Another Obama Green Energy Company Bites the Dust … Solar Trust Files Bankruptcy … Tax Payers Out Billions

Another one of Barack Obama’s “green” energy companies bites the dust . Solar Trust of America files bankruptcy. But don’t worry, its not like this was a Solydra, it was worse. The U.S. Department of Energy had awarded a $2.1 billion loan guarantee to Solar Trust of America for a solar thermal power plant near Blythe, CA. That is correct tax payers … $2.1 billion!!!

2.1 Billion Dollars BA-HA-HA-HA

Quickly running out of money, solar-project developer Solar Trust of America LLC filed for bankruptcy before it could finish a multibillion-dollar solar plant in California that was planned to generate electricity as one of the world’s largest solar-power projects.

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware on Monday after majority owner Solar Millennium AG—now under the control of a German bankruptcy professional—stopped putting money into the company.

Who knew that we would look back upon the bankruptcy of Solyndra as a drop in the tax payers wasted money bucket?  Just how many “green” jobs have been lost under Obama?

The Lonely Conservative opines that Barack Obama is making the political rounds on the campaign trail saying the Republicans want to cut his investments in green companies. And Obama thinks that doubling down and defending “green” companies that have lost the American tax payers billions of dollars is a winning argument? Really? No wonder he has switched to now making not so vale threats to the SCOTUS.

Think this is not a hot button issue for the 2012 election that is simmering beneath the surface? “We the People” are getting sick and tired of Obama picking “winners and losers”, mainly losers with our money.

Hmm … sorry, delayed post, got hung up in scheduler.

GOP House Plan to Hold Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder & Justice Department in Contempt of Congress for Obstruction over Failed Fast and Furious Gun Tracking Program.

US Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) has stated that the House will hold Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department in contempt of Congress if Holder continues to stonewall and not provide the information requested regarding the administration’s failed Fast and Furious gun tracking program.

House GOP leaders said Friday they are pursuing a plan to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the Justice Department in contempt for “stonewalling” them over information regarding the administration’s failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking program.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa confirmed to Fox News that House Speaker John Boehner gave him and others on his House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the authority to drafted a contempt of Congress resolution.

“We have issued a subpoena,” Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a member of the oversight committee, said earlier on Fox News. “We have bent over backwards to be patient and take time. (Holder) is leading us down a path where we have no other choice.”

Earlier this week Issa called the Obama White House “the most corrupt in government history.” Well, if the corrupt Obama government accusation fits, wear it.

If adopted by the GOP-led House, the contempt resolution would be sent to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington or perhaps an independent counsel in an attempt to force the Justice Department to provide tens of thousands of internal documents to the committee.

A contempt resolution would also escalate a political feud between Issa and the Obama administration. Earlier this week Issa called the Obama White House “the most corrupt in government history.” At a hearing in December, he compared Holder to disgraced Atty. Gen. John Mitchell from the President Nixon era, a comment that prompted Holder to fire back in language reminiscent of the bitter Senate hearings led by former Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.): “Have you no shame?”

But we know that Eric Holder knew nothing about Fast and Furious because he told us so. Yeah, right.

Young Voters Back Barack Obama Over Romney … but Many Aren’t Poised to Vote … Hope & Change = No Jobs

As reported at Gallup, President Barack Obama may have a substantial lead with young voters over presumptive GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney; however, will the young people actually come out and vote on election day?  Only about 56% of the youth vote said they would vote in the general election. Barack Obama faces a real challenge in his 2012 reelection bid. That problem … his first disastrous, epic fail Presidential term in office.

President Obama this week made an explicit effort to shore up his support among young voters, embarking on a “college tour” of campuses in North Carolina, Colorado, and Iowa. Obama called on Congress to pass legislation that would keep the interest rates on student loans from doubling this summer, as they are scheduled to do under current law. Romney, in a rare instance of agreement with Obama, also came out in support of Congress’ taking this action, marking his own effort to gain support among the youth vote.

