass that the federal government takes official and invasive interest in the “crotch areas” of 79-year-old grandmothers?”

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Missing Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes: Steven Carter Solves His Own 34 Year Old Missing Person’s Case … Finds Aged Progession Pic on was Him

A 34 year unsolved missing children’s case has finally been solved in a most bizarre manner … he solved his own missing person’s case.

Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes had been missing for 34 years. He  was reported missing by his father in Hawaii after his mom left with her baby and never returned. As it turns out, he was put in an orphanage in Hawaii at 6 months old and then adopted at the age of 4.

Courtesy: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes grew up as Steven Carter. He says he has lived a happy life, but one day he saw a story on CNN about a woman who discovered she was a missing child and started his own internet search. Steven Carter put into an Internet search engine, “Hawaii, male, missing for 34 years” and low and behold an aged progression pic came up.

“Pulled up Hawaii, male, missing for 34 years and lo and behold the composite picture of Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes pops up,” Carter said.

Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes had been reporting missing by his father in Hawaii after his mom left with her baby and never came back. The report included a sketch of what he might look like grown up.

“I think oh my God that really looks like me. And it really does. I mean it’s pretty much a spitting image,” Carter said.

He contacted authorities, took a DNA test and got a phone call.

“He said, you know, you are Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes,” Carter said.

Kidnapped British Doctor Khalil Rasjed Dale Found Beheaded in Pakistan by Taliban

The beheaded body of British aid worker Khalil Rasjed Dale was found dumped along a road side in the southern Baluchistan province of Pakistan. A note was discovered with the corpse stating that the Red Cross (ICRC) aid worker had been killed because a ransom had not been paid, courtesy of the Taliban.

The beheaded corpse of a British aid worker has been discovered in the Pakistani city of Quetta almost four months after he was kidnapped.

The body of Khalil Rasjed Dale was discovered on a road outside the city in southern Baluchistan province with a note saying he had been killed because a ransom had not been paid.

Dale, who had been working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was kidnapped in January while driving near the organisation’s Quetta office.

What the Jawa Report said, SAVAGES!!!

Because obviously the war on terrorism is over as per the Obama Administration.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Barack Obama at 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

What makes humor funny … there has to be partial truth in what you are joking about … Last night Jimmy Kimmel was really funny …

Last night Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 2012 White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC. And what a job he did, KUDOS!!!  Jimmy Kimmel roasted President Barack Obama and perfectly went after the news stories of the day with whit and humor. It was not piggish or vulgar … it was actually quite funny, for the most part. However, you will notice when listening to Kimmel’s roasts, the ones that are more funny than others are the ones that have a bit of truth to them, not just making a partisan hit joke. Of course as stated at Powerline, those mean spirited jabs and barbs were reserved for Republicans. What else would one expect?

One of Kimmel’s Obama roasts that started off the evening was as follows: “Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious. That was your best one yet …”

The Gateway Pundit has a paeruial transcript of some of Kimmel’s more funny moments roasting Barack Obama.

“Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow? That was hilarious. That was your best one yet… There’s a term for guys like Obama. Probably not two terms. Even some of your fellow democrats think you’re a pushover Mr. President. Thy would like to see you stick to your guns. And if you don’t have any guns they would like for you to ask Eric Holder to get some… You know the real reason people thought you were from Kenya had nothing to do with your birth certificate. It’s because you lost so much weight we thought you were the guy who won the Boston Marathon. This is how you know our country is in bad shape, our president is starving.”

UPDATE I: It’s an Obama eat Dog World.

Charlie Cook Calls Barack Obama … “a Metrosexual President” (VIDEO)

Wow, not only is Barack Obama the first black President, he is also according to Charlie Cook, of the famed The Cook Political Report,  a “Metrosexual President.”

How out of touch are these people? As reported at The Daily Caller, Charlie Cook thinks that Barack Obama does not play well in small towns because Obama is a “Metrosexual President”.  Sure it is. Because is has nothing to do with his failed economic policies, Obamacare and socialist agenda? Because that $787 billion stimulus worked so well and unemployment continues over 8%. Millions of Americans have fallen off the employment rolls and record numbers find themselves on food stamps. Let alone the US finds itself hopelessly in debt.

According to his co-guest David Drucker, a reporter for Roll Call, it stems from a dissatisfaction with Washington, particularly with ObamaCare.  However, Cook says it is something more.

