Bandits Get Away With Girl Scout Cookie Money Outside a Walmart store in Richmond, TX


Talk about no honor among thieves … WHO THE HELL STEALS FROM GIRL SCOUTS!!!

Two thieves stole the cookie money from girl scouts who were selling Thin Mints, Dos-Si-Dos and Samoas out side of a Walmart in Richmond, TX. One of the dirt bags grabbed the money box and ran off into an awaiting get away car. How low must these dirt-bags truly be? What’s next, robbing the kids local neighborhood lemonade stand? The thieves are still at large and got away with about $200 of Girl Scout cookie money.

At around 1:50pm, a man walked up to the girls, grabbed a money box from their table and ran to a waiting getaway car, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said.

A 15-year-old Girl Scout ran after the car, which brushed her. She was knocked to the ground and bruised both of her knees.

More on the altercation from KHOU … it would appear that a couple of the Girl Scouts will earn a merit badge in attempting to apprehend thugs. However, one of them was almost hit by the get away car as she was dragged a bit as the thieves escaped.

“A guy came up and was asking, ‘How much are your cookies?’ and so we were telling him and there was a guy in the car who was like, ‘Hey, hurry up,’” said Rachel Johnson, a 9-year Girl Scout senior. The girls thought the men were just really anxious to get cookies, but they were wrong.

“Instead he grabs our cash box and runs over to the car and drives off,” Johnson said. “They drive off and I sort of hang on to the car and it drags me a bit.”

Cotton ran to help her friend.

“Me and my friend, Rachel, went after the money and then they tried to hit me with the car. I started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat, so I think he learned his lesson a little bit,” Cotton said. “And then they dragged my friend Rachel across the street driving off real fast.”

The suspects escaped in a black Toyota Camry and got away with an estimated $200. They remain on the loose.

Johnson, who sustained minor bumps and bruises, would like to send a message to the alleged crooks.

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