The practical value of Obama’s broad support among young voters is lessened by the fact that only six in 10 of these voters say they are registered to vote, and that fewer than six in 10 who are registered say they will definitely vote in November’s election. By way of contrast, Romney’s relatively strong support among voters 65 and older is more politically potent; these older voters are well above average in their voter registration percentage, and are most likely of any age group to say they will definitely vote in November’s election.

In 2008, 18% of the voting electorate was the youth vote. Of course Obama won the vote handily over McCain in 2008. However, those youth who voted in 2008 for Obama have little to show for their “Hope & Change” vote. Obama has recently gone out on his pandering college tour discussing student loans, but those in the audience will hardly be affected by any laws passed now. What has affected the American youth is … one in two new College Graduates are Unemployed or Underemployed. That is what will be in the minds of the “youth” vote when in comes election day.

Good Grief, If It’s Joe Biden It is Gaffetastic … Biden on Obama … “I promise you, the president has a big stick.”

C’mon man … Really?

Some stories just write themselves. Such is the case with VP Joe Biden’s latest comments discussing Barack Obama and some how trying to compare him to Teddy Roosevelt. Of course he was trying to equate the phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” to Obama. How it came out of Biden’s mouth … “I promise you, the president has a big stick.”

Much like this Presidency, let the laughter begin. Man these guys a joke and how they have diminished the office.

VIDEO hat Tip: The Washington Examiner

Man, and this guy is a heart beat away from the Presidency. Remember when they questioned whether Sarah Palin was ready for the Presidency and she was a heart beat away.

Obamanomics EPIC FAIL … GDP 2.2% for 1st Qtr

President Barack Obama and Obamanomics … EPIC FAIL … GDP 2.2%.

U.S. economic growth cooled in the first quarter as businesses cut back on investment and restocked shelves at a moderate pace, but stronger demand for automobiles softened the blow.

Gross domestic product  expanded at a 2.2 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said on Friday in its advance estimate, moderating from the fourth quarter’s 3 percent rate.

While that was below economists’ expectations for a 2.5 percent pace, a surge in consumer spending took some of the sting from the report. However, growth was still stronger than analysts’ predictions early in the quarter for an expansion below 1.5 percent.

Daily Commentary – Friday, April 27, 2012 – Chinese Make Sunglasses Called Helen Keller

  • Chinese fashion firm, Xiamen Jinzhi, has named a line of its sunglasses Helen Keller

Daily Commentary – Friday, April 27, 2012 Download

Barack Obama’s Out of Touch Problem: Michelle Obama’s Trip to Spain Cost Taxpayers $467K … The Blue Collar Democrat Vacation Backlash Begins


Who is out of touch? It is rather hypocritical of the Obama’s to call any one out of touch when they are taking lavish and costly vacations on the tax payers dime in the midst of a terrible Obama economy. As most Americans can no longer to take any vacations, it is reveled that Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain cost tax payers $467,000. UNREAL! That is correct, thanks to the folks at Judicial Watch who uncovered the outrageous, out of touch spending from the Obama’s.

Michelle and Barack Obama have become the poster children for “out of touch,” especially with working class Americans. Looks like Barack Obama’s own class warfare rhetoric is coming back to haunt him. The Obama’s were warned about taking such a lavish vacation, they just didn’t care.

It cost taxpayers nearly a half-million dollars for first lady Michelle Obama to travel to Spain in 2010, according to an analysis by Judicial Watch.

The right-leaning watchdog group estimated that the trip cost $467,585. It based its analysis on documents obtained from the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Air Force.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said it took his group “two years and a lawsuit to get these documents out of the Obama administration.”

“It is hypocritical for President Obama to fire GSA officials for wasteful conference spending, while his family went on a luxury vacation in the Costa del Sol Spain that cost taxpayers nearly half a million dollars,” Fitton said.

Obama talks about shared sacrifice and ever y one must have skin in the game, except Barack and Michelle of course

Read the full story at Judicial Watch. They obtained the Secret Service records pursuant to an August 2010 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

White House press secretary Jay Carney declined to comment on the report during a press briefing Thursday. However, the Obama’s may have more to worry about than questions from reporters that they refuse to answer.  Barack and Michelle Obama are going to have to answer to “We the People”.