“Small towns — states with a large small town rural populations, Democrats in general, the president has had a really hard time,” Cook said. “I mean, we have kind of a metrosexual president … that doesn’t go over well in the small town. And it’s just cultural. It is what it is.”

Adam Croote, Former Poster Child for Missing & Victimized Kids Gets 25 Years to Life Sentence for Raping 10 Year Old Girl

The sad and tragic life of Adam Croote …

The once poster child for missing and victimized children has now become what he had been victimized by over the years. 23 year old Adam Croote was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the rape and choking of a 10 year old girl. Croote was entrusted with baby sitting the little girl. Instead he raped and left the girl for dead. If the crime was not bad enough, according the court papers the family knew in advance that Adam Croote was a registered sex offender.

However, Adam Croote was not just any registered sex offender, he was the once poster child for missing and victimized children. His story drew national attention and even landed him in the White House. Adam Croote just never had a chance, the adults ion his life saw to that as he wound up becoming exactly what he had been victimized by. The sad, sick and twisted life pf Adam Croote.

At the age of two, Adam’s father murdered his mother and left him alone with her body in Hinesville, GA. Michael Croote, Adam’s  father, is serving a life sentence for the crime in Georgia. Two years later, Adam Croote’s maternal grandparents kidnapped him during a custody fight. In 1992, during an unsupervised visit with then 3 year old Croote, the Ziburas abducted him, setting off a nationwide search that ended in 1995.  The case received so much attention as Adam’s face was on missing child fliers for three years until they were captured. In 1996 Adam Croote was photographed with President Bill Clinton as the then President signed an Executive Order in support of missing children. However, Adam’s life would take and even worse and sad turn. At the age of 17 in Wendell, MA, Adam sexually assaulted a woman who worked at a residential school for sexually abusive youths while she was driving him to school from a doctor’s appointment. Following the incident, Croote was convicted of forcible sexual contact and was labeled a Level 2 sex offender.

Croote has led a troubled life.  His father murdered his mother when he was two.  Two years after that, Adam’s grandparents kidnapped him.  The case received so much attention that Adam was photographed with Bill Clinton as the then President signed an Executive Order in support of missing children.  Later, Croote stood alongside former Attorney General Janet Reno as she lauded the same law.  In 2000, when Adam was a student at Bethlehem Middle School, he sexually assaulted a girl and five years later he sexually assaulted a woman in Massachusetts.

“This case was a tragedy for all concerned. It’s been additionally one more tragic even in Adam Croote’s life,” said Adam’s public defender, James Milstein.

Judge Herrick acknowledged what he called Adam’s “horrible childhood.”  But, ultimately the past didn’t matter and Adam Croote will be spending his future–25 years to life–in prison.

What a tragic story. A one time victimized child who had obviously been exposed to far to much pain and misery in his life becomes everything that he was supposed to be the poster child against.

New Rules for Secret Service in Wake of Colombia Prostitution Scandal … No Booze, No Strip Clubs, No Hookers … No Kidding?

Wouldn’t one think that there were already a comprehensive policy of Ethics and Standards for the Secret Service?

In the wake of the Secret Service Colombia “hookergate” that has seen multiple agents dismissed and others reprimanded comes a supposed new enhanced standard of Ethics and Standards for Secret Service personnel. The recent Colombia Secret Service hooker scandal brought light on a glaring issue. However, like most scandals, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. There have since been reports of Secret Service misconduct in El Salvador (VIDEO).

Called Enhanced Standards of Conduct, the new guidelines given to all Secret Service personnel make clear that standards of behavior required in the United States apply on missions abroad, the sources said.

Effective immediately, the new standards require detailed briefings before each trip that will include safety precautions and any necessary designations of establishments and areas that are “off limits” for Secret Service personnel, the sources said.

Also in the new standards, foreigners are banned from Secret Service hotel rooms at all times, except for hotel staff and host nation law enforcement and government officials on official business, according to the officials, and all Secret Service personnel are prohibited from going to a “non-reputable establishment.”

Good grief, Secret Service agents need chaperones? Really, what is this a high school day trip?

One provision requires at least two senior supervisors — in essence, chaperones — for agents on some trips abroad.

“That certainly is something that’s new and surprising to see that, in effect, you’ll have somewhat of a chaperone … going to foreign countries with the agents,” O’Connell said. “I think the agents, for the most part, that have been doing their jobs for a long time, aren’t going to be affected by having somebody looking over their shoulder.”

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