Laura Ingraham exposes Barack Obama’s ‘Shared Sacrifice’ Lie

Barack Obama may have even bigger issues with members of his own party. We called this a while back that eventually Obama’s class warfare and out of touch extravagant vacations while Americans dealt with a terrible economy, unemployment, underemployment, high gas prices and foreclosures was going to catch up with him. That day is here. As reported at the Washington Examiner, Blue collar Democrats are resentful of the Obama’s lavish vacations and lack of sacrifice as they sit home taking “staycations”. That is those lucky enough to take vacation days who are actually employed.

Blue collar Democratic voters, stuck taking depressing “staycations” because they can’t afford gas and hotels, are resentful of the first family’s 17 lavish vacations around the world and don’t want their tax dollars paying for the Obamas’ holidays, according to a new analysis of swing voters.

“They view everything through their own personal situation and if they can’t afford to do it, they can’t enjoy it, they don’t like Obama using their tax dollars to benefit himself,” said pollster John McLaughlin. “In this case, they see him as out of touch. While they are struggling he’s not sharing in that struggle and he’s basically doing what they can’t do on their tax dollars,” added the GOP pollster.

Out of Touch in the Rust Belt from the American Spectator.

How will this translate at the ballot box in 2012? The Gateway Pundit reminds us, if you think what they are doing now is bad, wait until a lame duck second term when they have zero accountability to the People.

More shared sacrifice from the Obama’s:

Daily Commentary – Thursday, April 26, 2012 – Baltimore Woman Stabs Her 8 Month Old Daughter

  • The mother pulled out a kitchen knife, stabbed her daughter in the neck and the head

Daily Commentary – Thursday, April 26, 2012 Download

Barack Obama EPA Official Compares Agency Enforcement to Roman Crucifixions … We’re “Crucifying” Oil And Gas Companies

Obama’s hope & change … CRUCIFIXION.

If any one ever wanted to really know how Barack Obama feels about oi and gas companies, they need to look no further than the CNS News report where Obama’s EPA official Al Armendariz, admitted that EPA’s “general philosophy” is to “crucify” and “make examples” of oil and gas companies.

In the video, Administrator Armendariz says:

“I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement, and I think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said:

“It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean.  They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them.

“Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

VIDEO Hat Tip: The Foundry

Sen. James Inhofe (OK-R) stated on the US Senate floor that Armendariz’s words offer a “rare glimpse” into the Obama administration’s mindset on how they wish to deal with oil and gas companies.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe took to the Senate floor Wednesday to announce an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency’s “crucify them” enforcement strategy to keep oil and gas producers in line.

Inhofe said Armendariz’s words offer a “rare glimpse” into the Obama administration’s mindset, and pointed to examples of the EPA allegedly employing the strategy against natural gas producers in Parker County, Texas, Pavilion, Wyoming, and Dimock, Pennsylvania.

The Gateway Pundit is correct, Let’s face it. These people are out to destroy America.

TSA Strikes Again … Family Misses Flight from JFK Because TSA Thinks 7 Year Old Developmentally Disabled Dina Frank is Public Enemy #1 and Terrorist …

Welcome to an Obama world … what ever happened to the America I grew up in that would never, never have done this to a disabled child? Then dare try and defend their actions. UNREAL.

The incompetence of the TSA Strikes again. The brain surgeons at the TSA at JFK International Airport actually considered 7 year old Dina Frank a “security risk”. Oh, did we say that 7 year old Dina Frank is developmentally challenged with cerebral palsy and crutches. WTF is wrong with these people? Seriously, these TSA folks need to be slapped and beat with a common sense stick. This BS has just gotten out of control.

Four months after the Transportation Security Administration launched a program to help airline passengers with disabilities, a New York family found out just how little “TSA Cares.”

Traveling from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Florida, the Frank family was yanked out of line as it boarded the plane in a dispute over how 7-year-old Dina had been screened. The little girl, who has cerebral palsy, walks with crutches and leg braces.

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